Amos Yee – The boy versus the State

Amos Yee was charged for 3 counts by the public prosecutor for his rant in his youtube video. The third charge has now been stood down but not necessarily withdrawn. The first charge is for posting obscenity, an offence against the law and not necessarily that someone has been hurt. Of course there will be people who felt offended by it, but without stretching the imagination too far to say that someone may also be offended when it rains or the sun rises too early or too late. The second charge of offending a religion, very subjective, some people would claim to be offended while the church would to say it was alright and forgiven.

The third charge would be the family members of the dead person to feel offended and there is a clear relationship between the offended and the people abused or ridiculed. Can a non related person or the public claimed to be offended too and seek the court to judge against the boy? For the moment this not an issue as it has since been set aside.

The situation now is that this boy is being charged by the State and produced in court with hands handcuffed and legs shackled like a very serious criminal. And the boy is being defended by 3 lawyers on a pro bono basis. And that was it. It is now a matter between the boy and the State.

Roy Ngerng, a friend of the boy, tried to internationalise his plight by writing to the Pope in the Vatican and several bodies in the UN. Not sure if he had addressed his mail to Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary General. And not sure if he has sent any mail to Obama, the President of the USA who always climbed to the top of the mountain to yell human rights violation and claimed to be the defender of human rights in all corners of the earth. Maybe this case is not an issue of human rights, just a legal issue, not even political.

There has been silence in the western front. No Pope, no UN, no Obama. No one seems to be interested in the affair of this boy or his well being. In the domestic front, no politician, not even from the ruling party, except maybe the SDP, has stood up to say something about this case. So it is not a political issue too.

The case as it stood is a straight forward case of a boy against the State on a matter of law, a trepassing of the State. No amount of internationalisation or politicisation would turn this simple and trivial case into anything else but a simple matter for the court to decide. The case is so simple that no one would dare to use it as an excuse to flog for their cause or to cry crocodile tears. The only tears that would be shed would be the tears of the boy’s parents. No, the brave boy would stand tall, would not shed a tear, not even when he was hit by a 49 year old man outside the court.

There are some noises from the lunatic fringe but just noise and nothing more to have any impact on this case. The world and world news too have scant little interest in this case. No do gooder, bleeding heart socialist, or conscience stricken western journalist would even give it a second look.

It is the boy against the State. Or it is the boy and his parents and the 3 lawyers versus the State. No drumming in Hong Lim Park other than the little murmurs that were hardly heard in the alternative media. It is the day the world and conscience turn their backs, to look the other way, not wanting to know there is a boy called Amos Yee.


Anonymous said...

As said before...........

Only 包青天 包青天 can help him!

大事化小事 , 小事化無事 , 明天会更好!

Really.......... 家家有本难念的经!


Anonymous said...

Yesterday was Mother's Day.
The poor mum must be very sad that she didn't have her boy by her side to celebrate with. Poor her. Probably heartbroken and felt that she is a bad mom. I don't know how any state would do this to a harmless kid. They clearly are trying to break down his spirits like breaking a horse. May those people have karma back o them.

Anonymous said...

Nowadays you don't even what is evil and what is goodness when evil is dressed as goodness.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ please lah uncle, RB:

>> There has been silence in the western front. No Pope, no UN, no Obama.

Why should they? Amos's rights have not been violated, as many would suggest. The cops and the courts have played this one BY THE BOOK.

>> No do gooder, bleeding heart socialist, or conscience stricken western journalist would even give it a second look.

Of course. There are "better" stories out there than this small thing in a tiny island. No one has been physically harmed. No one has been brutally killed.

There is NO ARGUMENT to be made against the cops or the court. All the court is doing is exactly what it is supposed to do: UPHOLD and APPLY THE LAW. What the cops did is exactly what they are supposed to do: ENFORCE THE LAW.

If anything is to be "attacked" and "debated", that would be THE LAWS Amos is charged under. As previously stated, any "law" which deals with peoples' "feelings" and "degree to which they can be 'offended'" is simply BAD law.

This is not so much a violation of some "free speech" rights, but more a violation of HUMAN NATURE. As social animals with the capacity to communicate in LANGUAGE, as well as having the potential to "make stuff" which aids communication---like videos, films, blogs, books etc. the freedom to EXPRESS and therefore COMMUNICATE IDEAS---good and bad---is paramount, because it is in our nature to do so.

Once the BAD LAW starts "judging" the content of the ideas, all you have is a THOUGHT POLICE regulating the type of ideas and the content in those ideas which are "allowed" to be communicated, and which are "forbidden" to be even mentioned.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon @9.35

These holy than thou hypocrites will have bad karma bestowed on them when the time comes for them to be wheeled into the incinerators / furnaces .

Think they are saved and can do whatsoever deeds to others in their naive beliefs

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

WOW! The year is 2015, and there are still people who believe in "karma".

The "Just World" Fallacy

Virgo49 said...

Those who pretend not to believe in karma are those who are not able to redeem themselves anymore as they knew that they are already condemned beyond redrmption

That's why so many choose the easy way to salvation by placing on I bet. Consolation strike also strike.

Just believe in HiM and you are saved

Impermanance said...

KARMA - Whether one believes it or not still EXIST, in the ancient World and in the Modern World, whether in 2015 or 2000015.

What is KARMA? It simply means the Law of Nature. Or Newton's Law. Or What Goes Up Must Come Down. You throw something up into the sky above your head, it must fall back to the ground or upon your head. Not even a single satellite put up in Space will not fall back to Earth after it has run out of power.

For those condemned beyond redemption people, the evil ones, the non-believers, to explain this Law of Karma to them is merely a SHEER WASTE OF TIME!

My brief explanation here (it would take at least 3 hours of lecture to complete the full explanation) is in hope for those who still can be salvaged. Period.

Anonymous said...

Are you disputing Newton's Third Law?

patriot said...

Karma or not, it is best to have conscience or the so-called humanities.
There is ALWAYS REACTION(S) to an action, be it in the Physical and or Spiritual Sense.

Take the Bully who assaulted Amos near the Court Compound as the Example. He is reported to boast that he wanted his assault on Amos to be widely reported. Whatever for? To gain notoriety? He got it what he wanted, including getting charge for an offence.

However, the 49 year old bully failed to realize that he has dragged his family into his folly, whether knowingly or otherwise.
He also inadvertently show himself to be viokent, incapable of self discipline and control. IF HE USED VIOLENCE TO PUNISH OTHERS' CHILD(REN), IT ALSO MEAN THAT HIS FAMIKY MEMBERS ARE SUBJECTED TO HIS VIOLENT NATURE.

It is desirable to have the Assault Violator examine at Institude Of Mental Health, he is a walking threat not only to others, he is a threat to his own safety whence and if he picks the Wrong Victim(s).


Anonymous said...

Does the case of Amos Yee demonstrate that Singaporeans are not worth fighting for?
If 75% of Singaporeans vote PAP in GE 2015; will Amos Yee finally be convinced that it is best he leaves Singapore and be replaced by a more obedient and cheaper Alien?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 113:

>> to explain this Law of Karma to them is merely a SHEER WASTE OF TIME!

Yes, because there is no such "thing" as karma. People certainly TALK about it, but they cannot SHOW (by presenting TESTABLE evidence) that karma is "real".

"Karma" IS MOST DEFINITELY NOT Newton's 3rd Law!! And fuck all you under-educated cunts for spreading that LIE. You motherfucking LIARS ;-)

Newton's Third Law deals with PHYSICAL forces applied to PHYSICAL objects--- i.e. "stuff" made out of baryonic matter which have MASS---a PHYSICAL quantity which relates to PHYSICAL MATTER. Newton's 3rd Law is a LAW OF MOTION, and not a law of some woo woo metaphysical motherfucking NONSENSE believed by people who should know better than to still live in a child's world of fantasy and magic as a full grown, fully functioning ADULT.

Shame on you motherfuckers for living in fairytale land, in the year 2015!

Anonymous said...

Write to all over the world, but not to someone close by who spread kindness all round ? Who else but William kindness Wan ! Maybe he's not contactable when he is needed most. Or he Chui tat Lan