American propaganda in full swing to attack China

A few days ago there was a report about China’s investment in Indonesia and the basket of infrastructure projects it is offering to Jokowi. The most important piece of the article is a sneak comment that the Indonesians are wary of the Chinese as if the Indonesians are not wary of the Australians and the Americans. Who poses an immediate threat to the Indonesians, China or Australia or the Americans?

Who twisted Suharto’s arm during the Asian financial crisis to force the closure of ailing banks but allowed their own failed banks to continue by pumping more money into them? Are the Indonesians that stupid not to see who was the devil? Are the Indonesians so daft to sign a deal with the Chinese without doing their due diligence? And the Chinese did not put a gun at their head like the Dutch and the European powers and during the financial crisis. What the Indonesians are negotiating with China is at arms length with both parties as equal, and working out the best deals they could get for themselves. The sneaky western reports are simply sneaky and insulting the intelligence of the Indonesians.

Yesterday, 28 May, there was a similar Bloomberg Editors’ article in the Today paper trivializing the leaders of Latin America in the same way they did to the Indonesian leaders. The Latin American leaders are stupid, daft, and are misled or cheated by the Chinese in their economic deals with China. The Latin American countries are in for a bad deal, without the Chinese putting a gun at their heads like the European colonialists and the Americans did. So, the Latin American countries had very good deals with the Americans and their colonial masters until today, with their nations’ resources exploited and robbed, that they are still trying to climb up the value chain?

What had the colonialists and the Americans being doing to the Latin Americans that today, they are still lagging behind the industrial world, and their economies are still that of developing nations? China is a new kid on the block, just entering the Latin American market to trade, not to pivot like the Americans did in Asia with their military machine and weapons of war. What is so bad with China coming to Latin America with money to trade, to buy up their natural resources that they are going to sell anyway? Should the Arab countries stop exporting their only natural resource, oil, to the world as the rest of the world is exploiting them? Who are Bloomberg Editors trying to bluff?

Or are they telling the Latin Americans to buy more arms and weapons from the Americans? Are they saying that these leaders are idiots and did not know whether they are getting a good deal or bad deal? They are still treating the rest of the world as daft colonized people, to be exploited, to be conned and to be controlled by the American and European powers. Only these powers can provide the Latin Americans good deals, like the last few centuries of colonialism and exploitation with power coming from the barrel of the gun.

Is China a threat to any Latin American country? Did China bring its warship to trade? Can the Latin Americans say no to the Chinese if the deal is not to their favour? Come off it, the world leaders are not daft anymore and will strike deals freely for their own interests. If they can’t find a good deal they would walk away and look for another better deal.

The western media would not fail to daily implant their disinformation to influence the minds of the unthinking. They have succeeded for centuries when they controlled the media. Now there are alternative media and people need not read their propaganda unthinkingly. Only stupid people and stupid media will reproduce their trash happily without thinking, and paying for it.


Anonymous said...

Is China a threat to any Latin American country? Did China bring its warship to trade?


That's why China is smarter than America. A threat it may be, but they didn't let Sinkies like RB see or feel them as a threat.

If someone screw u but without u feeling u are screwed, that someone has reached the highest level in the art of screwing.

But apparently PAP has not reached that level yet. Maybe still far from it. That's why Sinkies like RB always kpkb, and rightly so, about PAP screwing Sinkies.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyah, please lah....bashing your rivals in the popular "free" press is part and parcel of all business and political strategies now. Plus now you have the blogs, forums and social media as well. EVERYONE does it, if you don't, you're not in the game---you have to endeavour to "engage" all minds in every available communication platform.

China, unflatteringly, has the reputation of being either a "bad guy" or at the very least a "dark horse" by a host of China skeptics. SO China has an "image problem", which NONE of her Asian neighbours are rushing to correct. In fact, cuntrees like Vietnam, Philippines, its historical rival, Japan, are all contributing to China's "bad guy" status. ASEAN is playing a cool game, which IMO is like that annoying passive-aggressive cousin you would so like to bitch-slap.

China's image problems are rooted in human nature, and thus easily exploited by the mass media which has the power to broadcast effectively to the world.

All you have to do to understand is to ask the question "Is China a success or failure as a cuntry, and to what degree?"
If your answer to the above is in the order of "Resounding Success, beyond any doubt!", then you will have the answer to China bashing too.

If you are a mind-boggling success, there will be lots and lots of people who will HATE, DISTRUST, and FEAR you. Human Nature strikes again. So...to the wise, amoral operator: exploit lah! Simple what?!?

Anonymous said...

similarly a talk show in cna on the same topic few days ago the former bbc host also put China infrastructure push to link the two oceans in s america and other investments in negative vibes

the host probably looked at it from a western point of view more likely than not viewing through british lens Spore being a british colonial / trading outpost for over a century and still a very very pro-western platform
think shangri-la security dialogue Spore media is heavily skewed towards not just pro-western but pro-britsh stance because it has little good things to talk about the Germans, French ,Indonesians. Often you have english correspondents sending articles writing mostly negative thing aspects about Indonesia and often view Germany a rival then a friend in the SG newspapers

Anonymous said...

majority of westerner dont have ability to think
after they had brought up in a society where such false idea "free media,free speech" exist been planted in their brains

even they reside in oversea, they are still reading US media .
their understanding of world affairs is very limited.

1. china neo colonialism on african - because china buy African resources

but australia sold 90% resources to CHINA
nobody say that australia had been exploited by china.

russia sold raw resources to EU
nobody say that EU had impose neo colonialism policy on russia

saudi kingdom, qatar, iran sell their oil to western world
nobody say that western nation is exploiting them .

Anonymous said...

US is really see got crack poke needle. always wants to play the game of division

something is happening,US is passing the Taiwan rimpac rule

The amendment said that the US secretary of defense “shall invite the military forces of Taiwan to participate in any maritime exercise known as the Rim of the Pacific Exercise” if the secretary has invited the military forces of the People’s Republic of China to participate.

Anonymous said...

it is really getting very hot man , John Macain has called to disinvite China in 2016 rimpac ,the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, power sia , now that his party calls the shots
wahlau what is US up to, sia? want China to fight with Taiwan says so .. some americans very very '' or xin'

Anonymous said...

The Americans know that whatever they are doing is for their interests, to rule the world. But daft Sinkies thought they are also Americans and can enjoy the same glory.

b said...

It is every man for himself lah. America will not easily give up their number one position. They will fight to retain their number one unless a comet hit them really hard.

Anonymous said...

USA dare not go to war with China lah.
Don't forget there is also Russia and Brazil to content with.
Russia and Brazil sure side China one.
USA hit China, Brazil hit USA and take over the whole continent
of North and South America.
Russia hit Europe and UK, and take over Europe and UK.
Pakistan, Syria, Iran hit Israel and control Middle East.
North Korea hit South Korea and Japan.
And the Game is OVER.

Anonymous said...

The natural resources Canada and Australia selling to China and other countries making so rich so much wealth
all are came from the land of the natives those minerals- Iron ore
Nickel – Bauxite/aluminium - Copper-Gold – Silver-Uranium –
Diamond – Opal – Zinc – Coal – Oil shale-Petroleum –
Natural gas - Rare earth elements -

all were taken from natives at gun point just when english gunboats arrived 1800s but before that the Dutch also came even called it New Holland but did not settle there

be it australis the Latin origin of name australia or new holland it was not never their land they took it by force

still want to act like very qing hao

Anonymous said...

not only want to act like qing gao, what they did to the natives living down under last time

Solen Generation - describe the dark chapters
also known as Stolen children) were the children of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent who were removed from their families by the Australian Federal and State government agencies and church missions, under acts of their respective parliaments. The removals occurred in the period between approximately 1909[1] and 1969,[2][3] although in some places children were still being taken until the 1970s. wiki

not that not all

Anonymous said...

The Aboriginal Protection Act, enacted in 1869 by the colony of Victoria, Australia gave extensive powers over the lives of Aboriginal people to the government's Board for the Protection of Aborigines, including regulation of residence, employment and marriage. -wiki

see the hypocrisy the in which the law is called .. protection wow.. like that also can !!!

see we seldom read hear negative things about them in SG papers because of history and modern sg politics..

Anonymous said...

Sure USA would put a fight retain its top positions. TPP comes to mind. China is excluded. This is a fight trying to isolate China. Even defence minister of US also commented on TPP who said a proposed trade deal with 11 Asia–Pacific nations, including Australia, is as important to him as a new aircraft carrier.

Now TPP is like a new aircraft carrier !!. Economic pact is about military might now very direct one

then he said

We're deploying our most advanced fighters in the region, the F-22 and the F-35 joint strike-fighters, as well as our long-range B-2 and B-52 bombers,"
"And given the region's growing missile threat, we're forward deploying two additional Aegis missile defence equip ships We'll also continue to push our most advanced technology to the Pacific including our newest stealth destroyer – the Zumwalt."

then he said -

US and China not allies but we don't have to be adversaries'

wapiang US very jialat everyday la-sai

Anonymous said...

Their Secretary of Defence sounds quite undiplomatic. What USA continues to be regional dominant power for decades to come ?

Asia is your region meh ?

For somone with a doctorate in Theoretical Physics , worked on quantum chromodynamics, that was then postulated to explain the behavior of nuclear reactions and the structure of subatomic particles, qualification so tok gong yet talks machiam no give face to China.

China was already a superpower aeons before there was any town in america proper

Anonymous said...

Those reports mentioned above about exploiting the natives maybe not true. The natives never protest. The Pinoys, Malaysians and Indonesians and Vietnamese also never protest. If true the western media would report about them, to tell the truth right?

And the TPP shows which countries would be fighting on the side of the Americans against China.

Anonymous said...

African, Asian and the original tribes in the primitive world should be very grateful to the europeans and americunt.
It was and is the whitemen that modernize them. Otherwise, the Africans will still be naked and eating each other. The Asian Indians will still be doing human sacrifices such as 'Sati', the burning of the wife when her husband gets cremayed. The Chinese will still think their 'kung fu' will make them bullet proof.
What about all the high tech equipments and gadgets, without the europeans, most cultures maybe slightly betterer than chimps.
Angmo taught many to build angmochu and use fork and spoon. So be grateful to the angmos.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


The TPP does not exclude China. It is just not "attractive" enough at the moment. China has indicated that it could join in the treaty later on, and IMO it will. Similarly, for the AIIB, there will be some sort of USA "involvement" later on. You can't have a global economic system where the world's largest economies are excluding each other from their individual initiatives/ treaties.

...and once again, Singapore will be very much the "deal maker", so that everyone ends up saving face, and Singapore ends up benefitting.

You want TPP? Great. Please come to Singapore and use it as a base. We have all the necessary infrastructure and international connectedness.

You want AIIB? Great! Please feel free to use our wonderful finance and banking infrastructure, We're happy to manage the money---and we have the track record, the stability and the reputation!

Singapore, world's best exploiter for opportunity! Didn't you know that?

Anonymous said...

Singapore best exploiter?

It will be swallowed by India

in no time.