Amos Yee - A piece of trivial news

The boy, Amos Yee, was hit by a man outside the court when he turned up to hear the charges against him for insulting religion and God. After hitting the boy the man ran off but not before shouting ‘Sue me, sue me’ in front of journalists waiting outside the court for the boy’s appearance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJ17hfhI0C0

The news, though trivial, is now the hottest topic in the social media. People were shocked at the audacity and defiance against the law and order of the city state. All kinds of rumours are speculating in the social media as to the ‘who and why’ of this attack and how the man was able to get away without anyone thinking it necessary to apprehend him. Conspiracy theory seems to be having a very high rating here. Many were pointing the finger at you know who and have made all kinds of conjectures and the disappointment of how such a brazen act of defiance of the law could happen in broad daylight, in front of the court house, and in front of so many people, many armed with cameras.

I am sure the super efficient men in blue would have no problem taking this man into custody as the incident was captured by so many cameras and seen by so many eyewitnesses. Justice will be served for sure. No need to make wild speculation and gesticulations. Save the middle finger.

The issue is that this likely to be an isolated incident and of an aggrieved public taking the law into his own hand. Pure and simple as that. Would this be seen as a criminal act or as another private matter and the boy be told to take a civil suit against the assailant? Just wondering how the charges could be made, the hitting was like a hard slap. Can it be justified as causing serious bodily harm? Would it be assault or just a case of being a public nuisance?

The Law Minister Shanmugam has commented in his Facebook that this kind of acts is unacceptable. I am sure he would have given his order to get the culprit arrested ASAP. No sweat except for Amos Yee and his parents. If it is a civil suit, would they have the money to pursue the case?


Anonymous said...

I am beginning to wonder if there is more to it than meets the eye for this former child actor and now turned Youtube boy "hero" Amos Yee.

Hands-On Green Matters said...

My Open Comment to Amos Yee

Like you say, you are the first kid to face the unbelievable situation, your parents are the closest kin to take the unbearable frustration.

Being a not-so-normal person (like you), I am glad that I did not cause much trouble to my parent when I was a child.

Just my peanut view, I have serious doubts only on #1 (not #2) on your bail term, so wait for next bailor (maybe Roy).

You seem to accuse your abusive father, but have forgotten your parents' remind/ nag/ warning (in particular, on the painful father) a zillion time.

You seem to fight all you can, but deny the same rights you fight for (in particular, on the respectable late PMs) to other people except yourself.

Say sorry (in particular, to the first-and-last person with you at this stage) and go on live with greater HUMOR.

Anonymous said...

His crime is must be worst than KIM TA FONG who is found guilty of murder in the Taiwan show but can run around scolding, beating and threatening people !

Anonymous said...


What trival news?

This is big news, man!

The whole world is watching how the tiny red dot is handling and treating this juvenile Amos Yee, 16 years old (not 17 as some people in the official newspapers like to put it, for whatever reasons only known to themselves).

This direct physical assault is a challenge to the law and order of this peaceful state which boasts of an efficient government, clean and just legal system, and an effective Police Force.

The criminally intended action of this guy, who even challenged Amos Yee to sue him, in broad day light in front of a camera-man who has been following and filming him even before his violent assault was committed, clearly tells us that some kind of co-ordination has been done before hand, to deliberately film the commitment of the crime and show it on Youtube, for whatever purpose only the camera-man who display this Youtube clips knows. This camera-man who provided this Youtube clip should be arrested by the Police to try to piece the total picture together.

If this case is not handled properly by the Police, public opinions are going to turn to public sympathy. There is no excuse for a juvenile to be assaulted in broad day light in front of the State Courts, with so many witnesses present, watching and filming and doing SWEET NOTHING!

This will speak VOLUMES to the world!


Anonymous said...

Lucky Amos Yee's penis was not cut off and stuffed down his throat.

Anonymous said...

Another avalanche of social issues.

Yellow Chicken Society said...

How cruel can the Singapore society be? How come we have deteriorated to such a state?

Someone threaten to cut off a boy's penis and shaft it into his mouth, despite numerous police reports made, is yet to be arrested and charged in Court by the Police and the Attorney General.

Someone taking pleasure to see a teenager being assaulted in front of the States Courts, when not even a single policeman nor a reporter nor a cameraman had bothered to take any action.

Read this:


SOON LKY's legacy will go down the drain.

Anonymous said...

可怜 可怜 真可怜!

Feeling very pitiful for Amos
Yee, a 16+ yrs old kid, who has
to go through the whole episode
and being "slapped" outside the

Pitiful! Pitiful! Pitiful!

Don't you think so?

Imagine......he is just 16+.......

Yes! Just 16+!

This case is getting very very
very very hot and interesting!

Singapore is watching.

The world is watching.

可怜 可怜 真可怜!

Virgo49 said...

The SPF always advised that we take videos of such assaults do that they can take action without much efforts of investigations

But the question is whether they take action based on case by case basis for or against them or their masters

Once I was assaulted by s Brit and they told me next time ask your son or family member to shoot video so that we can clearly indentify what you reported is true or else sorry your words against his words

If the other party give a more convincing tale them you are deemed to be the aggressor instead of victim

So in this case, clear
Cut assault will they take action??

Left to be seen

b said...

I think Amos should not be charged but send for some mental examination. He is obviously a very disturbed boy suffering from extreme attention deficit disorder.

Anonymous said...

What about Traitors who benefits Aliens and disadvantages Singaporeans?
Should they be sent away for a mental stability checkup?

Anonymous said...

Arb, don't worry if it is civil case, the reform party secretary SG will help with the legal cost I think based on what I read.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> The issue is that this likely to be an isolated incident and of an aggrieved public taking the law into his own hand. Pure and simple as that

Yes, that's it. There are those who exist everywhere in the world, whom if they don't like what you say, or who you are, or what you stand for will physically assault you. That's just life, human nature.

Sometimes there's a conspiracy, often there's not. If you are famous like Mahatma Ghandi, chances are there'll be a conspiracy, and in the case of Ghandi's assassination (the 6th attempt), that's exactly what it was.

In olden times, there was a different more "gentlemanly" culture. If there was a slight, insult or offence taken by one party, he would challenge the offender to a duel. Extend that to bar room culture---the the offended and the offender would "take it outside" and settle is "mano-a-mano".

Men would go and drink in pubs, taverns and other public drinking spaces, and then start talking shit about each other. A fascinating fact about the effect of alcohol on the human brain is that it gives the brains' owners a feeling of having "super human powers" of not only impressive intellectual capacity, but also unconquerable physical strength and sexual supremacy. (Sound familiar guys? ☺︎☺︎☺︎ )

Alas, we've lost such arts of old-fashioned manliness...Amos Yee's assailant didn't even have the DECENCY to challenge skinny Amos to a proper fight---just hantam and chabut---"surprise attack". No class lah.

Goh said...

Such assault in Court compound with so many photographers busy taking photo without rendering aid or go after the suspect paint a very bad image on our cuntree's safety and security.
Being a Singaporean I feel very shameful.
Amos already face Court action and no one has any right to take such action privately.
Amos should not be threaten from attending Court .

I hope to be his bodyguard if there is a chance FOC .Not that I encourage or condone his behaviour but I feel a young boy should not be bully in this manner.
Is this how Sinkie should behave? Hantam n chabut.

Goh said...
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Goh said...

The coward went with the intent to cause hurt.
If you think there is no grievous injury, can consider a charge of Contempt of Court since its Court compound.Can or not.

Goh said...
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patriot said...

The Coward is arrested and I am sure JUSTICE will be served.

It is plainly obvious that the Bully had waited for Amos Yee at the Court Compound to waylay him.

There was NO exchange of word between the Attacker and Amos Yee. As such, it is reasonable to suspect that the Assault was premeditated.


Anonymous said...

"The Coward is arrested and I am sure JUSTICE will be served."
May 01, 2015 10:43 p.m.

I agree!
Singapore JUSTICE is 1st world quality!
I'm sure Amos Yee will agree.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is unique. Some crimes are pursued with great diligence while others are not investigated. I guess it must be which side of the fence you are in. What happened to that guy who wants to cut off penis and shaft into mouth? Surely he must be investigated?

Anonymous said...

If we had topless women at Hong Lim Park.
Just like this in Paris.
I'm sure we will have a big turnout.


Anonymous said...

Some crimes are pursued with great diligence while others are not investigated.
Anon 11:57 p.m.

Not really lah. I would think they did investigate every case diligently but for some cases and for some reasons, it may take much, much longer for charges to be filed and brought to court.

Of course to the public, this may seem like the case was not diligently investigated.

Even if the case went to court, it may also take very long for the trial to conclude and judgment made, eg the Kong Hee CHC trial. Almost 3 years since the charges were filed and case still ongoing in court and not concluded yet.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ everyone:

The guy who attacked Amos is not a coward. In fact he exhibited extreme bravado, by assaulting Amos outside a court of law no less, then taunting Amos to sue him.

The same can be said for suicidal terrorists---they are not cowards. All those acts are acts of extreme bravado. It is poisonous motivation to do harm, to make a statement which gets people's attention, and a complete disregard for consequences for their victims and themselves. This is definitely NOT cowardly behaviour.

Consider the case of Jack Ruby murdering accuses JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, by shooting him point blank whilst in police custody---in public, on live TV, with the words of a self-appointed judge, jury and executioner: "You killed the president, you rat!"

These people are not cowards. Mentally deranged, psychopathic with extreme ego and anger issues, most definitely. This is extreme courage and bravado exercised without any self control for all the WRONG reasons.

Goh said...

@matilah 11.40
please dun peng here n there la.How can you compare the 49 year old with a suicidal terrorist .The latter do it at the expense of their lives.
You yourself said earlier at 6.59 he hantam a kid n chabut got no class.
If he hantam n walk straight into the Court I will say he not coward else sorry to langgar with you this time.
But , mai khee hong...you are still a hero to me on your claim n description on how you handle those mei meis and their soiled panties...

Goh said...
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Goh said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ agongkia:

>> How can you compare the 49 year old with a suicidal terrorist .The latter do it at the expense of their lives.

I didn't compare. I highlighted the similarities---which are their mental states, and psychological PROCESSES.

At the end of the day: We are our BRAINS, and whatever the fuck our brains happen to be doing at that time---creating our version of "reality" and choosing behaviour. It's ok if you dun agree with me ;-)

>> how you handle those mei meis and their soiled panties...

Easy lah. Take of the panties. Take her to the shower, and wash her ass and puki. Use plenty of soap and rabah her up and down. Get on knees, lick that clean cheebye until she calls you "uncle" :-)

Sound romantic or not?