When would the govt recognise our universities as world class?

Our universities, at least two of them, are ranked among the best in the world. After spending so much money gaming the system to be among the top, has any of our ministers even said it officially that our universities are world class, among the best of the best? And has the govt make this into a reality by telling the ministries and stats boards, GLCs and the MNCs here that our students are the best and they should hunt them down for employment and senior management positions? Have any of them even commented that our universities are reputable universities? Maybe that is too much to ask when everyone is so overawed by the reputable foreign universities and their high rankings, like in the 551. Some believed the bigger the number the betterer the university. Thus NUS and NTU are no match.

For once, we are hearing from IDA that an unranked university called University of Mumbai, is a reputable university. Oops, it is ranked a creditable high of 551, better than NUS and NTU. No wonder they are scrambling to hire its graduates and falling all over, grabbing at anything and would not let go. Funny, this reputable universities graduates cannot tell a degree mill or think a degree mill degree is just as reputable and worth pursuing.

But more funny, our stats boards, maybe even ministries and GLCs are by passing our local ‘out of this world’ university graduates and opted to hire graduates from reputable universities like Mumbai. What is the secret? Why is Mumbai, with no disrespect, better than NTU or NUS? Or is it that our ‘out of this world’ universities are producing graduates with skills set that are ‘out of this world’ and so much ahead of its time, or behind time that the skills set are not suitable for the present job market?

When would one of these immortals say something good about how good our ‘out of this world’ graduates are and telling the ministries to employ them as preferred graduates? Or it is not true and ‘out of this world’ means fictional, not relevant or irrelevant, only good for show, but not employable?

If our govt is non committal in the value of our graduates, why should foreigner MNCs be interested in employing them? If our ministries and stats boards and GLCs think so highly of universities like Mumbai and nothing of NUS and NTU, and the Ivy League universities they are linked to, might as well close down these two universities or linked them with reputable universities like Mumbai. At least the employers like the ministries and stats boards and GLCs would find them employable.

Seriously, why is the govt so unwilling to commit to saying our graduates are the best, at least should be better than those of Mumbai and should be preferred employees? Are the graduates from our world ranked universities fakes or hoaxes? Don’t forget, more than half of our lecturers and professors are world class, from foreign countries, real foreign talents. They are paid handsomely to produce good quality graduates here. Did they or didn’t they?

The only people that find it necessary to crow about the quality of their graduates are those from SMU. They are proud of their graduates and their worthiness. With the current trend of hiring from reputable universities from the 3rd world, not sure if SMU graduates are also relegated to the fringe.


Anonymous said...

"But more funny, our stats boards, maybe even ministries and GLCs are by passing our local ‘out of this world’ university graduates and opted to hire graduates from reputable universities like Mumbai."

Not funny at all lah. It all boils down to our local U grads being more expensive and, perhaps from past experience with such grads, also did not perform any better than those from Mumbai.

Higher ranking U not necessary will produce graduates who perform better at work, u know.

I am sure u are also aware that sky high pay for ministers not necessary will also make a govt perform sky high, tio bo?

jjgg said...

RB...this is an issue of great importance..suggest we send a delegation of our cleverest n brightest parliamentarians (perhaps all 70+ of them) n spend 6 months in Mumbai to study this academic phenomenon called university of Mumbai ....maybe it's in the water....

Anonymous said...

Are The Rankings Of Universities
And Their Graduates Different?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Our universities are ranked top
top up there and UOM is 551

Is it that we have to
differentiate between the
universities rankings and the
rankings of their graduates?

Is it that universities maybe
ranked top top but their
graduates may be ranked low low?

Is this the case?

Goh said...

Dafts study anywhere oso dafts.
Cows drag till Beijing still a cow.
What Towkays look for are those who can contribute n not which U they attended.
As such no nesessity boasting how good our U is .
Can swim mean can swim.
Chia leow Bee mean Chia leow Bee.

Anonymous said...

This agongkia will believe her because it is a 'her'.

This agongkia and the Matilah Singapura are the kind that would turn traitors to Sinkies for a hole or personal interest. They think they very clever.

Sinkies die never mind as long as they can have the comfort of their holes.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

She is neither a bitch nor a lady. She is just a foreigner looked upon as a foreign talent and thinks a fake degree from a degree mill is important for her. And she believes the daft in this country also cannot tell the difference and would accept the fake degree.

Don't blame her. Blame the daft and people who prefer her talent than our local talent.

Anonymous said...

Our ministers all gone on holiday. Or is it their brains gone on holiday?

Not even one dares to say anything about this fake degree issue. Why you pay so much for so little brain?

Anonymous said...

Most universities of Singapore have constantly been ranked as top notch in the world. One has to ask why then are the Singaporean graduate been sidelined by FTs from India, China, Malaysia and the Philippines? This latest case at the IDA has shown that foreign FTs are preferred because they are easier to manage. HR personnels who are on the interviewing panels are usually Singaporeans and it is surprising to say the least that FTs are chosen over the Singaporean interviewees. Can it be that Singaporeans have this habit of not wanting another Singaporean to better him/herself? Jealousy is a very prominent habit of most Singaporeans, sad to say. FTs are easier to manage, take less MC, always minding their p and q, never talk back and in general more hard working. Managers would also always choose FTs over Singaporeans because they are cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10.58am pls note.

Our Us are ranked top notch in the world.

But, the rankings of our Us based solely on our graduates ONLY may be different.

Think so?

Anonymous said...

Anon April 27, 2015 11:13 am

Singaporean are too trusting and obey all the rules. This is because over the past 50 years Singaporeans have been spoon fed and brainwashed by the government. Most Singaporeans have been weened using the carrot and the stick method of governance. Obey the rules and you will not be punished. These days it is the dog-eat-dog world out there and Singaporeans will always be holding the shitty end of the stick. The Indian and the PRC FTs have all grown up in a tough world where cheating and getting ahead by foul methods are the norm. They come over to Singapore lean, mean and hungry. What do you Singaporean expect? Do you honestly think that these FTs would obey your nice rules? No way!!! Wake up!!! These FTs will come over and swallow you up. They say Singaporeans are stupid and easily conned. In a way they are right. Singaporeans are not accustomed to their way of getting ahead. Tough for the Singaporeans. More FTs will come and many will take over jobs meant for Singaporeans. So sorry for you lot.

Anonymous said...

Who is killing the Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans killing Singaporeans

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyah, this tertiary education thing is one big mess. I suppose those people who still believe that a piece of paper is your guaranteed ticket to life's "success" deserve to be slapped on their heads for putting all their "faith" in a myth.

In the "real world", that expensive piece of paper will only get you through the door: you'll make the list in the the job interview, but you still have to get past the interview. Then if you get the job, you'll be monitored for performance. The degree is your "entry ticket". The rest is up to you.

No boss is going to pay you 5k, spend 5k in keeping you in the company (provide office, kopi machine, computer etc) then be satisfied with the 4k in "productivity" you give the boss. Your company will go broke very quickly. And your boss won't be keeping you there just because you have a "world class" piece of expensive paper.

David Marshall, former chief minister and all-time direct and honest folk hero famously said: "Singaporeans know the price of everything and the value of nothing".

And his trenchant observation can be applied to how LOCAL Singaporeans are looking at their current job-competition situation. In the mind of the Singaporean , the following mental script runs constantly:

"I have Mercedes. I'm a better person than those idiots who drive Hyundais or take MRT. I'm entitled to success, the others are not!"


"I have degree from 'world class' schools like SMU and Harvard. I'm a better than those who got their degree at the University Of Chapati and the Tagalog Institute of Engineering. I'm entitled to a high paying job, ultimate success. The others are not and should leave my cuntry immediately!"

Good luck if you're thinking this way! You better hope your TWISTED attitude has "magical powers" to overcome the COMPETITIVE SPIRIT of those billions of Indians, Chinese, Pinoys, Vietnamese and soon Cubans and Africans who wake up every day ready, willing and able to work and deliver PRODUCTIVITY in the meritocracy driven Jungle Of Global Competition.

Have those spurs made you hard drivin' and hard strivin' yet? :-))

Anonymous said...

Agree with all MS says. Singaporeans have this stupid entitlement mentality. Just because they called themselves Singaporeans and possess that pink card they think that all should make way for them. Think again all those who feel that FTs are encroaching on their turf. Just because you were born in that Tekka hospital does not give you any head start in life. You have to compete and show that you are better than the hard fighting and hungry FTs from overseas. Your government has been molly coddling you for so long, making you soft and uncompetitive. Stop moaning and come out fighting for if you don't your rice bowls will shatter. No more iron rice bowls in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

I thot one mad marpok is bad enough, now got an admirer who is just as mad.

The Sinkies are saying, hey, I citizen, all things equal, you give the job to me. Not he must be paid more. Many PMETs are willing to settle for much less, even half. Stop twisting and turning and make them look so unreasonable.

The second point, hey I come from good uni why not me but someone from lousy uni? And now, I come from legit uni, why give job to fake uni or degree mills?

See what the fark you two are talking about? You are talking and shsking your heads at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are bad losers. Too bad.............

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> The Sinkies are saying, hey, I citizen, all things equal, you give the job to me.

1. False premise: "all things" are NEVER equal. Although there are commonalities amongst people (they need to eat, shit, breathe and fuck), there are also many differences---everything from physical characteristics to their internal mental world.

2. There is no basis to "demand" a job from a prospective employer. Just like you get to choose the shop and what to buy at what price because you decide how and what to do with YOUR money, every employer decides how and what to do with their money. Fair or not?

>> Stop twisting and turning and make them look so unreasonable.

If you read my opinion, you will know that I NEVER "twist and turn"---I shoot directly as subtlety and diplomacy are not my better "qualities".

BTW, many of the PMETs are unreasonable. There is no need to "twist and turn". This is a conclusion I've derived from direct observation.

>> I come from good uni why not me but someone from lousy uni? And now, I come from legit uni, why give job to fake uni or degree mills?

Like I said: The Golden Rule: He who has the gold, makes the rules. The employer can hire or fire anyone for any reason---sensible or not, rational or not, logical or not. The employer does not exist to make you "happy". The employer exists for his own reasons. Just like you: their life, their business---it's got nothing to do with you.

>> You are talking and shsking your heads at the same time.

Yup. I can also walk and drink at the same time. I can also take a shit and read...I got "skills" ;-)

Anonymous said...

The golden rule has yet to be used here. Wait till the people use the golden rule in the next GE to screw asses.

Double Standards Expert said...

When will the gov stop spending excessively on taxpayers' money sending the useless bookworms who happened to score 4 Asses on scholarship to universities in other countries and start sending them to own local universities?

Anonymous said...

I hope NTU and NUS will apply to Mumbai University to recognize NTU and NUS degrees.
Otherwise, PAP government may not recognize degrees from NUS and NTU anymore.
Better yet.
Apply to have twinning programmes with Mumbai University.
So a future NUS graduate will get a degree from both NUS and Mumbai University.

Anonymous said...

LKY die.
Already PAP Millionaires dare not say NUS and NTU is btter than Mumbai University.
What a bunch of worthless chickenshit.

Anonymous said...

What ever Singaporeans may believe, graduates from foreign universities are just as good as any Singaporean university. It is not the university that is either good or bad. It is the individual that is at the job. As MS says above it is the PRODUCTIVENESS that counts in the end. To pay less and get the same productiveness is by far more desirable. Why pay more when you don't have to? This is business and business means profit. A Singaporeans on average takes more MC than a FT. To make a Singaporean redundant requires more justification than that for a FT. Singaporeans have to go for military training whereas a FT is free from that duty. FTs usually put in more hours than a Singaporean and are usually less demanding. All things considered, if you have a business who would you rather employ? Now be honest.

Anonymous said...

Opposition politicians usually put in more hours than a PAP MP and are usually more humble and willing to serve Singaporeans first rather than Aliens.
All things considered, if you are a Singaporean, who would you rather vote for? Now be honest.

Anonymous said...

Their logic is not yours. You apply you own logic to cast your V When the time come.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:42, I sure vote for the hardworking opposition.

With all the treacherous policies you still want to vote for them?

Anonymous said...

I believe they are trying to attract more foreigner to apply for the citizenship, hence trying to provide them good jobs and high pay jobs and put Singapore last.

Anonymous said...

Earthquake in Nepal.
Why the PAP government send Singaporeans to help?
Since Singaporeans are so lousy.
Why not our PAP Government send a Singapore Alien Team to Nepal instead?

Anonymous said...

PRATA - PAP's Rapid Alien Team Aid
Send PRATA to help Nepal.

Anonymous said...

University of Mumbai got so many billionaires in their alumni.
We should send our PAP scholars to University of Mumbai.
Help them feel even more rich.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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