When expounding meritocracy is treason

It is the mantra of the day to talk about meritocracy, to embrace meritocracy, to spew meritocracy at every opportunity like the words of God. Every idiot, half baked politicians and grassloot leaders are also bragging about this word that it has taken the form of a 4 letter word.

Meritocracy cannot be blindly applied to a country of people without qualifications. I have quoted an old speech by LKY, the consummate political master of all time, about foreigners and citizens. Foreigners, the expatriates, the good and talented ones, are needed to help us to grow. But ultimately this country belongs to the Singaporeans and Singaporeans must be in charge, to learn all they could, to eventually replace the foreigners. There is this thing called nationhood and citizenship.

A country exists for its citizens, for the good of its citizens. No country exists for foreigners, for non citizens. Every asshole today is talking about getting the best talent to replace the citizens. As long as there is a better talented foreigner, there is no qualms to replace the citizen even in top jobs. If this is the thinking of half baked politicians and employers, all the top jobs in the island would eventually be filled by foreigners. This is an inevitable truth. With 6b people out there, there is no short supply of foreign talents that are way better than our local talents. We can start with replacing every academic and lecturers in the universities, followed by the civil service and then the politicians.

With this policy of meritocracy in place, without exceptions, the first thing to happen would be like a blood transfusion. All the locals would be replaced by foreign talents in top jobs, by more talented foreigners. And the next step would be to get rid of all the citizens that are jobless, a burden to society, tell them to go elsewhere. For the good of Singapore, for the growth and prosperity of Singapore, there is no need for not so talented citizens. The daft ones would not stand a chance. Only the best in the whole world should be recruited to ensure the prosperity of this island. No emotions, no sentiments, no nationalism. Only the best need to be to here, deserve to be here for the good of Singapore the city state, not Singaporeans.

If this is not treason, getting rid of Singaporeans and replacing them with foreigners unconditionally except on merit, what else is treason? Undiluted and unconditional meritocracy in its purest form for anyone? Before you say yes, please be sure that you are not an idiot, that your talent is superior to the rest of the world, or you are unfit to be here. And half baked politicians thinking too highly of themselves, that they are the best in the world and deserve to be here ‘kee chiu’. For the unthinking grassloot leaders, please you are definitely unfit if meritocracy is the condition for your existence and right to be here. Your turn is not up yet but will be soon. Pure meritocracy is merciless, like the law of the jungle where the fittest survive. How many of you idiots out there pretending to be the best would survive under such a law?

The master politician did not believe in unconditional meritocracy? Only crazy and dimwitted politicians that failed to learn from the master would go around chirping meritocracy like crazy. They need to be put away in IMH. Singapore must be for Singaporeans. Period.



Anonymous said...

RB. For once I agree with you 100%. It upset me whenever our Ministers and MPs try to bullshit our citizens on foreign talents and meritocracy. You are right. When a policy is pro citizen, you would consider local first before hiring foreigners. Even if there is no suitable candidate, rightfully, you should hire FT for a period of time and train the local to take over.

Problem with organisations like banks and financial institutions is that they want instant profit and do not care about nurturing local talents. Worse still this is fully supported by our government.

Anonymous said...

"As long as there is a better talented foreigner, there is no qualms to replace the citizen even in top jobs."

But in the first place, how come they have the power to replace the Sinkie citizen?

And how come the Sinkie citizen has no power to prevent this replacement? And why is the Sinkie not the boss who can decide?

And who to blame if the Sinkie is not the boss, or not ready to be the boss?

And any surprise if the Sinkie is not ready to be boss if even the Sinkie opposition is also not ready to be govt?

Anonymous said...

Problem with organisations like banks and financial institutions is that they want instant profit and do not care about nurturing local talents.
Anon 9:45 am

But why would they want to care about nurturing local talents, if that makes things more troublesome for them, and with no increase in benefit or profits, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Will there be anymore Singaporeans speaking
depends on what we do


Not sInGApOReaNs.....


Anonymous said...

Beanie beanie, LKY was the one who originally implemented the imported "talents" policy back in early 1990s.

LKY's thinking about nationhood & citizenship changed after the 1st serious structural recession in 1985-86. He began to see Singapore as the entity that has to be preserved and grown at all costs. And the fastest way is to treat S'pore as a corporation, and the people as employees.

LKY separated the country & the people way back in early 1990s. To him, people can come & go. Talents can be bought and they can also jump ship. Just like employees & workers. What is important is that Singapore Inc. survives and prospers.

LKY's concern is whether S'pore can thrive as an entity, even if the people are fired, retrenched, changed, turn over, etc etc. Just like whether Microsoft can survive without Bill Gates or Apple without Steve Jobs.

Anonymous said...

To be a true meritocrat requires one to have the famiLee genes. Those own this place and are irreplaceable.

Anonymous said...

"Singapore must be for Singaporeans. Period. "

Sure or not?
Maybe Singapore is only for PAPigs, Traitors and Aliens?
Since Singapore belongs to everybody except Singaporeans.

Yew. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Then get rid of the pigs lor.

Anonymous said...

Alleged Miracles of LKY (parody)
1. Successfully kept thousands of poor families alive without giving out any social welfare.

2. Giving millions in salaries to Millionaires who didn't need the money.

3. Mentoring countless Millionaires in the art of government.

4. Importing jobless Aliens to create jobs for Singaporeans.

5. Selling the most expensive public housing at subsidized prices.

Any more miracles you care to add?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Brilliant, simply brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Paying an over worked President only $4m a year.

Paying a PM 10 times more than Obama to undergo 12 years of apprenticeship.

Anonymous said...

- Making a lame man blind?
- Making a rich man poor?
- changing urine into water?
- feeding 5,000 men and their families without spending a single cent of government money?
- standing up without the need of a walking stick?

Anonymous said...

Providing healthcare insurance for the whole population without paying a cent.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The Jungle Of Life is a meritocracy. Singapore's version of "meritocracy" exists in a microcosm of the big wide world.

Pay no attention to govt. bullshit. Pay less attention to those who attempt to ANALyse govt. bullshit.

There is a whole wide world brimming with opportunity ripe for "exploitation"---to the victor go the spoils. Meritocracy all over the place lah. There's no escape!

Got game?