What is the Singapore Brand? Integrity?

Singapore is what it is today because of a reputation it has carefully and strenuously pursued and carved, a reputation for honesty, reliability and integrity. If we compromise on these 3 values, we can say goodbye to the Singapore Brand. Orchard Road is famous for selling genuine products. But the credibility of Orchard Road and Singapore can be undermined by other frivolous and unscrupulous shopping centres run by crooks and cheats. It they are allowed to go unchecked, soon Singapore will acquire the notorious reputation of a nation of crooks and cheats. Do not shop in Singapore.

Our professionals have been travelling the world and according to LKY, are in high demand because of the Singapore Brand. Honesty, reliability and integrity. What is happening to the IDA case, when fake degree from a degree mill is recognized as something acceptable, normal, in an employee’s resume. Does this compromise the Singapore Brand, about honesty, integrity and reliability?

Would LKY allow this to happen in his watch? I believe he will kick a few asses. But no, the standard and quality of Singapore is not the same standard as that of LKY. Now anything goes. It is like the Wild Wild West. Where got problem with a degree from a degree mill? It is OK man. Just close one eye, see the 500,000 FTs here? Do ask question, let it be. All is fine, very fine.

If it is not OK, I believe one of the ministers or even Hsien Loong would have said something. Yes, when nothing is said it can be assumed to be OK. The govt never say it is Not OK what? And IDA said it is OK or nothing wrong, so must be OK lah.
Is this the new Singapore Brand? Anything also can? Is integrity important anymore? Is honesty important anymore? Is reliability, to be honest and stay straight important anymore?

What is the message? What is the new ethos? Did someone say shit? Or was it fake? Would the new Singapore Brand be about fakes? Would the rest of the world be wary of Singaporeans when they see one, not sure he is real or fake? It was once unquestionable. It was what Singapore Brand meant?

Maybe the new ethos is Nevermind. Don’t tell me any bad news. Or the deaf frogs are not listening. They just want to carry on, that it is the right way forward.


Anonymous said...

Please don't confuse the "Singapore" brand with the "PAP" brand.
Not the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Cheng hu boh kong means ok lah.

Anonymous said...

"Cheng hu boh kong means ok lah."
April 23, 2015 9:20 am

Still got cheng hu meh?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah, this, and associated cases of fake credentials slipping past the gatekeepers is reflective of slack HR procedures and protocols.

The Singapore Brand is still intact.

In fact, the brand is so "intact" that there are people willing to lie and cheat to become a part of the brand. So can we blame these people for trying?

Perhaps some. However, most of the blame should be on the HR managers who don't vet job applicants properly. Checking out job applicants' bio data, including their academic records is not "hard". Any $10 per hour intern/ shit-kicker can do that shit.

Anonymous said...

Before the body is cold the legacy is already dumped into the bins.

A new slakay Singapore in the making. Yes where got chenghu?

So vibrant, so much ooommphs. The kind of city fakes like.

Anonymous said...

Redbean implying that all the ills that plague Sin happen ONLY AFTER LEE KUAN YEW DIED.

Anonymous said...

YES! The Singapore Brand is World Brand!

The Singapore Brand is the most desired brand of the world!

YES! You said it rightfully. The Singapore Brand stands for honesty, reliability and integrity.

We MUST protect the Singapore Brand.

Once lost, we may not have a second chance!

Be Careful! Be Careful!


Anonymous said...

Hey RB, you don't know meh?!? Sinkie-land gonna be 24th province of China. PAPies realised we cannot survive another 50 yrs w/o Old Fart. So prepare for the inevitable. Start by following Cheena ethos as practised in Peking. Anyway the countries around us also practise sama-sama and they all doing well, so no problem mah.

Virgo 49 said...

What cheena cheena, sinkies Chenna like dumb frogs swimming leisurely in boiling water for
Too long that soon they be like the Malaysian cheena under the balls of the Ali babas

Anonymous said...

I think India will take it first than the Cheena. Cheena are only good in running food stalls.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Please don't confuse the "Singapore" brand with the "PAP" brand.
Not the same thing.

April 23, 2015 9:18 am

The "PAP" brand that we know is long gone. The present team allowed the premium to be reduced to such rubbish that we are passing for talents

Anonymous said...

Guys, cause we need warm bodies so fake bo Bian must accept Tio bo? Plus she from good university mah. Ranked 551 is good lar cause globally there are hundreds of thousand university so ranking 551 is likely top 1% liao

Anonymous said...

"Or the deaf frogs are not listening."

No lah. They listened and they know what's going on too. They are even smarter than u think.

And after listening and evaluating, maybe they think it's OK or unavoidable to have some foreign talents to have degrees from degree mills, if that can help in GDP growth. After all, if 60% Sinkies are OK with PAP for having casinos for GDP growth, what can be worse with degrees from degree mills, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

If a Spore govt statutory board is prepared to recognized 551 ranked certificate and labelled it 'reputable', then it might as well CLOSE all the MOE polytechnics and cease all the diplomas courses !

Anonymous said...

"If a Spore govt statutory board is prepared to recognized 551 ranked certificate and labelled it 'reputable', then it might as well CLOSE all the MOE polytechnics and cease all the diplomas courses !"
Anon 12:47 pm

Cannot lah. Because there are not even enough MOE poly grads to meet the demand.

And the shortage is so critical that they have no better choice available but to get even those 551 ranked foreign grads to supplement the supply to meet the hot demand for GDP growth!

Hope now u can understand why IDA and maybe other govt agencies too, are recruiting what they are recruiting and even defending those recruited, despite all the ridicule and criticisms from netizens.

Anonymous said...

Come on lah. In the whole world there is only one university ranked at 551. So rare, nust be good, reputable to the dumbasses. Or the dumbasses also got fake degrees so much cover one another's asses.

Who is more guilty? The dumbasses covering or the people supposed to regulate and clean up the shit?

You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

Can't you all see?
MOM, ICA and companies' HR has been infiltrated with the unaccredited and filthy kind.

Anonymous said...

What I cannot believe is the MP defending her. He said she was hired based on the strength of her 1st Degree? Walou, like that also can con us? Who do not know that given two candidates with basic degree, I will choose the one with a Master since the pay is the same. In this case, she got the advantage over Sinkies applying for the same job. This is not FRAUD?

Anonymous said...

Anybody got help Nathan check the credentials and degrees of his doctors or not ah?
Sekali Nathan got operated by a degree mill doctor .... then I will laugh all the way home.

Virgo 49 said...

Today LKY already one month. Thanked all.

Hopefully, .........

Anonymous said...

What is the PAP Brand?

Anonymous said...

The verification of academic qualifications in not an easy one if there are resident registrar staff on the take.

When an inquiry is made of an alumnus, what makes one so sure that the people reading the mail will not reply in the affirmative?

b said...

I think the qualification of IDA top managment is also questionable and thus they were so eager to recognise questionable qualifications.

Anonymous said...

There are so many ways to do due diligence. And yes, they better check on the qualifications of senior management in IDA. The fish rot from the top.

Unfortunately this political leadership is rotting from the head and would not do anything to right the wrong for the interest of Singaporeans.

Best to VTO.

Anonymous said...

Best to VTO.
Anon 8:27 pm

VTO? But is the Sinkie opposition ready to be govt?

If not, will the majority (aka 60%) voters dare to VTO, u tell me lah?

If they dare, they would have already VTO in GE 2011, when the many Sinkie opposition parties combined contested almost 100% of the seats. No need to wait for the next GE.

Anonymous said...

Anything would be better than selling out Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

What Singapore Brand? thought they just buried it and forgotten?

Anonymous said...

Integrity in Sin?

My foot !

Oh no !

My toes laughing.

Anonymous said...

Sin is lack of propriety.

No propriety,

where to find

Intergrity ?