The unbridgeable divide between govt and people

The govt on its part, believing that they are the brightest and cleverest human beans in the island, could do as they like while the people, the daft Sinkies, would blindly go along, unable to think and would simply accept whatever the govt decided for them without protesting. It is extreme arrogance of the highest order to even think it out loud that it is alright to act like deaf frogs and to do what they think best, assuming that the daft would accept everything as fait accompli. If the govt is really the most talented, and the people are really daft, then it would be a holy union, with the brightest leading the dullest. If this is not true, if the self professed brightest are really dull and the daft are really not stupid but bearing with it, this contrived holy union would be an unstable formula.

What is happening now is a situation where the two parties are having different dream and pretending to be moving along fine, sleeping in the same bed in the same sampan. The truth is that both parties are drifting apart tangentially but in a state of denial.

The rapid population growth is the idea of the govt, bulldozed through in Parliament but knowing very well that it did not have the blessing of the people. Even the unprecedented mass protest in Hong Lim was ignored by the deaf frogs, thinking that they can ignored the will of the people without any consequences. And the influx of foreigners continues unabated and even hinting that the population should grow even bigger, instead of 6.9m the target should be 10m with antiques being dragged out of retirement to drum for 10m population or more.

The most immediate and painful consequence of the influx of foreigners is the displacement of middle age PMETs. Many have been forced into early retirement, unemployed or underemployed with some desperately sending out application forms looking for a job that proved elusive. The painful part is to see foreigners waltzing in on social visit passes and landing jobs like a given. The problems faced by these PMETs, their psychological wellbeing and self worth, their failure to support their families financially, are starting to take their tolls.

What is more frustrating is their complaints of being displaced, being cheated of their jobs by fake and poorly qualified foreigners, fell on the deaf ears of deaf frogs. And over a short space of one week, the NTUC and TAFEP announced that these PMETs lost their jobs because of their own fault, no relevant skills and not because they were discriminated by employers and foreigners. And the Minister of MOM confirmed that this is the truth. In other words, there is nothing wrong with the employment and job market. It is normal, no matter how loud the displaced and unemployed PMETs are screaming it is no use.

If the govt and NTUC version is the truth, then the PMETs only have themselves to blame. If there are indeed discriminations due to the influx of foreigners, it is like crying for help but no one listening. It is a hapless plea, being wronged and disadvantaged but without anyone wanting to listen or acknowledge their pathetic plight. Whichever is the truth, the divide is going to widen and will never meet.

The govt is like singing ‘My Way’, or is it ‘Don’t worry, be happy’. And the poor down and out PMETs singing Les Miserables’ version of ‘Do you hear the people sing’, or is it ‘The end of the world’? The govt is very comfortable singing its chosen songs. Does the govt know and understand, or want to understand what the people are singing? Maybe this is a wrong question. The govt knows that there is no problem and the complaints of the PMETs are unjustified. Would the two parties ever get to sing the same song? If not, the divide will never be bridged.


patriot said...

Importing Aliens to replace native Sinkies is a sin.

Manipulating the CPF is a bigger sin.

Treating the People as slaves to enrich themselves and their cronies is unpardonable and unforgiveable.


Goh said...

What does that got to do with our Garmen.
Learn to appreciate than to kpkb.Many so call Pmets lose their jobs not because of cheaper FT but because many work for the sake of working, not productive, klkk or unwilling to contribute.
Though some civil servants are seen as inefficient that cause unhappiness, they are just a minority and does not represent the majority or the Garmen.
I love our Garmen.

Virgo 49 said...

Easy bro Patriot, all these sins will be forgiven if you just believe in HIM.

Reference to RB's article of Case against forgiving. This is the greatest forgiveness if you just believe in HIM.

Whatever sins you committed will be like the IMF and World Bank be forgiven and given haircuts and write off for the debts you incurred.

Just believe in HIM and only thru HIM that you be saved.

Only daft worked hard whole life to gain credits and do good deed hoping to redeem your wrongs to be saved.

So just believe in HIM and only thru HIM, you shall be saved.

Better than buying Sin Pools I bet, Magnum M box, SportsToto I Box and Pan Malaysia I Perm.

Another benefit, you can crtizied others for not believing in HIM and goes Scott free.

The Big Bro is.on their side. For they know that before they depart, they will just simply believe in HIM and whatever sins they committed will be forgiven and be saved.

where to find this type if deal?????

Goh said...

Please la uncle.
Without getting those Fts or Aliens, many local Sinkies may tend to become lazier and more choosy, hopping here and there and become unproductive. Our economy will be affected and many may be jobless.
Many will oso climb on top of their towkays to pangsai.

Cpf should be seen as a tax to our country and spending too much time discussing it is not productive.
Who will look upon us if we ourselves see ourselves as slaves.
Be grateful to our Garmen. Go work harder and spend whin lesser.

Goh said...
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Anonymous said...


You are absolutely right.

The lazy, dafy sinkies are very noisy not realising that they themselves is the headache of the great government.

M S had long been saying that sinkies are not in the competition, reason for losing out to the aliens.

The government has been bringing alien consumers to create jobs and spending to make sinkies richer. But sinkies are so lazy and prefer the government to provide the dough.

Agongkia and Matilah are using their brains to make piles out of the great ideas of the leaders. How come other sinkies never laern from them ?

Praise to the great commenters like Agongkia and Matilah.

Veritas said...

Yesterday night I take a look a Singapore geography and conclude that we no longer has space left for migration without lowering our standards of living.

Before we have large tract of rural land like Tampines, Pasir Ris, Ang Mo Kio, Yishun, Jurong, Kranji...etc. They are now fully build up.

The only potential space left are the central catchment area, the SAF area like Tekong, Paya Lebar Airbase, some of our Islands.

The lowest hanging fruits is to develop Paya Lebar airbase and Ubin. After that, there is nothing else for us unless we want to develop mcritchie.

patriot said...

As I have said, whatever that can be used to generate money have almost being used to near depletion.

What's left are not able to sustain us much further. The reason why Sin resorted to Vice Industry, selling of national assets and importation of rich settlers.
It used to be attracting business and manufactuerer BUT, Sin has priced itself out ot the Competitions because of HIGH RENTAL AND OTHER ESSENTIALS.

THE OF RECKONING IS NEAR, SO GET OUT OF SIN, if You do not want your offsprings to suffer.


Veritas said...

There is also strain on water. A research in 2003 states that Singapore will be able to be full self-suffient in water by 2011, assuming her population is somehow 4 million, with the completion of Marina Reservoir and desalination contributes to 30% of water supply.

If we make ourselves 6 million, then desalination may go up to 50% or more. We will either loss our water security, or pay $ for desalination.

Anonymous said...

No use singing! No use singing!

Living in this cosmopolitan tiny
city state is like that lah!

No money no talk!

People very busy chasing after

You can sing. But no one will
listen! Better focus on making
money, money and more money than
singing ‘The end of the world’!

Money! Money! Money!

No money no talk!

No choice! This is life here!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I must agree with Agongkia and anon 9:43. It is time that all the lazy Sinkies and no talent some more, be asked to leave this island and make way for the better talented and higher qualified foreigners.

I hope two of you have good qualifications too and earning big money like Matilah and would not be in the expatriation list. I am confident all of you are the talented Sinkies that deserved to stay behind.

Not sure about your children.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> The rapid population growth is the idea of the govt, bulldozed through in Parliament but knowing very well that it did not have the blessing of the people.

"Blessing of the people" is not required in a elected-representative type parliament. The State's job is to look after the "national interest"; the cuntree and the sheeple. However the "national interest" always comes first. In parliamentary terms people are expendable and disposable, but The State and the cuntree will prevail, regardless of cost. Parliament can send off people to die in war so that the cuntree can continue existing.

>> the Minister of MOM confirmed that this is the truth. In other words, there is nothing wrong with the employment and job market

That is correct. People may not "like" it, but it is true. Just because you don't like it, doesn't make it not true.

There is "creative destruction" going on in many structures of our human cultures and civilizations. No doubt, some of them can have brutal effects.

Add to this the fact that humans with power RARELY if ever, play by the "rules". If you have CAPITAL, you can take that shit anywhere and choose the best place to put it, the place where you can earn multiples of returns with safety. Singapore is such a place.

Singapore is a business serving the world's business. The social order must be maintained at all costs, so if you have a "problem" and the govt tells you that you are dreaming---there is NO PROBLEM, then they've just "solved" your problem for you :-)

That's what the Singapore govt is really good at: solving issues with simple announcements, or rather pronouncements.

If they declare so-and-so is seditious, so be it. If they claim that employment is fine, that's the way it is.

So easy what!

Anonymous said...

I used to work in the ministries at mid-level & I can assure you that most ministers & senior civil servants are well aware of the reality. Just that they don't really give a shit as it's not important to them or their careers or their bank accounts. It's just like you & I know that there are thousands of abandoned or semi-abandoned old folks in 1-rm rental flats, old folks homes, hospices etc etc but we won't spend our precious time & money on weekends & weekday evenings to travel around S'pore, look for such old folks, spend time with them, help to clean them, help to feed them etc etc. Same for the ministers & senior civil servants becoz such actions are waste of time & money, non-productive and cannot generate profits & GDP, and definitely cannot get promotion or 12 months bonus.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes, yes, the truth is that the world is run by honest men and women. And the bankers and politicians are the most honest and honourable people blessed to live off the daft people.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1059:

>> I can assure you that most ministers & senior civil servants are well aware of the reality. Just that they don't really give a shit as it's not important to them or their careers or their bank accounts.

This is the trope I keep on telling people ad nauseum.

Why the fuck would you expect ANYTHING of benefit to you to come from complete strangers who live in an "iron rice bowl" world?

If you trust the govt to "look after" you, you really have no grounds to complain when you're the one who gets anally raped. (like expecting the CPF to be your money. Idiots!) You can't cheat an HONEST man.

Got self reliance? Got options?

Anonymous said...

Who these days even believe in the nonsense the PAP is the deliverer of the good life. Take a good look around. The really clever ones. The Mavericks, trailblazers and people who can all think out the box have all already left Sg or are simply not returning. Do you see ppl like Darkness and company looking to the government of the day to improve their lot? No. To them, they are already considered useless to the point of not worth having.

Anonymous said...

"The unbridgeable divide between govt and people" can be bridged by voting in more Opposition MPs into parliament.

Anonymous said...

Where got divide between govt and people?

Only got divide between PAP and People.

The word "People" no more exists in PAP, once it achieved absolute power.

Now the party only has AP, which stands for Absolute Power.

The Absolute Power is ruling and controlling the country through the so-called "Government" machinery, especially through the Civil Service (for ordinary servants) and Admin Service (for the Elites).

It controls the Residents through the Resident Committees which are under the direct supervision and control of the People's Association, which in turn is controlled by the Powerful Master himself.

It controls workers and labour force through NTUC and MOM by injecting more and more cheap foreign talons who are here to stay and replace you and your jobs.

It controls dissidents through the Police and the Courts of Law.

It controls your CPF by not allowing you to take back your money at age 55.

Everything is about CONTROL. Are you being controlled in one way or another?

So, where got divide between government and people?

b said...

We live in a world where everyone is for themselves. In a selfish world, the lawmakers will not make laws that do not benefit themselves. If the choice is sacrificing the ministers increment or pmet jobs, the choice that the lawmakers will make is obvious.