The most powerful Asean state going to declare war with China

The most powerful military state in Asean is drumming at ever higher pitch to start a war with China. With its battle order headed by the biggest warship in Asean donated by the Americans, the Americans wanted to scrap this WW2 junk but found a country that could put it to good use, and a few patrol boats donated by the Japanese, the war machine of the Philippines is formidable. China’s navy would soon be wiped out and all its South China Sea islands would be taken over by the Philippines. Maybe Aquino would be generous enough to offer a few pieces to the Americans for more antique warships to invade China.

The Pinoys, without failed, have been drumming up fears of a China monster sitting in the South China Sea, the picture of this monster is even more vivid than what the Americans could envisage and imagine. And the Americans and the Japanese believe that this is true. Not sure if the monster was created in Hollywood or in Tokyo, not sure if the Pinoys were given the image of this monster to whip by the Americans. Or was it created by the top intellectuals from the Pinoy think tanks?

Anyway the origin of this monster is not important. What is important is that more military agreements would be signed between the US and the Philippines and more American troops and hardware would find their way to the Philippines, more war games and more provocations to get China into a fight.

The Pinoys are sure to win this war. Singapore got to be extra careful. Some of the Pinoys have unintentionally divulged a Pinoy state secret, that they are harbouring the ambition of making Singapore a state of the Pinoy Empire. I think the proof is still floating in the internet. Just google Edz Ello and you will get the message. Indonesia also has to step aside. It is no longer the most powerful country in Asean, militarily. Subic and Clark Air Bases would come to life again with American soldiers helping the Pinoys to rule South East Asia. The Pinays would have a lot of good jobs to do and no need to be foreign maids.

We are witnesses to the rise of a regional military power in South East Asia. The country that would defeat China and seize control of China’s islands in the South China Sea, the Philippines is the new and top regional military power.


Anonymous said...

Worry Not! Worry Not!

There will be no war!

Only Talks, More Talks!

Only very busy!

But Nothing! But Nothing!

All will be OK!

Can sleep peacefully!


Anonymous said...

Yes, no need to worry. Just like flooding the island with foreigners. Worry not. They would not rob you of your country. They are only taking your jobs.

Anonymous said...

Worry not.

The Pinoys will eventually shoot their own feet.

They could not even deal properly with a lone ex-policeman taking hostages in a bus.

They went into a fight with rebels an lost more than 40 people themselves.

The Pinoys are just posturing and strutting like a peacock.

Anonymous said...

You look at their Presidente you will know how silly a people they are.

Virgo 49 said...

Celebrate their Independence Day right in the heart of Singapore and our dumb PM and MOM with the sh Kwa Calvin Cheng said no harm in doing so,

The piinoys want you all to have a taste of what's their Independence Day celebrations is about so that you be assimilated easily to their culture

Let's them fight the .PRC and have their President posed with two thumps up over their devasted land

Anonymous said...

The Pinoys are actually like the puppet show of yesteryears. They are just the puppets.

They need a puppeteer behind the screen to pull the strings to make them move and act when they fight.

We know who the biggest puppeteer in the world is. They own all the puppets and call the shots.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah everyone, although China's South China Sea dominance and recent "escapades" makes ALL the ASEAN and East Asian cuntrees clench their arseholes in trepidation.

However on the Pinoys and the Nips have had the testicles to open challenge China on a regular basis.

The other cuntrees simply just shut up and hope that their White Globo-Cop the Mighty USA will come and save the day from the evil Chinaman and his atheist ways, of course happily allowing the Nips and the Pinoys to act as unwitting "proxies" for the no-balls ASEAN cuntrees.

Thanks to the left-leaning, union-sympathizing western press, China has been labelled with unsavoury reputations for anything from corruption, to pollution to stealing fatty-bum bum lazy white trash jobs, to violating every conceivable principle in the ARBITRARY book of ARBITRARY human rights (the western version is: human rights = welfare)

So in every saga, China is already (psychologically implanted as) "the bad guy".

WTF are the Pinoy's thinking? Have they lost their minds?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Anonymous said...

The lying Japanese are demanding that they be allowed to slaughter 360 whales annually for research, probably to measure how long is a whale's prick. And they have been slaughtering the whales for hundreds of years and still researching. Fucking liars.

Virgo 49 said...

Research for delicacies for their stomachs, oops got stoma, got whale burgers, sushis???

Anonymous said...

Maybe Philippines can try to take over Taiwan from China first and then Hainan Island.
Once Philippines suceeds, China will surrender.

Virgo 49 said...

It's possible that Philippines able to take over Taiwan as the Taiwanese like sinkies chinese have the same culture of Aiyo, never mind, small matter, these are little children playing pranks.

Leave them be, they will stop their nonsense. That's why they kept paying ransom for their fishermen kidnapped or even killed by the Pinoys.

But Hainan, God help you. If anyone dares to touch a public hair of them, they get more than or bak katt.

They regret been born into this world. The PRCs are not to be taken lightly.

Virgo 49 said...

After been humiliated so chiak lat in the past by the JAPs, the whites and what chiap cheng monkeys, the PRCs are gonna unleash all their might to whack the first choose to die in lieu of others into obilivion.

patriot said...

Nurse Ello is much smarter than Anon 7:32 pm.

Pinoys can flock into Sin, occupy it and takeover it peacefully. Enjoy the prosperity and peace of the tiny paradise. The Pinoys can then take their time to plan and plot how to seize Borneo.
Whoever owns Borneo will prosper many as long as it is not overtaken. Borneo is the Ultimate Paradise on Earth. Whoever owns chiak buay liao.
Why fight Taiwan or China and get decimated?

Pinoys not so stupid lah.


Anonymous said...

Agree. Singapore is the easiest to take over. It is inviting foreigners to take over peacefully. It belongs to anyone and everyone here.

Not sure why they need NS and a strong army? What is there to defend when foreigners are already here and taking over the island, 50% already gone to them.


b said...

Many ghost guns made by pinoys are not sent to china but usa. Trust is a very important thing.