The little Red Box says it all

In every commercial aircraft there are two black boxes to record all the relevant and important data concerning the aircraft, its flight pattern and details and the conversation of the pilots. The information recorded will eventually be used as undisputable evidence of what actually happened to the aircraft in case of an accident.

After LKY his former PPS, Heng Swee Kiat, has revealed the story of the little, now famous, Red Box used by LKY for his work. What does this Red Box say about LKY and his role in the governing of Singapore? He may not be the PM, and during his last term just an MP. But there are the trappings of power in the man. His office is in the Istana, the official resident of the President of Singapore and now also the office of the Prime Minister. He has a staff of his own, security officers etc. And of course the little Red Box that he kept his official files that he was working on.

What did all this meant to the nature of work and responsibility of LKY? Was he doing the job of an MP, taking care of the affairs of the residents of Tanjong Pagar? Or was he intricately and intimately involved with the running of Singapore? What did the man said about himself and his commitment and devotion to the well being of Singapore? What did the rest of his colleagues and the Prime Minister said of his work?

Heng Swee Kiat was no longer his PPS when LKY was just an MP. Apparently the little Red Box was still with LKY in his last stretch in his office in the Istana. What did the Red Box say about his involvement in the affairs of the state? Did he let go or did he not let go? Was he just keeping an eye over state affairs or a passive observer?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Sometimes a red box will have magical powers or is a receptacle for divine angels who fly around Singapore and bestow "prospertity" all over the place using their angel/ fairy magic everytime Necromancer Lee opened the box.

...but usually a fucking red box, is just a red box.

I find it hilarious the way people idolise dead notables and think that their left-behind earthly possessions somehow posses some form of "magical essence", which if properly divined would reveal some form of supernatural narrative.

This is cock sucking necrophilia of the highest order....which is OK lah...if it floats your sampan, go ahead and knock yourself out!

So gobble up that LKY dick lah. Swirl your tongue all over the head and work that shaft with your hands! :-))

Anonymous said...

There must be good reasons why he was still an MP, and also had his office in the Istana, despite being only an MP in his last term.

And there must also be good reasons why his security officers need to hold him up so as to be seen standing shaking hands with his PM son during the PAP conference last November, which I think was also his last public appearance.

The red box, or whatever box or no box is secondary to all this.

Anonymous said...

LKY as a passive observer in his last 10 years.
Are you suggesting this as the title of another possible Singapore Fairy Tale?

Anonymous said...

Matillar, u show great disrespect for a dead founding father. I hope someone will lodge a police report and u get unmasked and arrested the next time u come to sg. U can run but u can't hide

Anonymous said...

What happens to LKY's house if it is not demolished?
Will the PAP government gazette it as a national monument?
What will be a sufficient compensation to be paid for a property that could otherwise be demolished and sold for private property development?

Anonymous said...

I suggest they start another myth making around the underwear too. That truly will have power siah

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Matillar, u show great disrespect for a dead founding father.

Errr...asshole, he's not "founding father". That is a term purely concocted by the media, and it seems they have taken over you mind.

>> I hope someone will lodge a police report and u get unmasked and arrested the next time u come to sg. U can run but u can't hide

Oh please lah. I know the law inside out. Dead people have no "rights" to any sort of protection.

BTW, are you sure I show "disrespect" to Lau Lee? You have to be joking lah! The man can achieve in one afternoon what the average "gimme gimme gimme" Sheeple Singaporean struggles to do in 10 years lah.

I have openly admired his many "qualities", especially his propensity to knock out people he thinks will get in his way, and implement IMPOSSIBLE SHIT that western cuntrees can never do, because of their unsustainable "democracies". In the theatre and arena of politics, the man is (present tense) a giant, a master statesman, and a guy who punches well above his weight on the world stage. Also he's implemented open borders and "spur in the sides" competition---no lah, he's got my >100% +++ approval when it comes to free market business, low taxes and minimal regulation! (despite the GLCs which he created)

The people I REALLY CAN'T STAND are LKY's idol-worshipping sycophants and cocksuckers. And his irrational, neurotic haters.

Anyway, in Singapore circles I'm a well-known SUPPORTER of PAP business policies. In Singapore, I stay away from commenting about politics or culture. In over 20 years, I've have helped nearly 50 struggling but enterprising "free market" Aussies RELOCATE to Singapore, and make more money than they have ever made in their lives, become PRs and new citizens and own private property.

Please lah, I know how to play the game and to lead a double life, for my own selfish benefit ;-)

Question is: Can you?