The game of legalised mafia

China is clamping down on many top leaders for corruption and abuses of power. Yesterday, these men were wielding tremendous power, strutting around like warlords and being showered with gifts and flatteries. Now one by one appeared in handcuffs and being prosecuted like criminals. The changing fortune of people in power is like the weather, one day fine and the next day could be thunderstorm. There is no permanency in the game of legalized thugs or mafia. To stay in power and enjoy the glory and power, one has to ensure that one remains on top. Failing to stay at the top means a different fate awaiting them at the bottom.

The same game is being played in Malaysia. According to a report, Mahathir is worried that he would be the first to be arrested should the opposition parties won the next election. How could it be? He is the longest surviving PM of Malaysia, an elder statesman. What did he do when in office that he would be arrested should the opposition comes into power? Did he fixed his opponents, slammed them with spurious and frivolous charges? He was not a criminal and committing crime when he was in office right? Or was it true that his actions when in office were criminal in nature? Funny isn’t it? You don’t see the mature democracies hunting down their ex ministers when a new govt comes to power.

The govt of a country cannot be thugs or gangsters that should be arrested when they lost power. The govt cannot be legalized criminals and gangsters right? Why is Mahathir so worried and even warning that the UMNO leaders too would be arrested if BN loses power? What kind of democracy is that? What kind of govt is that? The political leaders are supposed to be honourable and respected leaders of a country. They are the law makers and run the country by the rule of law. Why would they become criminals or behave like criminals and risking being arrested and prosecuted when a new govt is installed?

Maybe the rumours are true. The govt is just another form of legalized mafia. But this is not democracy. A normal democracy, the best political system from the west, cannot be a breeding ground for gangsters or legalized gangsters right? What is wrong?
Comparing the political system and practices with Singapore, the latter is a true replica of the western democracies when political leaders are upright and honourable and respectable men and women. No abuses of power and no one would dream of arresting them and putting them behind bars should they lose power. Life goes on like the western democracies. Malaysia, what is wrong with your system or is it your politicians? If you have paid them top dollars like Singapore, nothing of that sort will happen and they would be no need to fear being arrested. And Mahathir would not have to resort to fear mongering.

Singapore’s political system is the best. Singapore’s politicians are the best. They will rest in peace or live in peace should they lose political office. See all the ex ministers and MPs are having a good life like normal citizens, a testimony that all is well. Malaysia got a lot to learn from Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes, we have the BEST First World political system!

Yes, we have the BEST first World politicians!

Yes, we have First World people!

Yes, everything is FIRST WORLD!

Singapore not only Boleh, we are First World Boleh Boleh!

Cheers SG50!

Anonymous said...

This is called hearing the good stuff, saying the good stuff. Won't go too far wrong.

Anonymous said...

Hearing the good staff,
Enjoying the good stuff.
Hearing the good bluff,
Enjoying being duff.

This is the trade mark of being a Daft Sinkie.

Virgo 49 said...

PAP fighting so hard to kill all opposition.

Think they also have the fear of been exposed of some of their lesser honourable members backsides.

Like three thousands also want table tennis ex boss.

No one is perfect.

Anonymous said...

"Now one by one appeared in handcuffs and being prosecuted like criminals" unquote

They are criminals through and through. No doubt about that!

I hope the Chinese government continue the purge to every level, high and low. That will send a message to those lower down the food chain who benefitted from the corruption practice.

It takes time, but as the Chinese proverb says: To get rid of the grass, you must pull out the roots. If not, when the spring wind blows, it will grow again.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry. If Mahathir is arrested for whatever, he can always fall sick, like Chen Sui Pian, Arroyo and Suharto etc and avoid punishment.

Their children can still continue to enjoy the fruits of the money tree their parents planted.

Ocons said...

RB, Welcome to the World of the Mafias.

The more intelligent a person is the more cunning he becomes. If he is magnanimous, he uses his cunning for the benefit of others, for those not so fortunate as him.

If he is selfish and greedy, he forms a group of like-minded people and take advantage of those not so fortunate as them.

They flourish well during time of peace, stability and economic progress. That is why, since after World War II, we see the steady rise of the Mafia Elites all over the world.

You see them running the governments of the various advanced countries or in those countries where it is easy to make money, either directly or indirectly through proxies.

Their purpose of securing Political Power is to grow their wealth and influence as much as possible, either legally or illegally.

Their ends justify their means.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

There will be always a degree of corruption in a system where power rules, and absolute power rules absolutely. Forget about totally removing corruption from govt or business. The best you can do is catch a fucker now and then and make an example out of him.

>>Singapore’s political system is the best.

It is the best for Singapore (the cuntry) because it controls Singaporeans (the people). In Singapore, cuntree FIRST, people 2nd or 3rd or whatever. Can sacrifice people now and then for the benefit of the cuntree. No problem. Few people are concerned when someone is charged with sedition, or sued until bankrupt or exiled to Sentosa. The smart ones want an AWESOME CUNTREE where strict social controls are in to maintain the peace, so that the smart ones can go about their business doing business :-)

Singapore political system needs a strong person at the helm, a Benign Dictator. At the moment, the position is VACANT, no one seems to be able to fit into the huge shoes left by ex "horrible" person with the suckable oblong dick.

Whether a Singapore-type will work in other cultures is open to question. Political systems evolve OUT OF CULTURE. Singaporeans look for STRONG AUTHORITY from which they take their cues. Other cuntrees, someone like LKY may not even make it on the ballot.

>> Singapore’s politicians are the best.

Again, if you have no "competition", you can claim all the medals lah.

The politics in Singapore is RIGGED. No point complaining about it. If you value your life, seek ways of EXPLOITING such a situation to your benefit. Dun worry, you won't be alone! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ocons stands for

Organisation of the Confederate of the Neo Scavengers.

Anonymous said...

If you can have a political party staying in power for 50 years, yet there is a Electoral System, whereby a General Election is conducted every 5 years, and no other political parties can even smell a tiny bit of power, you had better think deeper and search deeper into the whole Political System.

Is it a really clean, uncorrupt and honest system?

If so, how can a ruling party consistently won 60% or more of the votes?

Is there any loop hole anywhere?

How come there can be excess ballot boxes lying around for months in a school, after the GE was over?

Who made and provide the ballot boxes and ballot papers.

Who convey the filled ballot boxes to the Counting Centres?

By what measures are the ballot boxes, filled with voting papers, prevented from being tampered with or switched midway while being transported to the Counting Centres?

Who are the people allowed to keep an eye upon these ballot boxes?

What happens at the Counting Centres just before the counting starts? How are these boxes identified and made sure that they have not been switched during the journey from the Voting Centres to the Counting Centres?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1052:

Sorry to burst the bubble from your very own hyper-active imagination, but really there is NO "grand conspiracy" out there.

The FACT remains: PAP has the majority support of the population. whilst not everyone will agree with the govt on everything, when it comes to the ballot, that is when rubber meets the road---the ONLY thing which counts in the political game.

The people get the govt they deserve because the political system and style of govt EVOLVE FROM THE CULTURE.

The PAP reads the ground rather well, and thus have the UPPER HAND when it comes to wielding carrot and stick on a day to day basis, but especially during election times.

This is no conspiracy. It is the application of several WELL KNOWN psychological and neurological principles, that's all.

However the CULTURE must first be in place for the manipulator to exploit and maximise an "advantage". Culture is your operating system. This idea was expounded upon by famous stoner and drug guru Terrence McKenna. (Google it!).

The PAP merely run "apps" on this "operating system"; the "apps" being command and control with the goal of social engineering. They've never hidden this fact, so therefore, there's no "grand conspiracy".

The majority of Singaporeans KNOW that their civilization is "designed" by a central architect and his team. And they LIKE it.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Ocons, welcome to the blog and the best political system in the world.