Tan Chuan Jin – Better to lie low

This is a comment posted in an article in TRE on what Chuan Jin said, ‘Minister Tan Chuan-Jin, who has been recently assigned to take over the Ministry for Social and Family Development from Chan Chun Sing, told residents at a community event yesterday (19 Apr) that the government’s work cuts across all constituencies, and all Singaporeans are meant to benefit from it, regardless of who they voted for.’ The comments following this post has reached 105 and counting. What is clear in these comments is that none of them believe a word that Chuan Jin said. Many were walloping him from left to right and reminding him of what the PAP represents and what some ministers had said and done to opposition constituencies. It is a pathetic effort to say the right thing but with no one believing it. It is worst when the listeners treated it as hogwash.

My advice to Chuan Jin is to talk less, I am not going to say rubbish, get out from the hot seat in MOM and enjoy a rest. Go carry babies and kiss babies like Chan Chun Sing did and lie low, lie very low and do not try to defend what is indefensible. Recently he has made several comments that were badly received. And the people were still furious why his ministry did not say or do anything about the IDA affair.

Do not say things that would spring back and hit straight in the face. It would not do any good to his poster boy image. It would harm him more and destroy whatever little credibility he has left. I must be truthful to say that his credibility is at the lowest in his short career.

If he does not believe what I said, I would invite him to read the comments in TRE. Please don’t waste time reading Reach if he wants to know the real ground feelings. And if he wants to do something during his last few days to salvage a little of the damage, go do something positive and serious in the IDA case that is burning across the social media. Everyone is waiting to see if he is real, if he is going to do something in the face of such an undisputable violation.

The ball is at Chuan Jin’s feet. Do something or keep quiet and get forgotten in MSF. Do not say things that will only enrage the angry mob that is rapidly losing faith in him.


Virgo49 said...

Getting desperate,go to Serangoon upper middle class estates and tried to win votes for the PAP

Aljunied got circuit road many tissue selling uncles aunties already eating porridge with light sauce

So prepare to lose more constituencies or become sit at opposition chairs for a change

Anonymous said...

"Very Eat Strength"!

The fake degrees and PhDs saga
are not only burning HOT in the
social media but at all corners
in Singapore.

It is now the TALK-OF-THE-TOWN!

Everywhere you go, people are
talking and discussing about the
fake degrees and PhDs flooding
the employment here.

Is the problem so serious?

Maybe Mr Tan wish to take this
golden opportunity to clarify the
govt policies on this issue.



Veritas said...

Every engineers knows IDA is a cesspool of politics. Their reputation is so fuck up that no one will apply, and they use the very high government job salary to bail out themselves.

IDA salary is really really good, but unfortunately their engineers are really really fuck up. Even good salary cannot attract talent.

When I was a school teacher, I question why is IDA paying NCS (who sub contract to IBM) a HTTP webmail with a capacity of around 500M -2G (cannot really remember the number now), for God Knows how much monies.

The IDA come back with a real stupid excuse.

In a seminar of implementing school Wlan, the IDA with Qala (a company) guy told us to deploy more than 20 AP in school compound for good coverage (there is only 802.11 abg then, and 802.11a is not even common).

I really get stunned by their stupidity question do they consider the issue of inter-channel inference.

The IDA guy quickly retorted in a very non professional way, challenging me that a school teacher knows nothing about engineering, dont talk cock. WTF.

I wonder whats wrong with our government sector.

Anonymous said...

Fake Degrees & President Scholars
Why waste so much money educating President Scholars?
No matter how they screw up, they will all go on to become senior civil servants anyway.

After their "A" levels and President Scholarship award ceremony.
Just buy all of them ten fake degrees and put them to work straight away.
Save time.
Save money.

Goh said...

I may not be a fan of Chuan Jin but how to trust site like TR.
I have got my views moderated many times when my views are seen as pro Garmen.
And those jokers can claim its a site for voices of Sinkies.I am a Sinkie and my voices dissappear there.
Pro Garmen views may not necessarily mean I must be a pappy but given for the benefit of our future .I may be wrong and anyone can debunk me.
Should have call it voices for dafts or the simple minded Instead.
How to trust social media. I very blur leh.

Anonymous said...

"Tan Chuan Jin – Better to lie low"

Why the hell should we pay million dollar salaries for a PAP Millionaire to "lie low"?
If TCJ wants to lie low, please resign first.
We already have a few instances of pregnant women who are asked to resign or are sacked so the company don't have to pay them salary while they "lie low" after giving birth during maternity leave.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> If he does not believe what I said, I would invite him to read the comments in TRE. Please don’t waste time reading Reach if he wants to know the real ground feelings.

Oh please lah. The TRE is essentially a "noise generator" of very little substance.

There is only one way to find out peoples' true feelings: the old fashioned "hard" way---put on the walking shoes and carry plenty of cold water to remain hydrated, and just fucking walk around for SEVERAL HOURS engaging people one on one.

Remember the cardinal rule: Never believe anything you read on the internet---and that firmly applies to mob-racacy vomit like the TRE---Singapore's foremost national embarrassment.

Another place where humanity goes to die is the YouTube comments section. If you are getting your "feel" from such places, you are indeed a FUCKING GULLIBLE IDIOT who will believe anything, just because it confirms your own biases.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of who they voted for?

This must be the first sign of discord and what we can expect following the death of 'dear leader'

But, on second thought, a joke is a joke is a joke.

Nah, the PAP can never change, will not change.

Change can only come from voters, if they want a change. But, nah, that is also wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

The only way to get a good ground feel is to put a boy in handcuffs and shackled his legs like a hard core terrorist or criminals.

No need to ask how his parents feel.

Anonymous said...

"The only way to get a good ground feel is to put a boy in handcuffs and shackled his legs like a hard core terrorist or criminals."
April 22, 2015 12:17 pm

This made me very angry.
But this seems to be the way Singaporeans are handled.
In my view, I believe Aliens who make similar remarks on the internet don't seem to get prosecuted at all.
Or if there is an attempt at prosecution, the wheels of justice seems to grind very slowly.

Virgo 49 said...

Now we have the Law minister saying that Singaporeans who whacked the foreign workers are sickening.

But not vice versa. Quick quick build more gyms for them to build up their muscles and protect themselves against Singaporeans or vice versa what huh??

If I say whxxx? Some sensitive mfuckers may made police report against me??

They are highly educated and oil behaved people you know

Virgo 49 said...

Think they the pimp and prostitute have a decree to their supporters and ball carriers to make any reports that talk ills of them.

kill the chicken to frighten the monkeys

b said...

"Political language... is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.
-George Orwell"

- They are trained in this form of language.