TAFEP – No job discrimination against PMETs, only misunderstanding

In the Today paper today there is an article ‘Allegations of bias against S’poreans top list of workers complaints’. But read the content of the article you will find the title misleading. All or most of the complaints about job discrimination against Singaporean PMETs are just alleged, not true. It is all a misunderstanding. The foreigners were employed and promoted because they were better and more suitable than the Singaporean PMETs according to Roslyn Ten, the general manager of TAFEP. ‘..many stem from misunderstanding and not from genuine bias’, and she urged the employers to explain to job seekers why they were not hired and not promoted.

This is in line with the findings by NTUC that confirmed Singaporeans really lacked the skills sets that the foreigners have. Singaporean PMETs should not complain anymore and should make serious efforts to learn from the PRC Chinese, India Indians, the Pinoys, Myanmese and all the foreigners why they have all the qualifications and skills sets that Singaporeans did not have.

Now that the truth is out, PMETs, please do not anyhow complain and spread lies. NTUC and TAFEP have confirmed you are NG. And please do not mislead Chuan Jin and MOM and make them run around like fools, even setting up Jobs Bank and FCF that are totally unnecessary and a waste of time and resources. Ok Chuan Jin, you can close down these two set ups. They are irrelevant. You have been misled.

Just to double confirm what this Roslyn said, and I quote the Today paper, ‘Reiterating that many unfair employment practices were largely due to miscommunication, she said clear cut cases of discrimination against Singaporeans are rare. “It’s really more of …perception,”’ What more can you say? No more arguments.

OK case close. No discrimination and please do not raise the issue of discrimination anymore. Two powerful pro Singaporean agencies and Singaporeans, one Patrick Tay, an Asst Secretary General of NTUC/Director of PME Unit and another, Roslyn Ten, a general manager of TAFEP said so. These are authoritative statements of truth, not misunderstanding or opinions.

Listen all PMETs, you deserved to be taxi drivers and security guards and stop complaining. As to our education system, how they failed to produce Singaporeans without the right skills sets is puzzling but not my problem. I am not paid millions to give you the answer. Thank you very much.

Singaporean PMETs are so lucky that the truth is out and now they know the real reason why foreigners are employed and promoted and preferred by employers. It is your fault. No more lame excuses.

PS. TAFEP stands for Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices. And when TAFEP said it is fair it must be fair. And when NTUC said you did not have the skills sets, you do not have the skills sets. Period.


Anonymous said...

To all Singaporean PMETs who have lost out to FTs, it IS you own fault that you do not have the right skill, not enough of the right qualification and experience to fill the jobs taken up by the better people from foreign countries. Just shut up and stop complaining. TAFED and NTUC have both said so. Please be content with security job and driving a taxi. That is what you are qualifies to do.

Anonymous said...

"...clear cut cases of discrimination against Singaporeans are rare. “It’s really more of …perception."

Agree. And since clear cut cases of discrimination against Singaporeans are rare, definitely it should affect much less than 40% of Singaporeans, tio bo?

That's why PAP could get 60% votes and queue to pay last respects to PAP founder LKY is so long. And this is the reality, not perception.

Anonymous said...

I think it may also be just a perception that PAP will lose more seats in the next GE, as compared to the last.

Anonymous said...

可怜! 真可怜! 只好认命吧!

可怜! 真可怜! 只好认命吧!

Anonymous said...

At least still can be a taxi driver. Lucky, some jobless!

Be a taxi driver in Singapore is not too bad.

My friend Michael, told me he could net net $3000 each month.

He is very happy!

Goh said...

Yes. Continue to kpkb and you will find even the privilege to become cabby and screwty will be taken over by foreigners .
Our towkays dun owe us a living.Good mean good. NG mean NG .Go contribute longer hours, work harder or take up 2nd job if money not enough.
Stop surfing net during working hour to look for cheap tickets for your next holiday trip or kpkb .
Towkay sure promote you.

Goh said...
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Anonymous said...

Sad that this comes from our own people. I have worked with Ang Mohs and Ah Nei, see nothing great about them except clever in telling lies.

Anonymous said...

With friends like these you don't need enemies.

patriot said...

With the Type of Leaders we have,

Sinkies need NOT go any UPGRADING


What's the Use of driving Class 4 Vehicles like buses and lorries instead of Class 3 like taxi driving.
To the Leaders, this could be 'Upgrade'.



Anonymous said...

I've had enuff of PAP's Yew-topia.
Just keep voting Opposition.

Anonymous said...

What a joke, having clowns as talents and traitors as guardians.

Anonymous said...

I used to worked in the mnc regional office in the past. Even the ang moh also no special talent lar. Their jobs any sinkie can also do provided u breach white lor

Anonymous said...

What is a Singaporean's best insurance against job discrimination?
Answer: More Opposition MPs in parliament.

Time to vote out the Traitors and Alien lovers in parliament.

Anonymous said...

Job discrimination against Singaporeans.
Can we thank Yew for this?
Is this a fitting Yewlogy and Leegacy for someone who hates Singaporeans?
Is this an unfair and untrue comment?

Anonymous said...

These two fools should be sacked. They are so easy to be conned by the foreign employers.

Virgo 49 said...

When you are leading rosy life with privileges, you will say all these discriminations are misleading.

Until, these misleading discriminations hits you, then you will shout discriminations

Anonymous said...

TAFEP stands for Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices. It is an alliance of three parties - the Government, employers and NTUC. If there is unfairness, what is NTUC doing about it? So Labour says there is no unfairness on the part of the employers; the employers are not going to shoot themselves in the foot by admitting that they have been unfair. And when the Government takes the line that foreigners create jobs for Sinkies, employers must have some leeway in preference for foreigners or else no job will be created for Sinkies.

The question is why are union members paying their union dues when the Government is such pro labour to the extent of setting up this alliance to ensure that Sinkies will have jobs?

Try Their Bite said...

"Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices is an alliance of three parties - the Government, Employers and NTUC." RB.

When the Government, with its Civil Service, Admin Service, Temasek Holdings, GIC, GLCs and Statutory Boards, is the largest Employer,

And NTUC is the Third Largest Employer, with all her subsidiary business organisations,

Together with all the other Employers - MNCs, SMCs and others,

The Tripartite becomes a deceptive pseudo name for the Gang of 3 Groups of Employers.

With this state of affairs, where do the workers stand?

They are definitely at the Mercy of the Gang of Employers.

Right or wrong?