Religious extremism – beware!

The words ‘religious extremism or fanaticism’ give people a very clear idea of what they mean today. And the minds would simply wander off to the Middle East, to Iraq, to Syria and some of the countries that are homes to ISIS and the Al Qaeda.

Over the last few days, religious extremism in a different form is showing its signs in the world’s most expensive and supposedly cosmopolitan city called Singapore. A young boy of 16 insulted their ‘God’ in a YouTube broadcast and was met with threats of having his cock cut and shafted down his throat. Another gave a mild threat that the boy could be killed. Just imagine if the two were to say these to an MP like burning him? This is no joking matter. Yes, religious extremism can crop up anywhere, even in a cosmopolitan city, and the extremists could be the goody goody boy next door. In this case they are not boys but supposedly ‘responsible adults’ with good connections to the establishment.

Were they saying or uttering the threats to a boy as a joke? There were many calls for them to own up, for the police to investigate and find out what was their intent? These should be serious enough for them to realise that if they meant what they said as a joke or a figure of speech, they should explain, yes they should explain, and come out clean, that they were misquoted.

No, there was no explanation, no apologies. The big question, is this a joke, a figure of speech or an intended threat? If not, then is this in the mould of religious fanaticism, that the believers felt so aggrieved by words that hurt their ‘Gods’ and they were really furious, filled with anger and hate? Are they planning to carry out their threats? Is the boy’s safety at stake? Should there be a clarification of their intent or have they gone underground, untraceable, gone to their equivalent of the middle eastern hideouts to lie low when the heat is on?

Religious extremism can come in any form when people are easily provoked or excited or feel wronged and are strong believers of their beliefs and their ‘Gods’. Do not say anything to offend such extremists. Do not take social security and safety for granted. Do not take threats for granted. Be very careful in what you say, even in blogs and in YouTube.

PS. I too was threatened and I have to take it seriously until the asshole comes out with a statement that he did not mean it. Wherever I go, I am still watching my back all the time. And if something bad happens to me, please remember this threat against me and get the authority to go after him.

Just hope no harm goes to Amos when the extremists are still at large and did not own up. Do not take an open threat lightly no matter how subtle it is worded. You do not know what is in their minds and what is the real intent.


Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, in the past, religious preachers also criticized other religions from their own, why got PROSECUTION from the Authorizes??????

They have the Religious Harmony Act which is supposed to curtail these extremists from creating further religious disharmony and yet what have the Authorities do?????

Even without police reports by any member of the public, they should have take action.

Need to have the religious leaders of those religions that they insulted to do the mediation and pacify their believers telling them to move on.

They do not mean it!!

What nonsense!!!

Have the Religious Harmony Act for what?? For Show???

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Speaking about causing harm to another person, or threats of harming another person openly cannot be taken lightly.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I disagree.

>> Do not take an open threat lightly no matter how subtle it is worded.

Actually, you can ignore most threats, especially if they are made online. People will say the darnedest things when they are in the privacy of their space, but connected to the world.

The person who is hell bent on causing you physical harm is not going to forewarn you. Chances are those particular individuals will present a borderline to high degree of PSYCHOPATHY. If there is one thing to remember about such individuals, is that they are expert at containing their emotions, and will never "announce" their intentions. They are cold and calculating, and STEALTHY.

>> You do not know what is in their minds and what is the real intent.

Please lah. No one EVER knows what someone else's true intentions or motivations are. Even if you are face to face and a seasoned professional, the best you get are clues to their "inner world".

Consider this: If there was a culture which supported and defended free speech, you won't get so many knee jerk reactions. Emotionally mature people will take online insults, threats and offensive hateful speech in their stride....and simply shrug it off.

Perhaps there will come a time when the kiasu-kiasi memes and the "lose face" trait will diminish or disappear completely from the culture. When that happens, culture will change for the better as people emerge from their hair-trigger emotionally-driven reactions, to more moderate and MATURE responses, even to the most offensive and hateful speech.

You say the slightest "wrong thing" in Singapore, and you get a disproportionate reaction from the "injured" party.

Fucking childish lah. Luckily as tragic as it may seem, it is also hilarious and wonderfully ENTERTAINING!

@ knee jerking RB 1019:

>> Speaking about causing harm to another person, or threats of harming another person openly cannot be taken lightly.

Yes you can, and should. Ignore them. Get the fuck on with your life. Haters are going to hate.

For fuck's sake, don't give them the pleasure of "terrorising" you and implanting fear and dread into you brain, causing you to have constant negative thoughts and live in an ominous state 24/7. No good can come form that lah...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. Many religions preach "love", "kindness", "gentleness" and "compassion".

However many of the so-called followers of such religions are often the most vile and hateful people you'll ever have the displeasure of encountering.

If you insult their "imaginary friend" or deface their "books of nonsense", all the love, kindness, gentleness and compassion immediately DISAPPEARS, and the completely opposite "nastiness" in every conceivable form appears.

Religions and the followers---best ENTERTAINMENT EVER! :-))

Goh said...

Discussing about this subject in blog is not a wise thing and the last thing that we should do.
Personnally I have no problem or tend to feel offended with those , including stranger who naively talk about my imaginary friend, though i feel it should be avoided.Luckily its getting rare .We have succeeded to certain extend.

Using threat on those who talk about my imaginary friend only shows how narrow minded one is.
There are many ways to handle such people.

My latest new oversea mei mei claim my imaginary friend and ancestors are.....

Who cares.Brought her to my hotel room to sleep for a night or 2 and gave her 'special counselling and treatment 'instead of getting annoyed and she now kwai kwai listen to me to treasure our Sunday off instead of trying to ask me to waste my time following her to her place for prayer .She now stop talking about my imaginary friends. We now pray and play in room instead of elsewhere. Different faith oso can pray and play together one.
See the effect?No need get angry one.

Goh said...
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patriot said...

Barking dogs DONT bite,
they usualky DONT.

The Quiet Ones do.
The Two Legged Species are worse, they bite without making noise and keep their killings secret or make them look like mishaps or suicides.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ agongkia 1245:

>> No need get angry one.

Sure, if one is reasonable, rational and able to moderate one's emotions.

You rarely find the "getting angry" part from Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, etc.

The ones most likely to get positively pissed and vocal are usually the barbarians from the 3 Abrahamic Faiths. They are ranked in ascending order of reactive hostility thus:

1. Jews
2. Christians
3. Muslims

To paraphrase from world-famous "attacking" atheist Sam Harris from is book "The End Of Faith" “religion is losing the argument on every front”.