Redbean Soup – The next best seller in the making!

I am half way through in the compilation of my book and have decided that the title shall be ‘Redbean Soup’. I think this is going to be a best seller with so many articles that are eye popping and jaw dropping.

I really enjoy the honour of having orders before the book is even written, a rarity reserved only for very established authors. And me only a blogger, not even a writer: ) Thank you for your faith in what is going into the book.

I am still talking to the publisher and targeting the book to be out by July. Hopefully earlier.

With the confirmation that the book will be published, I can continue to take orders now. Don’t miss out on this unusual best seller : )

More 'ang tau tng' serving.


Anonymous said...

redbean soup versus pea soup.
Pea as in Pea A Pea.

Anonymous said...

How about Redbean soup for the soul instead like that world famous book chicken soup for the soul

Anonymous said...

Redbean Soup For The Daft

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I get inspiration from Chicken Soup. Redbean Soup is also for the soul, of Singaporeans.

Virgo49 said...

Before the Singaporean Souls are been churned for reborn by the Hades Emperor that is now the current ruler of SIN city they are made to drink a CON cation to forget their past in building this SIn City

So, a daily partake of Mr RB 's Red Bean Soup is to make them not to forget their past contributions and not to lose their souls and nation to the Sharman of the current despot