PAP’s achievements in the last 15 years

Many people are very angry with the new PAP and like to compare them with the first two generations of PAP leaders. They claimed that the earlier leaders did a lot for Singaporeans and made life better. And the new PAP leaders all only know how to collect millions but ‘jiat leow bee’.

Let me put the record straight, and be objective, look at the real numbers, quantifiable achievements of the new PAP leadership. I just do it in point forms, short and sharp to show you how great are the achievements of the new PAP.

  1. In 15 years they were able to increase population by 1.5m. Old PAP with stop at 2, no population growth, a complete failure. See, clever or not?
  2. They created jobs for at least 1.5m foreigners with at least 500,000 in PMET jobs. Nevermind the few local losers that ended up as taxi drivers and security guards. The good thing is the 500,000 good jobs, some even being paid in the millions. Foreign countries are so thankful of the opportunities that they flew their national flags half mast when our leeder died.
  3. This one everyone can see, two world class casinos, beautiful and pleasing to the eyes, and very profitable by world casino standards, and provide very good jobs too.
  4. This one also everyone can see, world class and biggest aircon garden for temperate plants. Oh, one olive tree bears fruits. It’s a miracle to have olive trees bearing fruits in the equator. Great scientific feat and achievement.
  5. This one also cannot miss. The world’s most expensive under water stretch of road. How many billions, can’t remember, but know it is mind blowing.
  6. Another two great monuments coming out in Changi called the Jewel and Terminal 5.
  7. And 6 great world class universities, filled with foreign lecturers and foreign students on govt scholarships. In the last15 years, the estimate is at least $1b spent on these foreign talented students.  Dunno how much was spent on the foreign lecturers and professors. Small change, no need to worry. We can afford it. The old PAP where got the money to spend on foreign students and academic staff? Had to rely on cheap on poor quality local students and lecturers. Oh, they don’t guarantee you a job or that you get the right skills set to be employed after graduation. Not able to find a job is your problem. But you can boast of a world class degree. Hang it up in your bedroom or toilet if you got no office to show it because you can’t find a job with it.
  8. This one every Singaporean owning a property, private or HDB, sure happy. The prices of their properties are worth millions. Even HDB flats are worth half a million or more. Never mind when the leases expire the value will be zero. Happy buying and investing. It will last more than a life time.
  9. And a world class medical service that you have to pay world class prices, that is fair right. Nevermind if one is bankrupt after one serious illness. You enjoy world class facilities and world class doctors and nurses to take care of you. Think already shiok.
  10. Oh, another world class achievement, in the Guinness Book of Record that can never be broken, the world’s 30 or maybe 50 by now, the highest paid politicians in the whole wide world. A junior minister would be paid more than the President of the USA. Our PM’s pay is more than the combine salaries of the top 10 world leaders.
  11. This one is linked to the taxi drivers. We have the highest qualified pool of taxi drivers, mostly ex PMETs, many with post graduate degrees and management experience and war stories to tell. How to beat?
  12. We have the most mayors per sq km in the world. 4 in 770 sq km.
  13. A few million people from the 3rd World and 1st World countries have been made very rich by the PAP govt for the right to work in this island paradise.

Ok, I think the above is suffice. I could go on and on. The achievements are endless and it could fill the whole library if I were to list them all out. Now who dares to complain that the new PAP did not achieve anything, did not do anything good for the people. The motherhood statement, they are taking care of the people from cradle to grave, and they make sure the people will have money in their CPF for the rest of their lives and still got balance to pass over to their children and grandchildren. This one no bluff one.

Say thank you please, and be grateful. Count your blessings. And if you happen to be one of the abject poor, you will still be the richest poor in the world and would live a very good life. How much do you need? You want to eat in the hawker stall, food court or restaurant, just name it. No need to be shy about it.

They deserve another pay hike for a job well done. Worth every cent paid. Anyone wants to disagree with my findings? Anyone wants to challenge my conclusions?


Anonymous said...

Lee has really "gonged" you, the Singaporeans.
Lee Con You
Lee Gong You
I don't know which is true.
Or maybe Lee has truly benefited Singaporeans.
What is true anymore?

Virgo 49 said...

Created jobs for 1.5 million refugees but des placed 1.5 million sinkies into oblivion

That's for not obeying us

Anonymous said...

They deserve another pay hike for a job well done.

Tiok. If I were PM Lee, I will definitely give myself and my ministers another pay hike.

And with the strongest opposition party, the WP, still not ready to be govt, u think the 60% will dare to vote the PAP out?

Anonymous said...

Rb, thank you for opening my eyes. I used to kpkb and voted opposition without realising the good that pap has done. Hence I will be voting pap next time. Thank you once again.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon @10.59

Increment across board wah figures very hard to calculate. May take 56 man years.

Si, just promote the lot of them.

Just kook before the taps are turned off.

Anonymous said...

Heil Hitler!
Fark Yew!

Anonymous said...

Vote Yew out before the Leech King destroys more Singaporean youths like Amos Yee and Roy Ngerng.

Heil Hitler!
Fark Yew!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

All these "achievements" mentioned make for excellent propaganda for the PAP to blow their very loud butt-trumpet, and "oversell" themselves---probably their first mistake in the modern era.

However, one must respect cold hard facts, even though they may be distasteful and discomforting. the fact is:

The PAP's magnificence at manipulation and epic spirit of totalitarian influence is embodied in THE FACT that Singapore; the cuntry and Singaporeans; the sheeple are almost COMPLETELY ENGINEERED; both socially and physically.

The present cadre of young PAP have yet to integrate the "old school" small carrot and massive stick approach of Lee Kuan Yew. Not a single one of them is a "pai kiah" with hatchets and knuckle dusters, nor does any one of them come across as a psychopath who will sue or banish to oblivion any dissenters that posed a threat to the Supreme Authority.

Of course The Sheeple don't respect them. The Young Turks of the PAP must learn form their master: strike hard, not once but a few times and smack down the enemy so that he may never again rise up.

To this date none of these youngsters have used the ISA or defamation suits to wallop the opposition. What the fuck guys, are you a pack of softie mummy's boys and daddy's girls or do you want to run the cuntry with the iron fists you have yet to EARN?

You are riding the coat-tails of The Master. You have yet to prove to yourselves and to the cuntry and its Sheeple that you have the goods.

So wake the fuck up, you pussy-assed over-educated specky nerds. Get your fucking hands dirty, and swing that hatchet!

Anonymous said...

Wah! I just saw the movie "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor"
on Channel 5.

They buried all the Ministers together with the emperor when the emperor dies you know.
Damn good idea if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Much of the listed achievements were started or planted by LKY and the 1st generation PAPies. So don't complain. You all so happy to keep voting them for 60 years laio. Suck it all up and take it up your ass like a real Sinkie.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, you forgot clean water, good first class school, best transport, 6 * hotels, best public housing and the best of all a clean corrupt-free government. Surely you must be thankful for all these.

Anonymous said...

The greatest PAP achievement is to rule the Daft Sinkies for 50 years and counting.

The greatest PAP achievement is to import foreign trash to replace the Daft Sinkies under its Strategic Social Engineering Schemes to buy voters' votes. In another 20 years, even if all the Daft Sinkies voted against the PAP, there will be enough New Citizens to vote for the PAP in order to perpetuate its rule over the Replaceable Daft Sinkies.

Why? Because by being Daft and Sinkable, you are useless to the Cuntree and to the World. Your only quality is to complain (KPKB) and complain, but NO ACTION. You forgot what PAP stands for is ACTION.

Only ACTION will affect the People's ACTION Pa-tee.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am talking about the new PAP and their achievements in the last 15 years, NOT about the old PAP and their achievements earlier. Clean water is initiated by the old guards, many good ideas were seeded by the old guards.

Anonymous said...

LKY was part of the old PAP.
LKY is part of the new PAP.

patriot said...

Matilah Singapura calls it Socially Engineered.

Well done!


b said...

Whether one will praise or condemn PAP will depend on whether that person benefit or not under PAP rule. All politicians are self serving, kind politicians never really exist.