Naming monuments after LKY

This is about the most important thing to think about and to do today. The whole population is thinking of some ingenious ways to honour the founding father. And many great ideas have been mentioned in Parliament about naming this and that or erecting this and that to name after LKY. Of course my idea of a 100m Statue of Liberty, I mean Statue of LKY, at the Marina Barrage is not well received as no one seems to want to mention it. So far the thinking has been very positive and everyone is very high about this, like on drugs.

Before anyone gone too far overboard and over excited by this exercise, just consider for a moment about the not so savoury part. Think of assholes, yes assholes like Matilah Singapura and the likes of him. Think of what rascals like him would be thinking and what they would be contemplating and would want to do. Just bear this in mind before doing anything. Think security. Think vandalism. If these hints are not good enough, think of Ah Long, I mean the loan sharks and what they are famous for when they went chasing for bad debt.

I think by now people should have a good idea what I am driving at and what they should do and should not do. It is always good to think positive, but at times it is important to consider the unthinkable. Not everyone is head over heels about this matter. Maybe a better idea is to ask people like Matilah Singapura, to read his mind to understand what they may be up to and not to make things too easy for them. Yes, pay him a consultation fee, kind of learning from a thief to catch a thief.

Get it?

PS. Careful about the acts of God. Remember the Merlion? A little proactive thinking would go a long way.


Anonymous said...

No! No! No!

Your idea of erecting a 100m
Statue at Marina Barrage is a
very creative and fantastic idea
which will definitely attracts
further considerations by the
authorities or committees.

Wait wait. We shall see.

Btw, the govt must immediately
STOP any further "free-to-use" of
the LKY and LEE KUAN YEW name.

Otherwise, people may start to
use the LKY and the LEE KUAN YEW
brands freely on any thing they

Sincerely hope that we don't
ended up LKY here and LEE KUAN
YEW there!

It would then be a very SAD way
of remembering our founding PM
Mr Lee.

What say U?

Anonymous said...

1. Name one casino after LKY and the 2nd one after LHL.

Virgo49 said...

Thought when he was alive, he said NO monument to be installed for him??!

Follow the Hainan Sanya Goddess of Mercy
Facing the seafront

Here God of Mercy ot without mercy???

jjgg said...

RB..very simple solution la..lets guard the monument with a team of terracotta Gurkhas, SOs and a percentage of the mourning grieving masses. Instead of the Barrage, I would erect it at top of Bt Timah hill and those pilgrimers need to climb up a 500 step, 45* incline. There are evidence that such monuments can really put the country in a class by itself!!

Anonymous said...

Cardboard police contingent will come in useful.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

You can rest assured that the NECROPHILIAC COCKSUCKERS of Lee Kuan Yew will be doing all sorts of tasteless and tacky things to "immortalise" this pile of ashes.

You will see:

1. Notes and coins bearing his image
2. Commemorative stamps
3. T-shirts
4. Posters
5. DBS Platinum Card Lee Kuan Yew Edition
6. Navy will commission the RSS Lee Kuan Yew warship
7. All names beginning with "Raffles" will be changed to "Lee Kuan Yew": Raffles Institution --> Lee Kuan Yew Institution, Raffles Medical Group ---> Lee Kuan Yew Medical Group, Raffles Place ---> Lee Kuan Yew Place, Raffles Hotel ---> Lee Kuan Yew Hotel, Singapore Raffles Music College ---> Singapore Lee Kuan Yew Music College, Raffles Boulevard ---> Lee Kuan Yew Boulevard etc. etc. ad nauseum
8. SAF will issue knuckle dusters and tactical hatchets for close quarters combat
9. Botanical gardens will name a flower after him---probably an orchid "Vanda Lee Kuan Yew"

...and THEN they will also build monuments ;-)

Necrophiliac cocksuckers will be in heaven. Their precious IDOL will be alive and present in the culture and in the minds of all his adoring and still grieving fans.

Anonymous said...

the face of LKY on our $10,000 currency note.
With the caption "What's wrong with collecting more money".

Anonymous said...

Why not PAP government create a online university called LKY University?
All Aliens must pay $5,000 for an online degree from LKY University.
Then for sure we know all Aliens have the "correct" degree for the jobs they are doing here.

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew was no ordinary man.
He had good reasons to leave instructions on what must be done regarding his mortality and death. They have to be followed through. Trajedies will follow if there is any failure to honour his instructions.
That's all that have to be said.

Anonymous said...

The message is clear.

It is up to his children.