More fake degrees from degree mills exposed!

There is an article in the TRE claiming that a lecturer in Ngee Ann Polytechnic was promoted because of fake degrees from another degree mill. And the social media is on fire, people getting hysterical.

My gut feel is that there is no such thing as fake degrees. There are no fake degrees in Singapore lah. If there are the ministries in charge, all super talents and all super efficient would have nabbed them long ago lah. The few cases exposed they know lah. These cases they never count their fake degree lah. They allowed them to use the fake degrees only for fun, for personal interests. Trust the system. We have the most transparent and clean system on earth.

We have 500,000 foreign talents here working so happily. Many have been given PRs and citizenship some more. How can so many be fakes? If they are found to be fakes can be very ‘pai seh’ lah. Don’t embarrass people with all the false accusations of fake degrees.

Look at all the sacked PMETs driving taxis and security guards. They know that their replacements are genuine talents. If not they would not quietly and meekly walked away from the jobs when they were sacked.

Have faith that all the 500,000 foreigners here are foreign talents. Do not doubt our system unless you are saying it is all a lie. You better be able to prove it or you can be sued. Don’t anyhow say ok. Just believe everything is fine and in control.
Now we have Swee Say taking over MOM, if got fake degrees, he will empty them out for all to see. Swee Say sure knows all the tricks and he will poke all the holes and all will be exposed. Not to worry lah. I say again, Singapore is free from fake degrees. For so many years, so many millions came and gone, where got fake degree?

Our reputation of being super efficient would have frightened away all the fakes. They know they sure got caught if they come with fake degrees. How 1st world super talents be cheated by 3rd world villagers. It must be a laughing stock.


Goh said...

Wonder why my post went missing lately.
Please la.Many pmets got sack becos of their poor performance and not becos of other reason.
I still see many of them need to be replace but being overlook.Encounter a number of sales or contract manager etc who instead of trying to increase sales or getting new businesses , keep finding fault or complaining on our elderly security guard and cleaners etc.to show their colour.
Many are only good at polumpar but zero contribution.
Work hard to help your organisation grow and not kpkb when one lose his job.
BTW whats wrong to become a cabby or screwty guard.

Anonymous said...

With so many foreign talents taken in by PAP, of course cannot expect 100% of them to have genuine degrees what. That is not realistic at all.

And is it realistic to also expect 100% to vote for PAP in a GE? No, tio bo? If only 60% voted PAP, it is very good for PAP already.

So if only 60% foreign talents have genuine degrees and not fake ones, that is also very good for PAP already. Of course no good for some Sinkies lah, but if they are only 40% or less of all Sinkies, including of course new Sinkies, then still acceptable lah.

What do u think?

Anonymous said...

Rb, u formed the right conclusion. U tell me we have over 500,000 ft in pmet job. How many have been exposed as fake so far? Less than 10 lar. So the system is working well. A few exception is expected as no system is perfect or full proof. But the reaction on the few caught may be not so ideal lar.

Anonymous said...

Do The Right Things!


Another article on the talk-of-
the-town fake degrees issue again.

Are the fake degrees problems
really that serious?

Hope that the problems of fake
degrees are not widespread and
affecting the Singapore Brand.

We must protect the Singapore

SG100 depends on the it!

Hope that there is no one with
fake degrees operating in our
hospitals and clinics.

We must be very very careful!

We must do the right things!


Anonymous said...

To add of course many ft came in with degree from Uni of 551 and above but it is still a degree. Our own education institutions should reflect why we ranked so high but the graduates can not compete. Some more so hard to get in and charge so much. So it's a piece of worthless paper?

Anonymous said...

Eh Redbean, you underestimated the number of FTs lah. It's not just 500,000.

MOM considers salesgirl, receptionist, electrician, technician, nurses as PMETs.

Jobs not classified as PMET are maids, construction workers, general workers, grass cutters, town council sweepers, cleaners, etc.

Therefore out of total 2.2 million foreigners staying in S'pore, should be at least 1 million FTs.

Anonymous said...

RB's article is to close this subject lah. He said Singapore got no fake degree problem lah.

You don't agree is it?

Anonymous said...

Is it legal/ok to start a business in Singapore just to print and issue degrees and PhDs as a private entity without any linkage to MOE or local/any universities/institutions?

Seriouly, those jobless PMETs should consider this business idea. No harm.

If legal/ok, the demands can be pretty good.

Seeks legal advice first!

All the best.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is a representative democracy.
We vote for a person to represent us in parliament.
So who does PAP represent?
Singaporeans or Aliens?

Virgo49 said...

Fortunes turned round and round as what the Fung Shui Masters Said.


Just right on TIME.

The GE round the corner.

The Courts gonna be very very busy.

When the Opposition become the Ruling Government, we can sit back and enjoy the many many interesting and earth shattering cases before the Courts.

Or is it Sinkies too afraid to sink the sampan????

Anonymous said...

Hi RB. Out of the many FTs here there must be a few with fake degrees. This is inevitable. It happens it all other countries around the world. I reckon that most of the FTs who have come to work in Singapore are genuinely qualified. Singapore has a highly efficient system and I guess all who are given permits to work here must be properly vetted. Singaporean PMETs who have been replaced by FTs are obviously pissed. That goes without saying. But in this day and age, one must constantly upgrade one's skill to stay competitive or be replaced by people who are more efficient. Singaporeans who are around 45 to 50 years of age usually command high salaries. If their efficiency does not match the younger FTs who are cheaper, then for no other reason apart for the bottom line, they will be replaced. I would do exactly the same if I were to run a business. Why pay more by employing Singaporeans when I can get cheaper and more efficient foreign FTs???

Anonymous said...

Why pay more by employing Singaporeans when I can get cheaper and more efficient foreign FTs???
April 24, 2015 10:37 am

So why you set up operations in Singapore?
Why not you go set up operations in India and Philippines?
In India and Philippines, you can employ all the Indians and Filipinos you want.
In Singapore, you employ Singaporeans.
If you don't like it, please fuck off.

Anonymous said...

How many is a few? From countries of fakes, easily 50% are fakes. 500,000 means 250,000 are fakes.

every 2 one is a fake. A few?

Anonymous said...

It's time to kick out companies in Singapore that do not want to employ Singaporeans.
Enough is enough.
I don't believe Singapore will die without such companies.
I don't believe such companies benefits Singapore and Singaporeans in the long run anyhow.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Echoing what agongkia said:

Redbean is desperately trying to make the case of the structural employment in the PMET space being caused by foreigners with fake degrees.

It is this type of the lack of intellectual rigour which immediately gets a response from the govt as "internet noise". Correlation does not necessarily mean causality.

Here are some examples of spurious correlations:

1. US spending on science, space, and technology
correlates with
Suicides by hanging, strangulation and suffocation

The more the US spends on science, space and tech, the more people die from suicide by hanging, strangulation and suffocation.

Hypothesis: Maybe the spending of US on science releases "demons" which possess people and cause them to suicide.

2. The poorer the country people live in, the larger the size of human male penises.

Hypothesis: ??? (seriously, I can't think of one. You go ahead lah...)

3. Facebook caused the Greek Debt Bubble

Hypothesis: Govt central bankers spent all their time on FaceBook, thus neglecting their duties. is caused the govt and the people to borrow more and more money, because no one was paying attention due to constant focus and engagement with Facebook friends, their selfies and status updates.

Back to these mill -issued degrees:

These days, most employers don't take degrees all that seriously---because they know about the degree mills as well as the LOWERED STANDARDS in most tertiary institutions, who are all competing for the education dollar.

A degree---real or fake---simply gets you through the door. After that you perform or you get kicked out. No boss in their right mind would ever let GOOD PERFORMERS go, but they will replace the mediocre performers with someone who shows some "spirit" and willingness to work damn hard for low starting pay. Capitalism is globally competitive, and "The Game" is played for larger stakes now at a blistering pace.

If your idea is that "I am ENTITLED to a job", you will get one nasty surprise after another until (hopefully) your attitude makes a shift.

Everyday, when the world wakes up from a night of restful slumber, over 1 billion Indians and Chinese nationals also wake up and are ready to work 10, 12, 14 hour days, with an indefatigable spirit of bettering their economic circumstances.

If that hasn't yet sunk in, you're going to need a lot of luck to win the next lottery, because that is about the only hope you have. :-)

Got hard strivin' and hard drivin' spurs?

Anonymous said...

"Everyday, when the world wakes up from a night of restful slumber, over 1 billion Indians and Chinese nationals also wake up and are ready to work 10, 12, 14 hour days, with an indefatigable spirit of bettering their economic circumstances."
April 24, 2015 11:09 am

I don't care.
And if you like India and China so much, please set up your companies over there.
Don't come to Singapore.
And if matilah likes India and China so much, I suggest matilah goes over there too ... asap.

Anonymous said...

Eh marpok, why don't you say people died of cancer eat rice. So eating rice will die of cancer?

Bloody marpok pretending of be clever.

Now you know why uncle refused to reply or comment on your stupidity?

Anonymous said...

Should chase all these cheats out, including the fake Matilah Singapura. Remember he is a quitter but can't make a living in his new country so coming here trying to cheat on the people. Oh, oh, hoping for some free food from the rich old ladies.

Anonymous said...

It's time to introduce a new criteria for entry into Singapore.
If applicants cannot show how they will benefit Singaporeans, it's time to deny them entry.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Hey fuckers, keep the fan mail coming. I love it!

Try to bear in mind my mantra:

Living WELL is the best revenge! :-)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ wishful thinking 1121:

And if you like India and China so much, please set up your companies over there.

Lucky I won't take your insane advice. With any type of Singapore LLC, you can do a lot of things. Best place in the world man.

>> Don't come to Singapore.

Too late. I was born in Upper Serangoon/ Hougang, served my NS and own some shit in Singapore, as a very proud multi-generational Singaporean ;-)

I also know my LEGAL ECONOMIC RIGHTS which means I can conduct my enterprise any fucking way I like, which is in the typical materialistic Singaporean, who doesn't need your "permission" to be here.

You not satisfied, too fucking bad for you. My role in this life is not to make you happy, so go fuck yourself :-)

>> And if matilah likes India and China so much, I suggest matilah goes over there too ... asap.

I do. Wonderful places to visit, lots of cheap stuff and cheap labour to EXPLOIT. Yes, I'm into exploitation for my own extremely selfish benefit. And I'm quite good at it. ;-)

Living well is the best revenge!

Anonymous said...

Matilah teaches at a university which is a degree mill. That is why he is so free to spend his time trolling.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1042:

Actually I wished I OWNED a degree mill. Apparently the market is HUGE! ;-)