May Day Protest at Hong Lim Park – 1 May Friday, 4pm

Below are a few words from Gilbert Goh, the protest organiser.

‘During this labour day protest, we will be focusing on the fake degree saga and the unlevelled playing field for our local PMETs.

Our theme for the event is Workers' rights are human rights.

We are also glad to have Kenneth Jeyeratnam and Dr Ang Yong Guan from Reform Party and Singaporean First Party respectively gracing our event on that day.

William Lim from SDA will be the party rep for the event.

Leong Sze Hian will also be speaking on that day.

Five other ordinary Singaporeans will be speaking on that day.’


Anonymous said...

Alamak, Gilbert again? That loser together with Goh Meng Seng (aka madcow aka party hopper and quitter) who lost even to the most unpopular and hated PAP minister Mabok Tan during GE 2011?

Anonymous said...

HLP turnout will be around 1000 more or less. It will be another one of those meetings and then a few days later all will be forgotten. HLP meetings are nothing more than a small nuisance for the PAP. Nothing ever comes out of such meetings. Singaporeans will just show their faces for a few hours and then go for makan in Chinatown. Chinatown business will be good that day for sure.

HaHa, nothing ever comes out of these " so called protests ". The smart ones will be holidaying in Malaysia or Bali. Leave the losers to go to HLP.

Anonymous said...

My personal view is that it is true that nothing significant will come out from the next HLP protest. But I do know we cannot discount its impact on Singaporeans, no matter how small it may be. It is such tireless protests that could eventually turn away a tidal wave. The key point here is persistent. It will fruit one day when the weather is just right!

Anonymous said...

Just keep going at it. You don't grow a durian over a few months or a few years.

Anonymous said...

It will fruit one day.....
Anon 10:40 a.m.

Hahahahah. If that is the case, u are barking up the wrong tree for the fruit!

The fruit can come from the one and only tree, the opposition tree. Only when the opposition become ready to be govt, that's when it bears fruit.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Alamak. You mean there are still people around would want to burn a long weekend protesting things that won't change?

I must salute them for their persistence and passion---probably from a beer bar at a beach in Krabi or Phuket, getting a neck and back massage, post blowjob :-)

Mai pen lai! Sanuk dee!

Anonymous said...

To be meaningful, the turnout at HLP should be at least OK.....

crowd of 499 or so......small
crowd of 999 or so......so so
crowd of 4999 or so.....OK
crowd of 9999 or so.....maSSive!
crowd of 19999 or so....SHOCKING!

What say U?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1040:

>> But I do know we cannot discount its impact on Singaporeans, no matter how small it may be.

Yes, you can completely disregard the non-impact on Singaporeans. It's not even "small". The majority of people don't even know about the HLP protests, and those who do generally don't care.

>> It is such tireless protests that could eventually turn away a tidal wave.

Err... that has never happened, EVER in history. Because that is not how human minds WORK.

If you want political action to occur, there must be a noticeable cultural shift. I cite the 1955 Hock Lee Bus Riots as an example. The bus workers were striking against working conditions and pay. Slowly, then very quickly there was a cultural shift in the Chinese schools---when mere sympathy shifted to ACTION against not only the bus company, but also against the British who were allowing the mistreatment of workers to occur.

HLP turnouts have been in steady decline. Less people are showing up, ergo, that much-needed "cultural shift" in the general population or in sympathetic groups in the general population has not occurred, and as the data suggest, the "movement" is losing steam.

At some point, if you really want CHANGE, some kind of MASSIVE political action has to occur. And I doubt it will be at the ballot. Unfortunately, it'll look more like violent civil disobedience. Looking at the present dynamic, I seriously doubt this will happen anytime soon.

Lee Kuan Yew was very savvy: he seized on the violent anti-British, pro-worker, pro-communist CULTURE and used it to lead his PAP to power. Then he threw his buddy and founding partner in the PAP, Lim Chin Siong in jail. :-)

Anonymous said...

Protest and revolution today need not have to violent or marching on the streets. The shift in mindset and thinking will manifest hopefully in the GE.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1158

>> The shift in mindset and thinking will manifest hopefully in the GE.

Ha ha, you believe that ah? OK, tell me where's this "shift"? You forget lah...thousands of people queued up for 10+ hours to pay respects to LKY's lifeless corpse, and tens of thousands more at the Community Centres.

Sorry lah. I don't see anything which resembles a "shift in mindset". I do see a few PMETs and their sympathisers "bang balls", but "bang balls" ain't going to win any election.

Anonymous said...

The drippings of water droplets could cut through stone given time.

Goh said...

The whole world oredi know fake certs can be use to cheat the dafts here easily so no point wasting time as if Garmen dun know.
Those calling for minimum wage in the past will find themselves actually benefitting the foreign workers instead but doesn't know it will hurt our local and economy more when the time come.We will become worst .They still blur like sotong and claim its their credit when progressive wage are announced.
Still Erm Chai See.

Those trying to catch attention should gather those so call Pmets and tell them to work harder and longer hour instead .Or spent their time wisely bringing their parent or family members go outing.
Spent some money or go makan to help our own local hawkers.

Do not be a loser.Failed in business can try again.No need to discourage workers by claiming discrimination or whatever by their employers.
Workers right is human right.Then how about our Towkays.Towkay not human not Sinkie meh.
Go work longer hours or harder if one does not need this day to spend with their love ones.
Happy May Day

Anonymous said...

Everyday is May Day for me. Trade stocks, options, forex. US markets, a bit of S'pore mkt. Prefer US mkts as more transparent, more info, and more strategies. Play safe, earn average only $200 per day. But OK lah. Happy can liao. Also manage 1 rental property. Every month collect rent can liao. But sometimes tenant really asshole, complain this complain that. Need to spend some money & time to sooth them. Rest of time I read TRE, TRS, Redbean and other blogs. Happy happy I just write some shit & fuck PAP.

Anonymous said...

I'll be sending my May Day protest at the ballot box in GE 2015 by voting Opposition.
And there is nothing PAP can do to change my mind.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 124:

>> The drippings of water droplets could cut through stone given time.

Yes of course. A clean, "right thru" cut usually takes millions of years ;-)

It is interesting you use the phrase "given time". We are all "given time" and I'm sure you realise by now, it is not INFINITE.

The PAP are very "dirty" as political opponents---i.e. they will win at any cost, even by destroying lives. That is to be expected. Politics is a dirty game, if you are not "ruthless" you'll be eaten up and spit out.

JBJ died a broken man. David Marshall was "paid off" into exile so he wouldn't cause any trouble back home. Lim Chin Siong suffered depression and was suicidal under his detention...and the list goes on.

How did the PAP wallop these individuals?

By "stealing" their TIME. Time under detention. Time under imposed stress, financial ruin and just generally harder to live normally.

If you want to play the political game, you'd better have a CLEAR STRATEGY to win...win as in a no-holds barred zero sum game. If you don't, you will have consumed all that time---i.e. a massive DRAWDOWN on your "fixed capital"---TIME.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Enjoy Capitalism 623:

>> Everyday is May Day for me [...] Happy can liao. Also manage 1 rental property. Every month collect rent can liao. <

Ah...Living well is the BEST revenge!

Happy May Day to you!

And Happy MeiMei day to agongkia!

Anonymous said...

"It is so exhausting and unpleasant for average Greek citizens to keep hearing for weeks now that the country’s cash reserves will run out in two months, one month, next week, and especially when this is reported in a snide manner.
It erodes what little courage they have left after five depressing years of austerity to hear that bankruptcy will come, is coming, has come:
despite the fact that they suffered so much to avert it;
despite tolerating unemployment or under-employment or a meager salary because they were told that this is how it should be;
despite being blamed for their own suffering without any proof of culpability;
despite seeing their incomes decline by half or more;
despite seeing the health, welfare and education systems “reformed” into oblivion."


Initially I thought the author was writing about Singapore and Singaporeans.
Vote wisely in GE 2015.
Or the Pigs, Aliens and Traitors will bankrupt Singaporeans and Singapore.

Is this true?
Is this fair?
What do you think?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Fuck Greece lah. Since the 1800's they've been BANKRUPT and defaulted 5 times on their debt obligations.

The people get the govt and cuntry they deserve, and those arise entirely from CULTURE.

In Singapore the culture is more materialistic and money-conscious. Singapore has enough money to bail out Greece, with change to spare lah!

Anonymous said...

Red Bean,

THIS MATILAH Singapura seems to like your blog so much that he visits it everyday and makes lengthy comments everyday, not one comment but many, even to the extent of countering other commenters.

You should thank him for that. He is popularising your blog so diligently and religiously and some FOC.

Anonymous said...

Please lah, not Goh Meng Seng again lah.

How to impress the fence-sitters to switch sides?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Please, no thanks or gratitude is necessary. I derive much selfish indulgence and personal entertainment.

Anonymous said...