THEREALSINGAPORE 29 April 2015 - 2:04pm

‘Let us not forget the term FIXING! LHL used it openly at the 2011 elections, and found, to his surprise(!!), that it made him utterly unpopular. Can the inheritor of a bogus democracy, that is actually a dynasty, even get close to understanding, let alone rectifying this travesty, and move forward with the full trust of the people he supposedly promised to serve?! I think not....’


The above article appeared in The Real Singapore and many people must have been caught with their mouths open wide wide. Since the days of The Last Hero, the heroes today are relatively young in the likes of Martyn See, Roy Ngerng, Leslie Chew, Han Hui Hui and the boy hero Amos Yee. We have not seen a ‘lau’ hero for a while.

Oh I digress. Let me come back to Lim Kay Siu’s call for Hsien Loong to step down. Maybe I would approach this from a different angle. Singapore has very few talents, and super talents even fewer. Fortunately or unfortunately Hsien Loong is one of the few rare talents that we have. Unless we want to consider all the 6b people in the world to pick as our PM. Hsien Loong is pedigree, from a distinguished family of talents, first class honours and president and queen’s scholars. How to find such an impeccable family track record? This one did not come from Mumbai or Southern Pacific for sure. We all know that. No need to check. Real stuff, no fake.

And he has been trained from young by the founding PM of Singapore that happened to be his father. The training is personal and intimate. Many kungfu masters would not teach their disciples everything, and would keep a few tricks up their sleeves. In this case you can bet Hsien Loong would be taught everything that he needed to know. Unless he is a poor student that failed to learn, he must have learnt well like young Luke.

And he went under a second tutelage as Chok Tong’s favourite disciple, 12 years of training under him. No PM in the world has this kind of privilege to have tutors before becoming a PM. Many were novices, like his father and all the PMs and Presidents of a democratically elected system. Actually in all systems, other than a monarchy where the prince could be groomed to become king, all leaders did not have the skills set or experience of a national leader and learn on the job, OJT. No skills set means cannot be hired. Fake skills set also good when the employers can’t find one Sinkie with the relevant skills set.

Where else can we find another PM that is so well trained to be a PM? And Hsien Loong is working so hard to bring more growth so that every resident can benefit from the growth. And he has brought in the best team to run the country. Things can only get better and better. See CPF Life, Medishield Life, Pioneer Generations? It is premature to ask him to resign right? Everyone is so happy here. The foreigners here are even happier. Everyone is getting so rich, millionaires and billionaires. If one is not a millionaire it is the individual’s fault. We can even live with fake degrees from fake countries and everything will still go on running smoothly. Oops, there are some exceptions, isolated cases or happened once in 50 years, so no count.

And being the third generation PM there is a lot of pressure. There is a saying that fortune will not last through the third generation. Imagine how much pressure Hsien Loong is facing to make this belief not coming true? He is fighting against this ancient truism. Even if he fails, touch wood, it is not his fault. Fortune will go away in the third generation, nothing to do with him. He can be the brightest, and have the brightest team, but when lady luck is running out, nothing can be done. It happened.

So Kay Siu may be putting the blame on the wrong person. It is not his fault if the country goes down. It is fengshui, hope he does not touch the family house. And ancient wisdom said that what goes up must come down, and all parties must come to an end.

Take it easy, Kay Siu. We are in good hands. The country is in good hands. See. Where got problem? If there are problems, they are only imaginations or wrong perceptions. A little communications will solve everything. Everything is fine, just fine, fine, fine.


Anonymous said...

Kay Siu should ask all the Sinkie opposition parties to merge as one and be ready to be govt. And the problem now is that there are too many generals in the opposition camp, and not enough soldiers.

And if the opposition parties are not ready, then whether Hsien Loong step down or not, or what not, is immaterial for daft, suffering Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Very Very Very Very Serious!

I must confessed that when I
first came across this article
in TRS, like what rb said, I
was caught with my mouth open
wide wide.

Very Shocking! Very Very Shocking!

For this very very very famous
local actor to ask the PM to STEP
DOWN to STEP DOWN is very very
very very serious.

Wah wah wah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Virgo49 said...

Thought he is acting as LKY??


Sharon Aw, the papies carrier as Mrs Lee??

Anonymous said...

Very Very Very Very Serious!....
Very Shocking! Very Very Shocking!...
Wah wah wah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anon 10:23 a.m.

But is the Sinkie opposition ready to be govt?

If not, will the majority (aka 60%) dare to vote PAP out in the next GE?

If not, then why would PM Lee, and assuming he is still in good health, need to step down, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Sharon Aw even openly hugged KFC Tan during his PE rally in 2011!

That shows how close (literally) she was, and maybe still is, to the PAPies.

Anonymous said...

Maybe LHL will step down to become SENIOR MINISTER after GE 2015?
Then another 10 more years, step down to become MENTOR MINISTER?
Then another 10 years, step down to become FOUNDING SON of Singapore?

What do Yew think?

Anonymous said...

What do Yew think?
Anon 10:55 a.m.

Why not, if the Sinkie opposition is still not ready to be govt 10 years after GE 2015, and maybe even another 10 years after that?

Anonymous said...

What job title comes after Founding Prime Minister?
R.I.P. ???

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Amazing stuff. Brother Kay Tong is to play LKY in SG50 film. Oh the irony!

It'll be interesting to see HOW MANY PEOPLE support Kay Siu's RIGHT to express his own opinion, even though they might disagree with him.

Anonymous said...

The leaders of China - after Li Peng - undergo some decades of hard work with good results to get to the top. And all these are technocrats with solid on the job exposure from running a county, a city, a province or central gov. Sgp cannot come close.

Anonymous said...

pls lah.......
ask our pm to step down.......
our pm doing a very good job......
just look around you......
everyone smiling and very ok.....
don't worry be happy lah....
you only live once......
so enjoy your life to the fullesssssst lah......
this is what life is all about.......

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Article here

I can't say I disagree with him, at least on his opinion and on the facts, as he presents them. However I don't see how stepping down will "improve" things.

BTW, notice the beautiful bronze diver's watch LKS is wearing. That is a LOCAL creation by LOCAL talent (extraordinary talent), home-grown startup called Movas and they make simply dope mechanical watches. Who says Singaporeans can't take on the wold and meet the market in toe-to-toe competition? I'm ordering a watch from them.

The Dragon Dream Walker said...


I think you must be joking when you said that he must have learnt well like Luke Walker.

I think he must have been dreaming all the time when his father tried very hard to teach him all the tricks of the trade. Especially so during the time when he had lost his beautiful, loving and highly intelligent FIRST WIFE, Dr Wong Ming Yang. (Compared with her, his Second Fiddle Ho is a far cry, for crying out loud)

From my observation of his performance, 21 years as a politician and 11 years as Prime Minister, he had obviously bungled in many occasions in his speeches and actions. I would say he is more like the "Dragon Dream Walker" - more befitting of his performance.

I agree that it is time for him to step down, because of his health and for the good of our tiny nation, especially its people, the PMETs.

The second time cancer patient would have harboured extreme fear and anxiety of a relapse for the third time. I don't think he is an exceptional character that he would not have any fear or anxiety at all. This factor alone would make him unsuitable to be a PM who makes very important decisions for the whole country.

Secondly, I suspect some of the cancer cells or virus must have travelled to his brain and affects his thinking. That is why he has been behaving very strangely the last few years. E.g. calling for the PAP cadre to "fight for life and death" with the voters!

Thirdly, his father's death has affected him very greatly, both emotionally and mentally. You can see from his facial expressions, speeches and actions over the one week of national "moaning" (pun intended).

Last but not least, he has screwed up our Economy BIG TIME! By attempting to grow the GDP AT ALL COSTS, he is doing all sorts of untenable things to ensure money keep coming into the govt's coffers, so as to maintain the exorbitant and ransomly out of this world's salaries and bonuses and perks to pay all his yes-men Millionaire Mints and Top Civil Servants.

With the four strong reasons against his continued stay as our national leeder, he should if he is wise, graciously step down and make room for other more capable LEADER (not Leeder) in the National Interest as well as in the Interest of the PAP as an ailing political party. Eg. increasing of Fuel Taxes during a time when Oil Prices keep coming down, opening the floodgate for foreign fakes to come in to oust our PMETs out of jobs and livelihoods in order to collect more levies and more taxes.

I, therefore, would strongly recommend that the Finance Minister Mr Tharman takes over the helm. He has everything it takes to be the Best PM we can have of now.

By the way, I am also Old Bird, older than Pioneer Generation.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks for your view old bird. Today the PMETs that are 40 are regarded as old birds too and useless. They forgot that life begins at 60 today.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Old Bird:

Tharman is the smartest guy in the room. Actually pick any room, Tharman will be one of the top three smartest people. The guy is SCARY smart.

....but, he's no statesman. In fact, I see no staesman, or stateswoman for that matter. LHL is the best we have. Despite his "mistakes", he's actually not bad. I'd trade Abbot for him any day.

BTW, the Singapore economy is robust, and ok. Thanks in a large part to Tharman. Look around the world, we are doing not-too-badly---sort of the "best house" in a struggling neighbourhood.

Despite peoples' complaints about the lack of civil liberties, etc. when taken in the GLOBAL context, be grateful you live in Singapore lah. I'm grateful I have a good hotel to run to if I need to "act in my own self interest" ;-)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. I think the Aussie govt has learnt from Singapore. In Aust the equivalent to Singapore's CPF is the superannuation system (aka "super"). Now the govt is going after the people's super with taxes. It is a "money grab" pure and simple. Singapore style.

I'm calling a full blown Aussie recession within 2 years. Stupid fuckers are borrowing more money when debt is already so fucking high! (WTF are they thinking??) Next week---more money printing probably by central bankers, AUD might drop below SGD.

Any overseas Singaporeans in Aust, you fuckers better pay attention :-)

Anonymous said...

MS 2.07pm pls note...


如果新加坡不是天堂 哪里是天堂 ?!

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for the banking and finance industry to implode.

Anonymous said...

The American finance and banking system is now a concoction of American and Indian scam. Wait, mark my words, it is going to up up in smokes.

b said...

If PM Lee steps down, this small island will fall into the hands of some third world fake degrees holder hands. Sometimes, what we have may be the best despite all the flaws.

Anonymous said...

If PM Lee doesn't step down this tiny island will fall into the dirty hands of more fake degrees holders who become new citizens by fraudulent means. Then Sinkies will really be finished off. Don't need the Ebola Nurse from Tan Tock Seng Hospital to kill all of us. We will have to kill ourselves eventually.

Unresolved Grievances said...

lim kay tong act as lky

lim kay siu as lhl step down

buy me coffee

Kaffein said...

After being a pedigree, having first hand and intimate contact and tutelage with Father and Holy Goh, and all planned out scholarship, policies and infrastructure...

...and still fail?

No face to hide. Seriously, just step down.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 438:

>> We will have to kill ourselves eventually.

I'm counting on it ;-) "The sheeple get the cuntree they deserve, via the govt they deserve!"

✮✮ Toute nation a le gouvernement qu'elle mérite. ✮✮ -- Joseph de Maistre, circa late 1700's

From where do the winds blow?

Matilah, Singapura!

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