LKY’s legacies – The monuments to protect

Lee Wei Leng said the right thing. LKY is not about personality cults and monuments to be built in his name. There are practical reasons to consider too. Many founding fathers of nations were quite straight forward. Sun Yat Sen was impeccable or unblemished as a national leader. You don’t have Chinese nationals wanting to spit at him, urinating at his grave or paint graffiti on his monuments. But this is not the point. I think not only LKY will turn in his grave if a monument is built in his name. He didn’t even want his house to remain. Get it demolish.

The true legacies and monuments are the values he stood for, honesty, integrity, incorruptibility, the spirit of serving the people and country. These are the real monuments that should be preserved for eternity. These are time tested values that can last through the ages and no one can dispute their goodness. No one would want to spit at monuments made of these except when they are abused by people tasked to protect them.

And before his body is cold, the first two monuments are under attack and being discredited, ie honesty and integrity. Nobody cares about honesty and integrity anymore. Honesty and integrity can be compromised by fuzzy logic and silly people, very likely dishonest people with little integrity but not exposed.

Would any believer or disciple of the Oracle stand up to defend the values he stood for? Or they are still steep in wanting to erect a few pieces of masonry in his name that are likely to be just plain bricks and mortar or some composite? What are the real legacies of LKY to be protected? Are integrity and honesty not important at all?
Destroying honesty and integrity is as good as kicking LKY in his ass. Show some respect to the man for his relentless effort to keep this place honest, clean and upholding the virtues of integrity and incorruptibility. If these are to be discarded, what is the point of naming monuments after him? Anyone feel offended and obliged and his or her duty to protect LKY’s legacies? Anyone responsible to defend his legacies or want to defend what this man stood for?

Anyone brave enough to stand up to defend honesty and integrity?

What a shame. I think he is turning in his grave. Fake degrees are being worn like a tag of honour, without shame, in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Fake Degree,
Fake Talent.
Do you rule
out Fake Integrity
and Fake Respect ?
Shall we say there
is nothing fake in Sin,
Asia happiest country
according to MSM.

Anonymous said...

Tiok. Everything is genuine.

Virgo49 said...

The MSM through the years trying to cover all the idiosyncrasies, hypocrisies, so called maligned meritocracy,integrity and what t's balance that it is now over flooding
all -ALL dirties.

Plugging all the dykes with their fingers, thumps and toes and now all dirty linen gonna flow and flood all these hypocrites to DEATH.

Anonymous said...

I honestly believe we should not preserve the Oxley Road house but the Whitely detention Centre with its Blue Gate, now that's a true blue LKY legacy