LKY’s last wish – Think fengshui

With the public appeal by his children to demolish his house, it is as good as being done. The house in 38 Oxley Road would be gone. And given the urgency and efficiency of the govt and contractors you can bet that it would disappear as quickly as the Harry Potter waves his magic wand.
But wait, wait. Please do not rush into such a major decision without consulting the fengshui master. Maybe Hsien Loong has already done that then go ahead if the fengshui master said it is a good thing to do. I am no expert in fengshui, but to demolish a house or even buying a house or renovating a house, if one can afford it, it is good to get a second opinion from the fengshui master or masters.

This house in Oxley Road is no ordinary house. Anyone would tell you that it is sitting on a very auspicious fengshui location. No need to ask the fengshui masters. Just look at the wealth and good fortune it has brought to the Lee family! 3 generations of prosperity and good descendants. And don't forget the good fortune of Singapore. With such a good fengshui, no one in his right mind would want to touch the house. Many would not even do any renovation on it so as not to disturb the good fengshui. And maybe that was what the Lee family did in the last 40 years. The house is as original as it could be. There must be a very good reason. They can afford to turn it into a multi storey modern home with the flip of a finger. Money is not a problem. So you can guess the reason.

Now out of the blue the children are so eager and ready to get it demolish. Is the fengshui of the house changing and turning bad that it has to be demolished? If so, well, better do it fast. If no or not sure, don’t they think it is worth to spend a few dollars to hire the best fengshui masters, get a second or third opinion, on the expediency of demolishing it, to tear it down? You do not tear down a house of good fengshui just like that. That is what the Chinese believe even if they are not steep in the art of fengshui. Better be safe than be sorry.

What do you think? Is it a good idea to tear the house down from the perspective of fengshui?


Anonymous said...

But I thought there is a caveat? And that is, the house will not be demolished for as long as the only daughter of the late LKY, Dr Lee Wei Ling, chooses to stay.

So now it is entirely up to Dr Lee whether house will be demolished or not, tio bo? Or rather demolish at the right "fengshui" time as decided by Dr Lee?

So what do u think? Good fengshui caveat also?

Anonymous said...

I think it also depends on whether a Sinkie opposition leader announce that his party will contest 100% seats in the next or future elections.

If that happens, then Dr Lee may then decide to move out and the house demolished in accordance with the late LKY's will.

Anonymous said...

Say No More! Move On!

Fengshui or no fengshui, demolish
the house!

It is equally very very important
that we meet Mr Lee last wish.

Please, please, say no more, move on!


jjgg said...

Actually, its the Gurkhas that's the cornerstone of the fengshui elements...u remove the cornerstone??? It's like humpy dumpty sitting on a wall...hehe

patriot said...

Is the Bungalow still guarded

by Gurkha Policemen ?

Anonymous said...

Is this another typical PAP wayang?
Remember all the CON-sultation over whether to have the integrated casinos?
Then suddenly it's TWO (not one) integrated casinos that will be built.

I don't know what the end-game is over LKY's House.
Frankly, I don't care.
Why should I?
The decision has probably already been made.
And this is just another wayang or CONsultation after the fact to show that Singaporeans are being "included" in the decision-making process.

Anonymous said...

We should detonate a nuclear missile on 38 Oxley Road. Clean the filth & start with a new slate.

simple said...

the best fs is to hype up about the property and let the value go up and then sell it at a bonaza price

Virgo49 said...

You see, LKY let go in the wee morning of 0318 hours.

Accordingly to Chinese beliefs, he is a very unselfish man to leave all properties intact to his descendants even without touching a single meal of the day.

Got reported in an interview, He said to demolish his house when he is gone as his house is holding up further development to the surrounding areas which are prime areas. The house is already too old and needs major repairs. Also, due to security reasons of height restriction, this is a hindrance to further development
which can have revenues for Singapore to earn for its citizens.

See, what a GREAT MAN he is!! If MBT is till the MND, he will be rubbing his hands with glee!!

How many millions for the Treasury!!

Anonymous said...

As I see it, if LKY's house is preserved (i.e. gazetted as a historical monument), LKY's estate will obviously lose money.
If LKY's house is demolished, and a huge condominium is built over the land it sits on.
Then it would seem LKY's beneficiaries stand to reap a financial windfall.

The above is just an uneducated observation. It may not be true and is not verified by Singapore government.

Anonymous said...

Fengshui lasts 60 years or 5 cycles of 12 years. Time out for change?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> I am no expert in fengshui

Don't worry, you are not alone. There are NO "experts" in fengshui, not now, not before, not ever.

Fengshui is just another piece of ethnic-cultural BULLSHIT that stupid people believe and wish/ hope that it is true. Sorry you dumbshits, fengshui is a FRAUD, and you are suckers that deserved to be conned!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Anonymous said...

"HARD TRUTHS" is just another piece of ethnic-cultural BULLSHIT that stupid people believe and wish/ hope that it is true.
Sorry you dumbshits, "HARD TRUTHS" is a FRAUD, and you are suckers that deserved to be conned!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 214:

I agree with yewr cut and paste. Now yew know!

jjgg said...

Viagra works....n that's the only hard truth you'll ever need....)))

Hard Decision on The Hard Truth said...

The hard man had a hard life and he had used hard tactics and hard strategies during all his hard life time. He had made hard decisions and written the Hard Truth, and left in his last will a very hard problem (dilemma) for his children vs the hard life Sinkies.

TO demolish or not to demolish? This is a hard decision to make for Hsien Loong as a son and as a Prime Minister who represents the Country, in the National Interest, long term National Interest.

Hard man produced hard truth, made hard decision to give hard decision for his loving eldest son (the other two children are straight forward because they are only children, nothing to do with "In the National Interest".)

Why must it be like that kind, hah?

Anonymous said...

Fengshui turns or changes.
That's why great civilizations and cities became ruins. Even religious entity does not escaped from Fengshui Effects. Ayuthia, Angkor Wat, Borobudur had their splendour and glory.
Fengshui is more science than superstition.
Do not be surprise if you see fortune becoming great misfortune right before your very eyes.

House That Jack Builds said...

What is a house?
Be it Lee Kuan Yew house or anybody's house.
What so different?
It is just a structure of bricks, cement, sand, water, stones, and tiles.
What sentimental values?
When time has past, when all emotions are gone, what is left?

IMPERMANENCE Rules the World of Existence. This is the REAL HARD HARD TRUTH:

1. Birth leads to Death.
2. Youth leads to Old Age.
3. Health leads to Illness.
4. Rise leads to Fall.
5. Construction leads to destruction.
6. Ignorance leads to Desire.
7. Desire leads to Jealousy.
8. Jealousy leads to Hatred.
9. Hatred leads to Destruction.
10. Destruction leads to Emptiness.

A House is Just A House That Jack Builds.
It is Empty when no one stays in it.
It is Empty when no one thinks about it.
It is Empty when no one cares for it.
It is Empty when it finally collapses, due to lack of maintenance, old age or disasters.

What is a House?

Anonymous said...

Hi redbean
Some latest news on High Frequency Trading.
The USA regulators managed to get a few HFT firms to admit that what they are doing is wrong.
I wonder if there are any lesson for our numbskull Leeders in Singapore?

"Michael Lewis Reflects on His Book Flash Boys, a Year After It Shook Wall Street to Its Core"


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks anon 4:10. Will read and see if I can write something about it to stop the lie and the fraud against the innocent investors.

Anonymous said...

A house is an abode.
An abode can be the sweetest place with the most happiness and safety, home sweet home. The place closest to heart after the family.
It could also be a haunting place where evils grow and schemes are hatch. Then there are trajedies of family disputes and neighbourly quarrels.

House is not necessarily a home, it can be an investment.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans' Last Wish For LKY.
"Shut the fuck up already"

Anonymous said...

If really the house is good fengshui and demolished, it may demolish the good fortune of the familee. And it may destroy the good fortune of the country oso.