Lee Wei Ling: Lesson from LKY

“Let’s not miss the chance to learn the lessons Papa’s death taught us about ourselves,” Lee Wei Ling said in her eulogy to her father.
Calling Westerners “the white man”, she said, “Never be impressed by the white man who thinks he is superior to you. We are no less and probably more capable than he is. If Papa and his Old Guard colleagues did not believe that, they would not have fought for independence and built up this country.”

Lee Wei Ling should say that to her brother and in Parliament to help the super talents have some confidence in themselves and in Singaporeans, and not be worshipping foreigners like God. See the mad scramble to hunt for foreign talents whenever a CEO position is left empty? Take a guess who will be the next CEO of SGX. No prize for the correct answer. I think the decision has probably been made and it would not be a daft Sinkie.

The generation of founding fathers of modern Singapore was made up of men and women of confidence, who believed in themselves and in Singaporeans, that we could build this country into a better place for Singaporeans. And they were not proud men and women that were blinded by their pride not to accept foreign help. Foreign help would be welcomed when a situation called for it, not calling for foreign help in every situation. Singapore was practically built with the hands of the founding fathers who believed in themselves and in Singaporeans. Foreigners were welcomed to teach and train us at times when we did not have the expertise, not to take over and rule us. We learn to walk and to run on our own, not forever holding on to a foreign crutch. Talented foreigners should be welcomed to compliment us, not to supplant us and replace us.

Look at the present bunch and ask yourself if they believe in themselves and in Singaporeans? Look at how they tremble in the presence of foreigners, how they go gaga in the presence of foreigners, how they faint when a position is vacant and how they scramble to find a foreigner to fill it up quickly. Look at how silly they look in the presence of foreigners who could con them into giving them millions and billions to do whatever they want.

Lee Wei Ling must instruct them to read her papa’s biography, make it compulsory reading, and to learn from him about believing in themselves, don’t shrink or shrivel in front of foreigners, and like Heng Swee Kiat said, to look at the foreigners in their eyes, wear high heels if needed, classical LKY teaching. Actually it is about confidence and not how tall you are. Did they learn anything from him? Wei Ling, better be quick before they bring in another foreigner to sit at SGX.


patriot said...

Please DONT talk COCK.

If the Old Man cannot inspired his children and Proteges to be as ggod as himself or surpassed him, THERE IS NO NEED FOR ANYONE ELSE TO MAKE ANY CALLINGS.

Time to forget him and let's move on.

Cannot and should not stay in the Shadow of the Departed and carry a useless baggage.

Got to have the Talented Younger Ones to move ahead.

Majulah Singapura.


Anonymous said...


I used to quote......

Love Yourself Be Kind To Others!

How about this......

Love Singaporeans Be Kind To Others!

Seriously, after looking at the
massive massive Qs round the
clock outside Parliament House to
pay respect to founding PM and the
massive massive crowds along the
funeral route under heavy rain,
it is really time NOW that we
start to treasure and love

Yes NOW! We must treasure and
love Singaporeans!

Start a new national slogan



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The old man is no God and would not do all the right things. There were good things and the not good things. That is why many are still grateful to him while some would hate him.

Just like political philosophies, we must be able to shift out the good from the bad, retain the good and throw away the bad. It is childish to throw a basket of apples away when a few are bad.

In relationship, your friends would not be angels, they come with warts and all. I have friends from both sides of the equation, but would not discard them because of some differences.

Be unhappy and angry with the old man for the bad things he did, but be grateful for the good things he did as well.

Matilah Singapura is full of shit most of the time, talking cock most of the time, but sometimes he may sound like an angel.

Anonymous said...

Many are getting sick of the name.
Tv, radio, newspapers, facebook, internet, market, kopitiam and in the toilet, all lky and nothing else.
It is beginning to piss of many sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Lessons from LKY.
Enough already.
Get a life of your own.
You are not Lee Kuan Yew.
And there is very little that you can learn from him.

Better you learn to look after your elderly parents.
Because Lee Kuan Yew and PAP is not doing much to look after your old parents.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Like that I am going to disappoint you. I have a series of LKY legacies to write about.

But you are free to disagree whether the legacies are good or bad.

Anonymous said...

Yew mean Leegacies?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What would yew think?

Anonymous said...

"This is the basic structure for every financial Ponzi I've studied.
Either the adviser or the custodian were ultimately under SINGULAR control, or the adviser had some form of influence over the custodian.
And amazingly in the tsunami of reporting that followed the Madoff and Stanford Ponzi scandals, none I saw focused on this key factor."
Ken Fisher, author of "How To Smell A Rat"


Real hard truths to keep Singapore going.

Anonymous said...

Another deep cover exposed.

patriot said...

Dont know what Leegacy Redbean has found in the Old Man.

However, I do know that he had used up every possible ways to grow the Sin Economy and had to resort to the Vice Industry as the Final Engine of Growth.
And as if that is not enough, he imports cheap labours and his Son imports the Well to do to settle here. The Younger Lee has no qualm to have the Sinkies inform that he covets to have more billionaires to settle in Sin.

Supposing the Father and Son Team rule Sin for the Next 2 or 3 Decades, what do You think will happen to Singaporeans?


Anonymous said...

@ April 08, 2015 12:47 pm

In Singapore, who is the advisor and who is the custodian?