Is the out of this world minister salary worth preserving?

One of the most controversial policies of LKY must be the high minister salary that he introduced as a compelling must do thing in his time. He made such a ‘convincing’ case for it that there was hardly anyone opposing to it. The country needs the best men and women in political leadership. The country is so big, the job is so big, the salary must be so big also or else no good men or women who need big money to satisfy their ego would want to serve the country. Of course these were his assumptions. His other unstated assumption is that good men and women would step forward to serve when the money is there.

As usual he used Richard Hu from Shell as an example to push his case. He assumed that everyone was as highly paid as Richard Hu when they stepped forward. The policy has been in force for two decades. Let’s take a look at LKY’s assumptions for this policy and whether it lives up to his expectation and effectiveness.

Look at all the ministers and MPs and ask yourself a simple question. Are they the top talents in the island and deserving of what they are being paid, in the millions? If yes, good, the policy has served its designed purpose in getting the best men and women to be in politics. If no, why? Are the best men and women stepping forward or backward from politics despite the big draw in monetary terms? If not, why? Maybe the carrot is not big enough. Maybe politics is just not their cup of tea even if the carrot is blown up another 10 times its size. Maybe, this is important, good men and women do not think money should be the reason to be in politics.

Again, if the policy is serving its purpose, keep it. If the policy is not getting the best men and women into politics, it is like saying we are overpaying the lesser than the best men and women by the millions to go into politics while the best men and women remained out of politics. Which is which? I am not even dealing with the situation when the best professional in whatever fields, earning millions, turned into a political dud but still being paid millions for becoming a misfit in a profession they were not trained for or neither have they the heart and instinct to do a good job.

If it is not working, not attracting the best men and women into politics, should good money, millions, continue to be paid to the ‘not the best men and women’ in politics? Should this policy or legacy be reviewed?

Are we getting value for money? What do you think? I heard some giggling.


Virgo 49 said...

Morning Mr RB, just s cursory glance our DPM Teo is forming a committee or dept to reorganise past policies

or it our blunders and plungers??!?

Before the demise of our party


Anonymous said...

" ... should good money, millions, continue to be paid to the ‘not the best men and women’ in politics? "

This LKY-PAP policy should be continued.
We want Singaporeans to hate PAPig politicians.

Kaffein said...

Didn't Kee Chiu say it was never about money? Of course it's easier to believe that pigs fly.



patriot said...

I am not giggling.

I am waiting for the Infighting and Strife in PAP precisely because the Money is irresistible. What more with international celebrity status and recognition.
The Power, Money, Prestige and Privilege. Wow, just thinking of it had caused many princes in the Past killing each others. Some even killed their emperor fathers.

Anyway, it is only natural gor politicians to fight over power, especially on the Death of the King or Godfather.

Watch the Show.


Anonymous said...

Just Pay Pay Pay Pay n Pay!

When so many people are very very
willing to pay nearly $100,000.00
for a COE to buy a car, what is a
salary of $1,000,000.00 or

Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!

Just Pay Pay Pay Pay n Pay!


Anonymous said...

Dr Hu's case was that since he was earning half a million dollars in Shell, he asked to be paid the same amount. Dr Goh then said he got his Cabinet for $4 million dollars a year as 'cheap' The amount was paid out of the Consolidated Fund.

Now, those who were already earning a million dollars could demand a million dollar salary. But what about those who were only earning far less?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I am one "odd ball" who will consistently DEFEND the divine right of ministers to earn their outrageous, astronomical salaries---even if the entire cuntree was jobless and starving and beggars were killing each other in the streets as they fight over dead rats in order to get some food to eat.

>> Are we getting value for money?

What? Are you completely nuts?!? Of course NOT! . There has never been, and there will never be a politician or a member of the clergy (in any fairytale faith) who will ever be worth even the equivalence of the dried shit on a neglected public toilet.

Anonymous said...

I hope PAP's PM Lee will double the pay of all his PAP Millionaires.
It will be a populist move just before the General Elections.

Anonymous said...

Never give a sucker an even break.
WC Fields
The motto of politicians and used car salesmen.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1217:

You left out the first part:

You can't cheat an honest man

Anonymous said...

Another new govt strategic policy
unit is being created AGAIN AGAIN
in the PMO.


Anonymous said...

creating more positions to reward?

Anonymous said...

You can cheat a person (man) without the person (him) giving you permission.

Anonymous said...

The solution to a non performing PAP government is to create even more government.
Typical PAP solutions?

Anonymous said...

Someone said must pay them millions to attract top talent. But unfortunately, pay millions we still get monkeys who can't solve problems. Just one example, MRT train keeps breaking and no solution. We don't even need to dig out more of their incompetence.

Anonymous said...

"MRT train keeps breaking and no solution."
the solution is to hire more army boys to run the smallest MRT network in the world.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 751:

MRT Solution.

Brilliant! You see lah, dat's why I support big big money for govt ministers!

Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, the will set up more committees to solve them. If still cannot solve, then go to the world to hire some foreign talents.

patriot said...

They feel they are



I say pay yourselves whatever
You like. Just deliver Your Promises and stay honourable.