Instant Tree formula seeing the rot

Instant Tree was a quick fix formula and a very easy and effective way to solve national problems of not enough talents. It is a short cut to everything. No need to go through the long and grueling process of growing up, wasting precious time and money to educate generations of students and not knowing if they will turn out useful. With so much money available, the world is our oyster. We can buy all the talents we need from the 6b people out there. It is a very practical and pragmatic solution. It is very cost effective and very efficient.

The above mantra when put to practice means there is no need for many things. There is no need for schools and universities. There is no need for babies and children. Just buy them, bring them in.

The assumption, the people who bring them in know what they are doing, and have a little brain to know the difference between a nut and a coconut, a good talent and a poor talent, a real talent and a fake talent. At least they can tell, even without real academic qualifications, whether the person sitting in front of them and waiting to be hired has some brain in between his ears.

But there is a more fundamental question. If all the people and talent are to be bought, what is it for? Is it for the good of a small group of people to enjoy life and being paid millions and millions doing nothing? Who owns this country? Is the instant tree formula going to benefit the whole population or a small elite who think they own this country and the rest of the population are dispensable, use and throw?

What is this country for? Who is growth for? For the people or for the elite who hijacked the country as their own grandfather’s country and everything in the country exists for the elite? When there is no need to nurture and educate the people, when there is no responsibility to take care of the interest of the people, the population can be culled or sent away. The country then belongs to the elite who can buy all the talents they want to feed them.

The Instant Tree formula means there no need for citizens, no need to nurture our own talent, no need to take care of our very own citizens. When there is no country, there is no need for citizens. There is no need to know that citizens have families to take care of and need jobs and homes. There is no need to know about children that need parents to provide for them, needs the comfort of homes. When the state can get all its manpower needs and talents, there is also no need for children.

Is it meant to be like that? All the talents can be bought. No sweat.


Anonymous said...

And what is wrong with the Instant Tree Formula?
It works well and the economy is booming. People are happy and satisfied. The last election with 60% voters showing their happiness is an indication that Singapore is in good hands. The next election will be the same, maybe even better than 60% showing their contentment.

Anonymous said...

Tiok. With more instant trees voting, the old native trees will become a minority. Sure win one.

Anonymous said...

Please lah, instant trees are better than no trees in the long run.

It is just a choice of the lesser of 2 evils.

Anonymous said...

I think PAP needs instant brains liao.
Unless Yew are saying that PAP's Singapore only need trees, no need brains.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyah, please lah. The cuntree is doing FINE. There are many NEW citizens and many more coming online.

The "old" citizens have been very slack in their attitude. They didn't look after each other and themselves. They expected The Govt to look after them. They thought themselves as ENTITLED to "success" and became arrogant, egotistical, and over-valued themselves believing that "in a just world, their shit just doesn't stink".

So the govt, in their "wisdom", said to the people: "FUCK YEW! We're opening the borders to allow all manner of bad and good people, tose talented and untalented, to come in and COMPETE fairly and unfairly with yew. Yew better wake up yew're idea! We are sticking the spurs into yew!"

>> Is it meant to be like that?

Actually, the govt can go further and become more 'free market". There are literally BILLIONS of people who are ready to work, for anyone who offers them a job. It seems a shame to deny Singapore's entrepreneurs all that productivity potential, at a FANTASTIC price.

Cuba is now "free" thanks to Obama. Africa has been getting freer especially over the last decade. Many Africans can speak and write Mandarin. The aforementioned are only 2 cultures where there's untapped productivity. Teh Singapore govt. needs to REVERSE its position and OPEN THE BORDERS again...and then bow out and keep the borders open!

Anonymous said...

Singaporean gene no good. We need new blood. It is necessary. This is long term planning. Can only see the result in 30 to 50 years' time.


Anonymous said...

The same can be said for the government bringing in foreign MNCs with tax credits, help getting land, work permits which tax paying local companies do not get. Moreover, building contracts for iconic building typically goes to foreign architects and Korean builders which local companies, some of whom are better educated (think Oxbridge) and arguably understand local culture do not get either. Its a severe case of Pinkerton-ism and reverse discrimination, that every foreigner is well aware off and laughing out loud a the local guy. Think of late Manchu officials kicking local Chinese ass to please the white man in old China. You think you achieved independence? Guess what? The ex colonists are still in charge. Angmos/Japanese are still lording over you, still living large in bungalows, sipping high tea while the local guy sweats in their concrete HDB cage with hope that his children may have a better life. Dream on sharecropper.

Virgo 49 said...

See the ang mos in shorts and sports attires cycling and sipping high tea whilst you locals sweats your guts out paying for your million dollar HDB flat, hundreds of thousands COES for cars and doing your reservists training.

One fine example is Matiliar. They knew how to hookwink your foolish millionaire ministers with their fake con talks and degrees.

Also, just do a few drug runs and till cash ran out partying for next few years with the SPGs on tow.

When caught by any authorities, their Hundred thousands ministers will appeal on their behalf threatening sanctions and human cruelty grounds.

likely the millionaire rupiahs leaders ignored their threats and gunned them down.

Virgo 49 said...

Should be luckily instead of likely.

This also included the ah neys, pinoys who iur MIWs loved. See how readily our magnanimous ministers responded to any disasters anywhere deploying planes and men.

As for the fakes degrees fiasco, they will simply said isolated incidents and let's move on.

OR alternatively honest mistakes, staff been reprimanded and told to be more careful next time.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo 49:

>> One fine example is Matiliar. They knew how to hookwink your foolish millionaire ministers with their fake con talks and degrees.

Dear uncle, I must jump in to correct you. I know how to "manipulate" peoples' reality. But I don't ever do this by displaying fraudulent documentation. People already believe what they believe. Instead of trying to "change" their belief (a monumental and expensive and often unsuccessful proposition), I go with what they already hold dear in their mind.

Ever heard of wu wei, formlessness? Lidat lah!

You can't cheat an honest man. Since ALL people are dishonest at some level---especially with themselves---identifying that point of "internal cognitive bias" is the place to start to "manipulate" them.

Like you, I was born into and grew up in this culture where the govt manipulates people all the time. So it is up to every individual to try and "escape" from this brainwashing---but only if they choose to.

Up to you lah. Depends what you want in life. I want to PARTY! :-)