IDA fake degree case. Who is abetting the crime?

Nisha Padmanabhan, a new citizen employed by IDA as an Application Consultant has claimed to have a MBA from a degree mill called Southern Pacific University. IDA has replied that they employed her based on her first degree from a reputable university, Mumbai University. The issue here is the false claim of having a MBA that is equivalent to a piece of junk in her resume. Is this cheating, lying, is this a crime? If it is not, case closed. If it is a crime, why is there no action taken against the culprit, and who is supposed to take action against her?

When a crime is committed, in this case it is expected that IDA, the organisation that discovered the crime should take all necessary actions to terminate her employment and to make a police report. So far nothing is being done and the culprit is presumably still employed by IDA, standing for Infocomm Development Authority, a govt organisation, an authority within the govt organisation. Is IDA condoning the act?

Presumably a crime is committed. I stand corrected as IDA did not seem to think anything is wrong with it. So I am not sure if there is any wrongdoing in this case. And if there is no wrongdoing, please forgive me for raising this issue. What is a crime and what is not a crime, what is a petty crime, what is a serious crime, the whole thing is so grey that it is so difficult to tell. Really, it is so difficult to tell. Perhaps one can deduce the severity of this incident from circumstantial evidence. The main media does not think this is newsworthy, an indication that there is nothing to it, no crime. The Police are not taking any action, so no crime. Or perhaps the Police have not been informed or no one makes any police report, or the number of police reports is less than 20.

Ok, after my clarifications, and to protect myself from making wrongful allegation that there is a crime but actually no crime, lets assume that it is a crime, assume only hor, forging or making false claims on one’s resume and qualifications, the law and legal processes would have been activated and the law enforcement officers would be moving their butts, like the very serious case of Amos Yee when 8 officers were reported to have arrested him in his home and handcuffed him before taking him away. Looks like this case, if there is a case, is going to be a very minor case, a minor infringement of the law.

And MOM and ICA also did not say or do anything. Aren’t they the regulating and approving agencies for legitimate job seekers and new citizens in the country? Aren’t these agencies supposed to police and regulate such ‘minor’ infringement of our employment and immigration regulations?

Do I see that a crime has been committed and no one is taking any action? Do I see the exposure of a forgery or false declaration and the enforcement agencies not doing anything, or not wanting to do anything? My past experience in HR says this is a police case.

But of course, our law enforcement agencies are not sleeping. They are dutyl bound to enforce and uphold the law and regulations, and if something is wrong, a crime being committed, they will jump off their butts and act on it immediately. The Amos Yee case is a good example of super efficiency of the Police and the judicial system.

Can I therefore conclude that there is nothing wrong with this case and it is all a red herring, a wild goose chase? Maybe a minister would make statement that everything is in order and we should move on. Maybe some authoritative bloggers, with good connections, would say just laugh it off. Maybe someone would warn the social media and bloggers not to spread rumours.

Is there a case or no case? I am a layman and just wondering aloud. And to the best of my judgement, from all the circumstantial evidence and the silence from the authority, there is no case. Case closed. Let’s move on. No crime has been committed. There is no cheating, or no intent to cheat. Oh, for this last part, someone from IDA commented that this Nisha took the MBA from the degree mill for fun or something like that. Putting the MBA in her CV must also be for fun.

I have wasted so much time writing about nothing. Really, believe me, trust me. We are a rule of law country. The law is fair and transparent and efficient. What is troubling is, should a hypothetical situation like this occur: The person who saw a crime did nothing, turned a blind eye. The police supposed to apprehend the criminal did nothing. And the regulators did not regulate and allowed the crime to flourish. In simple words, ‘bo cheng hu’.

Who is the real criminal? Or who is abetting the crime?


Anonymous said...

My question:
A fake degree but it is not a crime?
True or not?
Is this another miracle of the PAP-Lee Hsien Loong government?

Anonymous said...

I think this is called the light touch. Or is it liberalisation, bo cheng hu?

Goh said...

If you are a no one even kuching kurap wayang actor can condemn you or your parent as if these actors are Saint. A divorcee who cannot have a happy marriage and a history of stomping on taxi bonnet and a lucky modern Seng who become popular not be cos of his acting ability but becos of his unusual look can be so good to tell whether its parent or child's fault.
This is the ugly side of Sinkie.That actress ah Chian is a total disgrace to my Taiwan for behaving and talking like that on a 16 year old.
Go ask that actor unusual AhSeng whether its an offence or who is abetting who.
They talk like they are professional in everything.

Virgo 49 said...

See yesterday Tan Chuan Jin's harden face on TV news: we take care of everybody even they voted opposition.

True or not?? Day by day as the doomsday of the next GE approaches, many of their past blunders start surfacing and they now feel insecure.

See the PAP MIWS now facing cameras avoiding eye contacts, they knew cannot fooled all the people all the time.

Sad that LKY' s legacy of an honest, efficient and unbiased rule gone to dust with these incompetence so called third generation nincoomps.

Anonymous said...

This is a layman's 5 sense opinion.

If Southern Pacific University is an approved educational institution, the papers it issues to its graduates at any levels should and must be valid.

If Southern Pacific University is a illegal organization, then why is it allowed to operate?

Is Southern Pacific University operating in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

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This business can be lucrative
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Of course, there MUST be
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Anonymous said...

"Sad that LKY' s legacy of an honest, efficient and unbiased rule gone to dust with these incompetence so called third generation nincoomps."
April 20, 2015 9:23 am

Alternative possibility.
LKY is nothing without his old guard team.
No man is an island.
The current 3G PAP Leedership were all mentored by LKY.

Anonymous said...

All the fake degrees are used to impress the silly employers and govt agencies to apply for employment passes and citizenship.

They must be laughing themselves crazy at the stupidity of Singaporeans for allowing them to get throught, get good jobs and citizenships and to fark the citizens, laughing at the citizens with legit degrees but no skills set.

What kind of farking country has this island become?

Who are the fools that allowed this to happen?

Anonymous said...

Virgo seems to overlook jigg's reminder to Redbean that Lee Kuan Yew mentored and controlled all the members in the current cabinet.
The 60+ yrs old are numbskull pap apologists and diehards of lky.

Anonymous said...

Actually she may have applied the job without buying the mba at that time and after securing the job apply for citizenship. So no crime was committed. If later she bought the mba from a legally operated entity and put in LinkedIn that is personal choice no cheating what Tio no? That is why no one is taking action mah

Anonymous said...

My past experience in HR says this is a police case.

Aiya, that's in the past lah. In the past, police wear shorts what.

Anonymous said...

Faizal Hedge: I am planning to apply a job at IDA. Heard you guys accept fake degrees from fake universities. Will get one and apply here. What positions are available at the moment?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jeanie Soon: Wow….IDA is indeed smart n implementing a smart nation with fake degrees. OK let me go buy a degree n what positions available? I will like to be the CEO of IDA. Am sure he is so smart so will buy PHD to beat him at his game. hahaha

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Xyresic Xyresic: Buying degree from Southern Pacific University nao!!!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

LYING is not a crime. In a study, it was discovered that around 60% of people tell lies in a 10 minute conversation. As a human, you are lied to around 200 times in a day, or about 12 times an hour (assuming you are awake for 16 hours), which is one lie every 5 or so minutes.

Lying becomes a crime only if you make a statutory declaration, or you affirm the truth when dealing with The State/ Government. Lying becomes a breach of contract if you've entered VOLUNTARILY into a private contract where in a limited context (as defined in said contract) you have to tell the truth.

For e.g. a marriage contract: you breach that contract if you have an extra marital affair and LIE to your spouse about it. Lying to you spouse's family or your friends about it doesn't breach any contract---they don't have a claim on you, neither are you required to be truthful to them.

Even FORGERY is not a crime, per se. It only becomes a crime in specific cases---usually when dealing with The State or the govt---like for e.g. forging govt licenses, govt issued identity like passports, NRIC, or counterfeiting the national currency.

You can frame and hang your fake degrees in your office. You're not forcing anyone to believe--they're just some pieces of paper hanging on the wall.

Whether this fake degree case is a crime will depend on the nature of the implicit or explicit contract between HR at IDA and the applicant.

Personally, it should not be a crime. The onus is always on HR to check, check and double check whatever claims are made by job applicants---it doesn't matter if they are "cleared" by employment agents. If you are hiring the fucker, then it is up to you to do DUE DILIGENCE.

Please lah, everyone needs to grow up. If there is keen competition, there will be attempts to CHEAT. That's just human nature lah.

Anonymous said...

Fake degrees and PhDs
had became the latest
the masses!

What a shame!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Dun worry lah. The masses tok cok all the time. Tok tok until pengsan, but nothing gets done!

As soon as something "sensational" occurs, the cok-tok begins. Examples form the past are: Anal queen Annabelle Chong, The National Kidney foundation business, Amos Yee, Mas Selamat, CPF, latest iPhone, latest COE price, blahdy-blah blah blah.

They are not called The Chattering Classes for nothing ;-)

patriot said...

Me in my mid sixties and had never feel that Lee Kuan Yew as the Chief of PAP and Sin had ever done Sinkies any good.
His killing of Nantah(Only Local Chinese University built by Tan Lark Sye), the Abolishment of the Vernacular(Chinese/Malay/Tamil) Schools and his Stop At Two(Birth Control) were all implemented by LKY to tge Detriments of the Local cum Ethnic Cultures of Sinkies making them into fake and pseudo angmos.
I suspect that the Above were done to decimate opposition to his hold to power without considering the long term effect and consequences.

Lee Kuan Yew next used Meritocrazy to further his grip onto power by recruitingand co opting PAP Supporters into his fold and made them into the Ruling Class. He made himself the Mentor of his proteges and those Old PAP Cabinet Members who were not supportive of his Schemes were discarded into oblivion and in the Case of Ong Teng Cheong, he was not even accorded State Funeral.

Today's Singapore is shaped by Lee Kuan Yew since the Day he became the Chief of Sin. He planned well ahead of time and his policies have long lasting effects, be they good or bad.

Though many oldies are beginning to see the Negative Effects of the Policies, many however are focused on the Economic Result of the First Three Decades of Independence and giving credit to Lee Kuan Yew for it. Ironically, the Grouses of these Oldies are mainly the High Cost of Livings and Huge Importation of Aliens which are All mostly justified by Lee Kuan Yew.

How the Diehard Lee Kuan Yew idolaters concile their grouses with the Man that caused the Problems they complain of is beyond me.

Is there a huge syndrome of bi-polar Sinkies?


Anonymous said...

'How the Diehard Lee Kuan Yew idolaters concile their grouses with the Man that caused the Problems they complain of is beyond me."
April 20, 2015 6:30 pm

religious people say 'Thank God"
LKY idolators say "Thank Yew"
LKY idolators live in Yewtopia.

patriot said...

I forgot to mention that Lee Kuan Yew and X-president SR Nathan worked for the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II.
How they are to account for their roles with the Japanese shall have to be viewed by the Japanese Imperial Army torturing, murdering, raping and plundering the Chinese Race.


Anonymous said...

The New Era has just been ushered in by Fake Degrees.

This symbolize that all that glitters is not gold. All the past glories some liars are trying to pin upon LKy are like Fake Degrees - only for fun, for show, to show off.

Infocom Development Authority is the Authority for all Information and Communication Developments in Sinkieland. If it said or implied that Fake Degrees are okay to have for fun only and can put in your resume to submit to your potential empolyers, then who is to question its Authority?

Sinkies should take it as an AUTHORITY, and all the PMEs who have lost their jobs to these FAKE foreigners turned Fake New Citizens, should alos go and get as many FAKE Degrees as possible.

I am going to start a Fake Degree Printing Shop in Sinkieland. Please place your order here. The First 10,000 buyers of my Fake Degrees will get another Fake Degree Totally Free.

In otherwords,you buy one you get one free of charge.

Two for the Price of One only.

Good offer or not.

Quick quickly make your order. Offer only last for 10 seconds.

Anonymous said...

I read the FB reply of IDA and feel that as an organization they should be doing their checks.....If they DO NOT do that....then all of us sinkies.....dooomed!!!!but thinking the other way lor...So many people have attained degree from SPU ...are all these guys putting it in their CV and profile cheaters??? WE WANTTO KNOW the bigger picture.....we need proofs.....

Anonymous said...

This woman must be super powderful. No minister dares to utter a whimper about the case. Who is protecting her?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ patriot:

>> Lee Kuan Yew and X-president SR Nathan worked for the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II.

Because you mentioned it, I was "inspired" to make:

Banzai Bitches!

Anonymous said...

Treason Or Sedition?:
April 21, 2015 at 1:27 pm Treason Or Sedition?(Quote)
1. Who were the Ministers for Education, Manpower, Trade & Industy, Health, Finance & PM The Past 10 Years, who fail to develop enough Local Graduates & PMEs to prevent FTs (Fake Talents & Foreign Trash) with questionable & dubious Qualifications & Education from replacing & displacing our Local Graduates & PMEs as Managers, Engineers, Doctors, Specialists, Educators, Ministers, MPs, Lawyers, Pilots, Economists, Bankers, Architects, Consultants, Hoteliers, Retailers, Crane Drivers, Ship Captains and hundreds of other Middle-Class Professions? Including replacing & displacing our local Aunties & Uncles with Aliens? Which other 1st World Country commit such Treason & Betrayal under e guise of “Globalisation, Productivity & Creating Jobs For Locals”??? Time To Wake Up & Save SG For Our Kids & Family:( God Bless…..

This is a comment in TRE. Things are going to explode soon.

khoon_lim said...

Guys...be rational....i read one post which is putting things in a logical way - quoting it below....

Albert Wong GUSSIE91

Most of the Senior Executives of IDA aren't Indians, there is only 1 Indian Director. So much for your racial slant. Google IDA senior management if you want to check it yourself.

I hope we all don't go on this witch hunt. Everyone makes mistakes, we ourselves to make mistake. The university that gave out that Master's degree was only recently uncovered, its not like this was a blatant thing she did. She could have been a victim too of this fraud by that University.

If this is really true, we are doing no good by harming our fellow Singaporean.....lets wait n watch!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...uhhhhhh.....actually true....do we really know for sure that Ms Padmanabhan bought the degree...before even before we go for the witch hunt?? why will someone with her profile need to buy and even if she did she doesnt look stupid enough to put it for all to see?? IDA is our stat board...and we shd be trusting their decision....IDA defending her is proving Ms Padmanabhan might not be wrong

paparich said...

Hahaha...u mean to say she clean n all of the ppl harping not true???cannot buddy no smoke if no fire........

Anonymous said...

Can Can. ..fire sumwer else n smoke here can....then its not called smoke...just haze...n it will die off. ...I am waiting to see when IDA finish their investigation. ..n wats the result.....anywey Mez betting that this new sinkie not at fault...I deal so many Indians. ..they definitely not so dumb leh.....

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Khoon Lim and paparich, welcome to the blog.

Why is this joker Albert Wong turning this into a racist thing? It is all about fake degrees. This guy got to get his head checked.

Just deal with the case as it is and stop misleading people into a racist rant. This is highly irresponsible.

paparich said...

Thank you redbean.

You are absolutely correct. No need to bring racial comments in here. Lets keep this blog more rational and not speculate on things in the air.

Anonymous said...

pls read this...

Not sure...but a rational post though!!!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Redbean:

You should say something about the SingPass system being hacked and compromised accounts used for apply for work passes.

You wanna talk CRIME? Hiring a foreigner with fake degree is not a crime. Having a fake degree is not a crime.

However hacking into peoples' accounts is clearly a crime.

Anonymous said...

The final verdict is OUT.....and as I knew it from before. ... Lady in question was CORRECT....read more about it here...


This is an example of FAIR SINGAPORE. ....and not a MOB SINGAPORE. ...clap clap....

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

One of my company's staff was sent to prison for fake degrees. Not a crime?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


In my opinion (which is what I write) it shouldn't be a crime. But that depends on the nature of the contract entered into.

Did the person who who was jailed affirm or sign a statutory declaration that the personal info they provided when hired was TRUE? If they did, there could be grounds for wilful FRAUD---which is a crime in all jurisdictions who claim to be governed by The Rule Of Law.

As I said, I write opinion. I'm am not a lawyer but have a good enough working understanding of the law to keep me out of trouble (hopefully).