How daft can the Sinkies be?

I wonder whether to call it legendary or comical that a people, well educated, well travelled, can be so daft to the point of idiocy. That is the daft Sinkie. They have the best education and training from very young, to attend the best and most expensive nurseries and kindergartens, best schools and universities, tuitions and all the enrichment courses only to turn themselves into perfect droids, can do anything if programmed but cannot think. Now the street smarts uneducated or half educated punks from the 3rd World countries are descending onto their little yewtopia and tell they are stupid, daft, unimaginative, not creative and no skills sets, and taking over all the good jobs from them, telling them they are only good as taxi drivers and security guards. And the best part, they did not protest, they believe it to be so. And their super talented leaders also believe it to be so and went rushing to the world to find a foreign talent for every CEO job that they no longer believe any daft Sinkie can do.

And when the govt told them to go overseas to work, they happily accept that as the right thing and the way to go. When they are kicked out from jobs at home by 3rd World conmen, they believed that are no good but good enough to go out to work to prove that they are good. Silly? Wait till you here me out.

The daft did not ask why they were able to build a yewtopia while the 3rd World fakes could not but are chasing them out and telling them that the yewtopia were built by them. Serious, this is what is happening. And all the silly Sinkies are preparing to go out and conquer the world, to earn less than what they could earn at home, and to convert these foreign currencies to lesser value when they remit home to pay for the higher cost of living.

They wanted to leave their beautiful yewtopia, a place where everything works with the push of a button, when their wives and daughters would not be raped or robbed on the streets, and they wanted to bring them to the 3rd World to risk being raped and robbed and even killed, away from the safe, predictable and comfortable home and city they built? Now why would they want to do that, trade their good life to live in the ‘wild’ and hazardous 3rd World? Because Lee Kuan Yew said so, the man they love to hate but they would listen without questioning, like the words of God. Or like what Jack Neo used to say, ‘Cheng hu kong’, or the govt said.

Should it not be that they go out to earn more, to bring home to live better, like all the 3rd World foreigners coming to their yewtopia to do? Why when the whole world wants to come here to earn good money and they chose to go elsewhere to earn less money? I can understand if they go out as tourists to see the world, to enjoy and experience the world, and if to work, to earn more and to bring home more? Everyone is coming here to earn more, to remit home and convert to even more local currencies, to buy big houses and land, to improve their lives. The daft Sinkies are going overseas, to earn less, to remit home less, to convert to lesser Sing dollars, to buy lesser things, to pay for affordable and smaller HDB flats.

What do you think? Daft or not? Got yewtopia do not want but want to go to rough it out in the 3rd World and risk being mugged and robbed and cheated? And to leave their yewtopia to the 3rd World fakes and cheats to enjoy, to have good jobs, and to have a good time.

Silly or not? Can daft Sinkies think? Or would they bother to think? Would they simply believe what the ‘cheng hu’ told them to do and blindly follow them like orders from God, must be good and the right thing to do? If ‘cheng hu’ were to tell them ‘chiat sai is good’ they will go and ‘chiat sai’ and even say ‘Ya it is good.’ No need to think, just do as the ‘cheng hu’ said.

What still want to go overseas to work, kee chiu? Please don’t argue about the exceptional few that could command a higher income overseas. The few are exceptional and should go overseas when organizations are willing to pay them more than what they could get in yewtopia and to compensate them for the discomfort and risk out of yewtopia.

Every good thing is happening in yewtopia, good jobs, good money, good environment. The whole world’s jobless and unemployed are coming here. Why are daft Sinkies going elsewhere when all the actions are here?

PS. A good example is quitter like Matilah Singapura. Ran away but die die must come back because the honey is here. Why would stupid Singaporeans want to go overseas when everyone wanting to make their millions are descending on this island?


Anonymous said...

It is very strange for a Great Leader to want to demolish his house, and deprive all others, except his own children and descendents, a peek into it.

Immediately, the first thought that came to my mind is:

Could there be something inside the house that cannot see day-light or be exposed to public scrutiny. What are the secrets inside that house that need to be protected so badly?

The next thought that came to my mind is:

Why, after staying there for more than 50 years, was he not happy with the house? Did that house caused a lot of problems to him and his dear wife?

The third thought that came to my mind is:

That house of his had given him good luck, brought the PAP good luck, and the people of Singapore good luck. Won't its destruction bring misfortune to his Descendents, to PAP and to Singapore as a whole?

The fourth thought that came to my mind is:

Won't it be a sheer waste to demolish it? He could have donated it to the State, to use it for the education of Singaporeans or to serve as a tourist attraction, or as a remembrance of him and the early struggles of the PAP?

The fifth thought that came to my mind is:

Why was he so selfish? Such action (of demolishing his house immediately), to my mind, reflects a selfish small man, as contrast with all his greatness that many people are talking about.

The last, but not least, thought that came to my mind is:

Is the house haunted with the spirit of Dr Wong Ming Yang, the First Wife of his eldest son who is the present PM Lee? She had died so young, in her prime of life. Is her soul still wandering around that house?

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace said...

You can write until the cows come home but the Totally Brain-washed Idiotic Sinkies have already turned into Dracula Disciples, after being beaten on their necks with fang-marks and injected with the Dracula's venom, which transformed them into another Dracula.

This is the exact happening after more than 50 years of being brain-washed, similar to North Koreans, through the State Propaganda and "Education Reprogramming" Machinery (SPERM).

In the Military, they called it Psychological Warfare.

The various means of subduing, suppressing and indoctrinating with subtle inducements together with gross inflictions where it hurts most at your pockets (bank accounts) are obvious - everybody can see them clearly, know in their hearts and minds, yet everybody simply turn their heads and dull their brains, to the extent of being Daft Idiots.

Even when the State (Communist Dictatorship of the Proletariat) is actively and aggressively replacing them with foreigners and New Citizens at the rate similar the Hitler Germany's attempt to annihilate the Jews and deprived them of their Right To Exist, they still sing praises and mourn un-ashamedly in the open public for the whole wide world to see.

Like Mesmerized Mice, the Daft Idiots simply could not do anything but wait for their fate to befall them, even though they already are aware that the final blow is coming in very fast and furious.

BUT don't worry about all that.

Because the whole wide world is watching, especially the neighboring countries.

Once the Daft Idiotic Sinkies are replaced to become a minority, the question of Independence arises. Once the Republic of Sinkieland is totally infested by foreigners, its existence as an independent state automatically becomes questionable.

Once that happens, Matland would have a legitimate excuse to claim back Sinkieland.

Or it would become part of a Greater Prosperity Sphere, known in the near future as ISIS (Integrated States of the Islamic States).

Nothing is Impossible. Only time will tell. Nothing is permanent.
The only thing that is constant is IMPERMANENCE!

Anonymous said...

It is unlucky to be born in Sin and worse to live in it.
Should avoid ending in Sin.

Anonymous said...

The biggest contest in the island is which million dollar minister or MP would come up with the best scheme to honour the found father. The prize is going to be worthy of the effort.

Virgo 49 said...

From young, already indoctrinated with their propaganda, that Singapore is PAP and PAP is Singapore.

At age 18, further indoctrination and boot camps, you obeyed us without questions.

We are the masters and you are the slaves. CHENG HU KONG SEE TIO AY!!!

Where got chance to let you think!

Sit you sit, stand you stand, cannot means cannot.

We recall you anytime to burn even your weekend. You want protest apply permit.




Anonymous said...

Cheng hu kong.
limpeh kali kong.
Same, same is it?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> A good example is quitter like Matilah Singapura. Ran away but die die must come back because the honey is here. Why would stupid Singaporeans want to go overseas when everyone wanting to make their millions are descending on this island?

Actually I'm a TERRIBLE example. I took the real, lazy easy way out because I am no "world-class beater". I'm but a simple PSLE beach bum, to I had to choose a "path" which in my estimation returns me the most "benefit".

I can compete with fat, lazy Aussies. I can compete with dunderhead "book smart" Singaporeans. In my particular situation, I can "win" in both cuntrees. Plus, as redbean suggests, quite correctly, the smorgasbord of international and MILF/ Cougar wide-open VAGINAS is well supplied and easily tapped in Singapore. :-))

Afterall, what's the point of working to make money if you cannot have readily available cheebye to fuck like a wild crazy man?

Thee are many more Singaporeans smarter than me, and better resourced. To them I say "go for it"---the world is indeed your oyster. Why hang around in an environment which although beneficial to doing business, can be stifling when it comes to free speech and individual expression? Take what is GOOD in Singapore, and discard the rest of the bullshit. Go elsewhere to meet those burning needs.

The fundamental rule remains clear: Don't believe ONE WORD the govt says. Their "plan" is to socially engineer the society. You "plan" ought to be to play the LONG GAME and give yourself the best life you can possibly achieve, according to your own self interests and plans.

If you frame the situation correctly---i.e. in your favour (fuck everyone else's opinion and the govt's plans)---you get a plethora of "free kicks" as a Singaporean. But the key to living in Singapore is to be able to consistently walk between the raindrops---i.e. avoiding disaster by staying within THE LAW, and not drawing untoward attention to yourself. i.e. be "low key" and stay "under the radar". Blend in with the Sheeple. Act like them, but never THINK like them.

FACT: No one hands you any medals or money if you prove that you have "balls" in Singapore. So if you write a blog about "police brutality" or CPF "theft", or put up a video about Christians and LKY being "horrible"---forget it lah. You will be cut down with hatchets and smashed up by knuckle dusters, then sued and possibly jailed. But everyone on the net will tell you that you have BALLS. Big deal lah, you lose.

The Edmund Burkian pith about evil prevailing when good men do nothing might be true if it your goal to "conquer evil". Good for you, I wish you well in your endeavour, and hope you use the jail time to educate yourself :-)

However, you can merrily IGNORE "evil" (there's no such thing anyway), even profit from it in some twisted contrarian way, and happily live your life seeking out and profiteering from stuff that will BENEFIT ===>> YOU <<===.

Use your BALLS and your BRAINS for your own lucrative private enterprise instead of being swept under political differences and cultural impediments which will confine you to labels and "boxes" which restrict your FREEDOM to be the best person you can imagine.

Your life, you'd better choose. Or the govt will choose one for you. IMO this is an "either-or" dilemma which there is no "middle way" (sorry Buddhists). You eventually must decide. "No decision" leads to the default position where the govt. will swoop in and take control of your destiny.

Anonymous said...

Yewtopia is only for PAPigs.
Just like LKY's House is only for Lee Family.
LKY would rather see his house demolsihed than to share it with Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 9.20am pls note......

envy you.......

you really (in hockkien) "Eat-Full-Very-Free"........

can come up with 6 thoughts......

something new, very interesting for reading lah.....

any more thoughts......


Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew will take Sin along with him.
He was the Founder and Owner of Sin. So, he has the Right to take possession of all his belongings.

Anonymous said...

In ancient China, when the emperor dies, all his wives and servants must be buried along with him.
Why are all you Sinkies still alive?

patriot said...

Sinkies are as DAFT as Lee Kuan Yew wanted them to be.


Anonymous said...

Latest findings seem to indicate that some who got raped actually enjoy the sex as much as the rapist. If that research is accurate by any degree, there is a possibility that sinkies may actually enjoy getting screw by their leaders.

Anonymous said...

Sin City is where the action is. You want to go and earn RMB, Rupees and Rupiahs, Dongs, Pesos?

Please lah, only a very few very exceptional ones can go to the world and find their pot of gold.

Anonymous said...

LKY's real legacy.
Daft Sinkies.

Goh said...

Dun be a toad living under the coconut shell .
Not every Sinkies can have the opportunuty to travel oversea and earn other currencies .
Do not think other cuntree are as bad as here.
You may earn lesser if converted to Sin dollars but look further on the benefits other than being a Lui Bin.
You can buy cheaper houses oversea, obedient wives and concubines, helping to produce many babies and big land to travel as and where you like ...massage, karaoke ...everything cheaper
Dun be a daft to think it is not safe in other cuntree just becos others say so.
I specially hang around those places in the late night hours specially to look for my you know what but never encounter any happening before.

Please la.if you do not have the courage to venture out dun discourage others.
Work oversea if you have chance and not die with regret resulting in blaming yourself to be born as a Sinkie or on the Garmen.
Here earn 2 K but stressful .One dies at age 70.
Oversea earn 200 dollar but simple lifestyle with plenty of babies or obedient mistresses and bigger house, you can live up to 120.
Life is not just about money.Others earn million cannot go geylang or hide here n there if they need or even pak chew c... at home.
You can have freedom oversea and do what you want and live up to 120.

Which one you choose.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Got Spurs?

or would you prefer hatchets and knuckledusters? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Founding PAPig.
What did he found?
He found it's easy to fool Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Honourable Founding Son says Sinkies can be very daft.
Honourable Founding son founded the smallest train system in the world that needs multi-million dollar government grants/bailouts in order to buy more trains and buses.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My apologies. I have deleted a few paras away. Let's not get too personal in what we post.

The Heart of Hard Truths said...
What did the Founding Father found?




A few irresponsible newspapers and medias, and individual idiots tried and still trying very hard to convince the world that he found Singapore.

(The hard truth is that it was Sir Stamford Raffles who found Temasek Island and renamed it Singapura and later known as Singapore.)

A few irresponsible and idiotic newspapers and individuals tried and still trying very hard to convince the world that he gave Singapore Independence.

(The hard truth is that he never wanted Singapore to be independent. He fought very hard for Merger with Malaysia, against the wish of the majority of the people of Singapore at that time (1963). It was Tenku Abdul Rahman the First Prime Minister of Malaysia who gave Singapore Independence by kicking Singapore out of the Federation of Malaysia because of his persistence of trying to turn Malaysia into a Malaysian Malaysia instead of a Malay Malaysia. Such actions suggest that he could have harboured the desire to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia, replacing Tenku Abdul Rahman, who was his good friend at one time.

Some irresponsible and idiotic newspapers and individuals tried and still trying their very best to con the world that he was the architect of Singapore's progress and prosperity.

(The hard truth is that it was Dr Goh Keng Swee with the help of the Consultant and Advisor Dr Albert Winsemius (a Dutch Economist) who laid the ground works and foundation for Singapore's economic and infrastructure development, progress and subsequent prosperity.)

April 16, 2015 5:20 am