Hope for another PM Lee

There were all kinds of mischievous speculations and troublesome remarks that there will be a third PM Lee after Hsien Loong. And the choice is between Hong Yi and Sheng Wu as the top candidate for the post. The grooming could have started and the ground being prepared. Chan Chun Sing was touted as another seat warmer to fill the gap while the two young men grow up and gain the necessary skills set to be a PM.

Most of these speculations and rumours were not well intended, a snipe at the possibility of the continuation of the Lee Dynasty. Ground feelings, as far as I know, is negative towards a third Lee as the PM. Somehow the thinking is that this should not be the case. A republic must not be turned into a dynasty and anyone would do except a Lee. It is not a case of how good the two young men would turn out to be. They have yet to show how good they are and to endear to the people. It is just a no no for a third Lee to replace Hsien Loong.

Wait a minute. Things are changing. Some were saying Singapore would be a better place, better governed, if Wei Ling were the chosen heir instead of Hsien Loong. She seems to have her heart in the right place. She could think simply and clearly, no silly nonsense. This is a gift that is likely to be inborn, to be able to see through the hypocrisies and pretensions of human beans.

Wei Ling is starting to endear to the people as a straight talking, no ‘bluffology’, no balls carrying kind. She said what she thought, pure and simple, right from the heart. Her latest comment on her father’s wish, not to build a personality cult, not to build silly monuments like the dictatorship of North Korea, is music to the ears of the people. It slapped very hard on the faces of hypocrisy and the unthinking and glory seeking, to want to flatter the legend and to look good and saying all the right things. In their scramble to be in the good books, falling all over one another, to build monuments to glorify the legend, they forgot what he was all about. And it takes a simple and clear mind, very exceptional when one is the daughter, with emotional attachments and sentiments, to say the right and proper thing, to fulfill the wishes of LKY. The man does not want a personality cult. Is that so difficult to understand?

There were some comments in the social media that Wei Ling would be welcome to join the opposition to do the right things for the country. And with here stature and accomplishment, I think she could be the one to bring the opposition parties together under one banner. And if she can do that, she would be the natural leader to be the PM if the opposition wins the next GE. She is the perfect candidate the opposition is waiting for. Never mind if she is another Lee. Never mind if she will be the third PM Lee, if she can do good instead of harm to the country and people.

What do you think?


Goh said...

Why must she join opposition.
I will raise my 2 hands 2 legs and whatever I have up if ask me whether I agree that we should have a lady leader like Dr.Lee.
I have absolute confident in her.
No need join opposition.

Goh said...
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Anonymous said...

Anyone can be the PM!

It is not surprising at all if
Hong Yi and Sheng Wu are both
interested to enter the political

It is perfectly ok for any of
them to be next next PM.

The parliament of the day will

We shall see.

Anonymous said...

There are so many capable Singaporeans who can be Prime Minister.
But daft Sinkies have been brain-washed to look only within PAP and the Lee family for talents.
Singaporeans are not worth fighting for.
Simply too daft.
Poor Amos Yee.
You did the right thing.
But you fought for the wrong people.

Anonymous said...

Another PM Lee? You have one now!!!!

Anonymous said...

My two hands, if Wei Ling, Hong Yi and Sheng Wu were to be leaders in this small country.

Anonymous said...

Lee Wei Ling can talk like that because she is not in the drivers seat. It is always easy when one is not the boss, talking from the sidelines, you should have done this, I would have done that.

Anonymous said...

Right, Singapore got no talents except foreign talents and talents from the familee.

Virgo 49 said...

Amos and all those who fight and fall for the wrong people. You should have known long time ago, sinkies are like cheerleaders at the side lines cheering you to your death on their behalf.

That's the way they been conditioned the last five decades. Survival for self first, no one owes you a living. Most impressive quote by our great leader fifty years old.

That's why some become so rich as they are the smart ones. Bang your heads like eggs against stones. Some sold their souls without blink of an eyelid. In the capitalist world,cash is king.

You fight for principles, for welfare of others, you must be daft so say our great leader.

Amita hood,

The final judgement when you are been pushed in the furnace.

Anonymous said...

Wrong. Singapore got many talents. Amos Yee, Roy Ngerng, Sylvia, Au Yong Syi Yi, CSM and LTK etc ... One of them is eligible to be our leader.

Who say we need foreign talents and talent only from Lee family ??

Lee Con You said...

It would be better to rename Singapore as


Then every LEE who has the ability to con you can be the future PM.

No need for General Erections.

No need for Voting and Buying Voters's Votes.

No need to Fix The Oppositions.

No need to Fix teenagers like Amos Yee.

No need to be told that the Emperor is Not Wearing Any Clothes.

No need for the Jia Liao Bee President, drawing more than $5,000,000 per year doing Sweet F O.

How Nice!

Kingdom of Lee Con You.

Anonymous said...

Sin shall be wonderfully AWESOME


b said...

I prefer one of the handsome boys of PM Lee. Anyway, does not matter who take over. Ruling elites everywhere in this world are all out to exploit the mass population.