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Below is an interesting post in TRE that should act as a warning on what is happening in the employment market. Oops, sorry, I should not say that. Everything is fine. Everything is so fine. Stop spreading rumours. All the foreigners working here are the best, with genuine certificates. Please read the post as a joke or some sour grapes trying to tarnish the reputation of Indian graduates.

I must say that according to my survey, all the daft Sinkies, especially the super talents, believe that all the foreigners here are genuine and talented and employed based on merits. And they also believed that the MOM and NTUC and TAFEP are doing an excellent job to block all the cheats from coming here. We have a clean record of employing only the real and talented ones. See, a few millions have came and gone, many are still happily employed here, some already citizens, and so few are caught. This is the best testimony that they are all genuine. You cannot dispute this right? This is the same kind of silly logic that no complaint means no problem. If no raped is being reported, then no one has been raped.

And don’t forget, we have super talents in charge and all the best regulations are in placed to keep the system clean and transparent. Sorry PMETs, you are no good and that is why you should become taxi drivers and security guards despite your degrees and diplomas. You are just not good enough. Do not blame on discrimination, do not blame the foreigners recruiting their own kind. And do not blame the foreigners for flaunting their fake degrees. Those are hobbies certificates, for fun only. They are recruited based only on their first degree from reputable universities, better than our world class universities. The same applies to getting their citizenships. No fake certificates were used.

Maybe you will stand a better chance getting a good job with a string of degrees. You know where to get the best and genuine fakes. Tell the employers they are fakes, for fun only, and the employers would love you for your honesty. You can get your quality fakes from the below list.

Company in India offers high quality fake degrees and diplomas. (Posted in TRE)
According to the site:
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The Alternative View


Anonymous said...

Be Careful! Be Careful!

Another talk-of-the-town article
on fake degrees again.

Are the fake degrees problems
really that serious?

Wah wah wah.... it is so easy to
get fake degrees. Really?

Where is HR?

Do we accept such fake degrees?

Frankly, I don't care!

I just hope that there is none
with fake degrees operating in
our hospitals and clinics.

Be careful! Be careful!

Anonymous said...

The LKY Memorial I'd Like To See
A photo of a young LKY hanging inside Parliament House.
With a simple caption underneath.
"Stop licking my balls. Go back to work."

Anonymous said...

So many foreign trash and new citizens in TRE defending fake degrees. One NMP also defending very hard. He must be representing the voice of the establishment.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Yada yada yada boo hoo hoo cry baby public emotional masturbator....

Eh Tambi, once it is on the net at a registered domain e-commerce website, it is no longer a "secret", and the product (fake degrees) are no longer "exclusive". You can even get a PhD for your pet dog or cat. If you are a wizard at Photoshop, you can do this at home.

Flaunting fake qualifications is fast becoming like flaunting fake Cartier watches or Vuitton and Hermes handbags---after awhile no one except the patently idiotic believes you, and you look like an utter fool who no one in their right mind will trust.

Any fool with access to high quality and resolution scanner and printer can make currency with their computer. You may not fool a bank or money changer with your counterfeit bills, but you'll still be able to fools a few stores and merchants.

>> This is the best testimony that they are all genuine. You cannot dispute this right?

"Testimony" is not PROOF, and therefore only unsceptical believing fools will not dispute claims based purely on testimonies or authoritative declarations.

Fakery and deception in human life is nothing new. And most of it is LEGAL.

All glossy magazine these days feature models who've been Photoshopped to "perfection".

News media puts together stories and articles which are often complete fabrications.

Diamond cartels like De Beers create false scarcity and play on peoples' emotions to send the prices of their shiny pieces of CARBON thru the roof, and make men feel "guilty" for not buying fro their women, and women feel "incomplete" or worse "unworthy" because they don't have a diamond something or other.

Human beings are easily fooled. If you know how, you can manipulate their "reality" and lead them into acting in ways which benefit YOU at their expense. Again, this "art" is as old as humanity itself.

So don't act so surprised lah when someone is caught lying. EVERYONE LIES at sometime or another. Most people never get caught.

Anonymous said...

the scourge of dubious certs/qualifications if found in the construction industry would have very serious consequences. The spate of crane accidents in the worksites could well be the lack of proper skills and experience req'd to operate the machinery despite the genuine certs/qualifications they should have before the approval is given.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


I think the crane accidents are caused more by a culture of "slacktitude" and corner-cutting by contractors. Also in the drive to build, build, build, higher and faster, the actual number of (tower) cranes is much higher than previously. i.e. more cranes, the greater the risk of accidents.

Don't know how much crane drivers earn in Singapore. In Australia crane operators can earn well above $100k