Hark ye hear the angel sings…

A new king born today, and in a corner across the world, another Lee Kuan Yew is born. His full name shall be Jeyaprakash Lee Kuan Yew, son of a bus driver.
Tamil Nadu is blessed with a new savior. Soon the three wise men from the East will visit him and shower him with gold and incense and kneel in front of him to pray for hope to his people.

And in the same town, a huge statue will be built in his name. Hope they will get the face of the picture right this time and not that of Tony. Someone please send them the right picture before it is too late.

PS. As an afterthought, the Singapore govt should copyright his name world wide to prevent it from being misused or abused. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

All because of CECA. If the CECA is cancelled what do you think they will do the statue?

Anonymous said...

Seems that the masturbating is not confined to Sinkieland after the death of the great leeder.

What is the purpose and moral of this story?

Anonymous said...

Not too long ago I heard a rumour that the statue of Raffles would be replaced by you know who.

I would not be surprised if in the process of the cult culture, someone in orgasmic trance may make the suggestion to make the story come true.

After all, how many among the younger generation knows who Raffles was and what he had done for Singapore? In time, Raffles will be, like Anson and Cheng San, be erased from Singapore's history, so what is the use of keeping the statue in his honour?

True Great Man Admirer said...

If I can produce again, and if I had a son, and if I wish to name him after a great leader, I would rather name him after the Great Deng Xiaoping, who was ousted three times and not only made a come-back but came back to reconstruct, build, move and made China what it is today.

Nobody in history had ever been ousted three times and came back to politics again to be victorious and well respected throughout the country and the whole world.

I salute to such a great man, who LKY claimed to have taken advice from him (LKY) but lagged far behind when compared to him (Deng).