God is forgiveness

I must confess again that I am not a Christian and I am not representing any religious group when I say God is forgiveness or things about God.  From the little I know, God is Almighty and can never be harmed by the words of a boy. And He is all loving and all kindness, with a big heart. God will have forgiven the boy for any blasphemous remarks against him. He is not petty. Any believer who is hurt by Amos Yee’s remark and disagree with my comment on the kindness of God, please feel free to disagree with me, a layman, and not a believer.

I think it would be a very nice gesture for the heads or elders of the religion to step forward to forgive the boy for his rude comments.  The magnanimity and kindness will be felt by everyone, by Amos Yee and his parents, that God is kind and forgiving. God will not be going after his blood for a juvenile rant.

So far I have not seen or heard any statement from anyone that Amos is forgiven. Maybe this boy’s words cannot be forgiven. Maybe this boy has said something that is unforgiveable.

Is there anything that is unforgiveable? I have written a few articles about forgiving and I also said that there are times when it is not right to forgive when the attacker is not a child but a smart ass and doing harm to others for selfish reasons and consciously knowing the harm he is causing to the victim. The vicious intent to do harm to promote one’s selfish cause is an entirely different ballgame.

I think Amos Yee, due to his tender age, does not fit into the category of assholes that should not be forgiven.  Not forgiving an asshole is not to encourage him to continue to be an asshole and enjoying it. 



Anonymous said...

Is LKY a Singapore God?
Is "Hard Truths" the Bible & state religion for PAPigs to follow?
Is PAP the church?
If "yes", then who is the high priest who will have power to forgive Amos Yee?

Anonymous said...

"If I have to shoot 200,000 students to save China from another 100 years of disorder, so be it."
- Lee Kuan Yew endorsing the Tiananmen massacre, Straits Times, 17 August 2004


Tan ku ku.

Anonymous said...

I feel so safe from the likes of dangerous terrorists like Amos Yee.
Now where was everybody when Mas Selamat was running around?

Anonymous said...

可怜! 真可怜!

大事化小事 小事化無事!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Every god in every belief system is a CUNT.

Why not? This invisible non-entity is supposedly the most powerful, the all knowing, ever-present, shithead with serious anger-issues...so if he lashes out now and then and kills a few million babies in Africa with AIDS, to me, it is quite understandable lah.

To be "forgiven" you first must be guilty of doing something WRONG. Amos Yee did nothing wrong. He just uttered some sounds. People had to make meaning of those "sounds" in their individual brains.

"Blasphemy" is one of the most fucked up ideas and has no place in our science-based, culturally diverse times. "Blasphemy" is the idea that some INVISIBLE, UNPROVABLE, "imaginary friend" and "sky fairy" has certain "rights" against people talking shit about him/ her. WHAT, THE FUCK?!?.

If I talked shit about Superman, Batman or Harry Potter, and some people reported me to the Police, the police would call up the mental hospital to pick these folks up. However if I made even the slightest comment against jeezus, his mum, or mo HAM mad, I could be executed in certain cuntrees and would be facing court in a place like Singapore. Blasphemy gives RIGHTS to certain IDEAS---this is pure idiocy and makes no sense whatsoever. People need rights. Ideas have no rights at all.

International Blasphemy Day falls on Sept 30 every year. I wish more people would celebrate it.

Happy Sunday folks. Fuck your gods, and if you let jeezus come into you, make sure he wears a condom!

Anonymous said...

Is there more to it than meets the eye for this boy Amos Yee?

Does the authorities (aka PAP govt) know more and better about Amos than we Sinkies and netizens like RB know?

And I think the PAP govt should know better lah. Or else how could they have won big every election and voted in to become a strong govt, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

'If I talked shit about Superman, Batman or Harry Potter, and some people reported me to the Police, the police would call up the mental hospital to pick these folks up.'

You are partially right. They will do that in the US.

In Sin City, they will take it very seriously. No thinking required. They may even handcuff you.

virgo49 said...

Thought they always say, give them your Right if kena slap in the left????

Also, their loving GOD will even saved any sinners if they just believe in HIM...HE is merciful.

What's happening now???

Not only go for a pound of flesh, wants the body of boy boy to be decimated.

Last time, their own leaders as preachers and adults critized other religions as non believers worshipping devils and satans and get forgiveness from the leaders of the other religions straight away.


Demise of Sinkapore said...

Aiyah, Uncle Red Bean, you forgotten the saying:


The God, which ever or whoever, is only going to help those who CAN help themselves.

For those who cannot or are unwilling to help themselves, it is just too bad.

If Amos Yee's parents do not even want to help their own child, who want to help them to help their child?

The attitude and behaviour of Amos Yee's parents clearly show us what and how Amos Yee had gone through during his childhood.

In order to save this child, there should be a group of kind-hearted people to come together to organise, fund and give direction as to how to cultivate, guide and nurture this brilliant child to become someone useful to our society in the future.

If properly guided, this brilliant child would become one to the top leaders in society. This is my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

Hope everyone can contribute generously to Amos:

Donation to Amos Yee Pang Sang
POSB # 124-91889-8
OCBC # 656-9-110387

Paypal account: brainandbutter@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

The latest police report against Amos was lodged by an Indian Singaporean. From what I observe, most Indians are Hindus or other religion not Christianity. Perhaps there may be 10% who are Christians.

Does anybody know whether this particular guy is a Christian? Because it would be incredibly absurd if a non-Christian lodges a complaint on a perceived offense against Christianity.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


No, it is not absurd. This is another problem with anti-blasphemy laws---the law is such that ANYONE has the right to make a complaint. It is not limited to just the religious.

All you have to do is to say that you find such and such "offensive", and the cops will act, as they have NO CHOICE. Their job is to enforce the law, even if the law itself is unjust or just plain STUPID.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. A person's ethnicity does not automatically tell you their religion. There are white people who are Hindu. There are Malays and Jews who are christian. Can't tell lah.

Anonymous said...

Read so many hate postings in TRE against this boy. And the haters are either politically connected or the goody God fearing believers.

What hypocrisy! Bullying a boy in the name of God and god.