From foreign students to PR to citizenship

Responding to Png Eng Huat’s query on the number of foreign students taking up PR and citizenship, Iswaran was reported to have said ‘that about 7,000 foreign students at the secondary and junior college levels became permanent residents between 2001 and last year on their own merits. Of the 7,000, about 840 of them or 12 per cent subsequently took up citizenship’

Let’s look at the numbers more intimately. In 14 years, from 2001 to 2014, 7000 students became PR and 840 took up citizenship. These mean that 500 students became PR and 60 took up citizenship yearly for the same period. Not every encouraging right?

Another question to ask, presuming that all of them were on govt scholarships, how many of them were here during these 14 years and how much were spent on them using taxpayers’ money. These numbers would help to work out how much it cost to get one PR or one citizen. Then maybe the number can be used to compare if it is better to use the money on our citizens to encourage them to produce more babies. Just give the money to every child that is born, that may be cheaper in the long run.

What do you thing? It would be interesting to know the absolute number of foreign students given scholarships under this scheme and how much were actually spent. The former would give a percentage on the success rate. Could it be 10%, or 20%?

PS. Based on the 12% taking up PR, total scholarships given out would be 58,300 over 14 years.


Anonymous said...

looking like a very expensive harebrain scheme.

Anonymous said...

Let's honour LKY.
Let's call these the LKY scholarships.

Anonymous said...

如果新加坡不是天堂, 哪里是天堂 ?

如果新加坡不是天堂, 哪里是天堂 ?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

This is another "brilliant" scheme of social and national engineering to increase the population numbers, as well as to add diversity in the territorial gene pool.

Because it uses the taxed monies of hardworking Singaporeans fearful for their job security, and those who've been replaced "Darwin-style". Nothing gladdens my heart more than to know that The Sheeple pay for their own oppression through the govt they DESERVE!. It is so hilarious, I'm gasping for air :-))

Also heartening is the fact that ONLY 12 % convert their PR's to citizenship, the rest adhering to the multi flag theory of Sovereign Individualism where one chooses multiple domains to take advantage of low tax and asset protection/ management/ enhancement, among other INDIVIDUALLY beneficial things.

Citizenship to cuntrees are fast diminishing as nowadays there is a growing "global nomad" culture. Who the fuck wants to stay in one place all the time? Get fucking real. The young especially---they want to travel but be able to work "on the road" in an increasingly decentralised world.

The Singapore govt is often accused of many things. However occasionally they unknowingly give a "free kick". If you pay attention, you will identify these "free kicks" and if you are sufficiently self interested, you will EXPLOIT them to the max, and do it SWIFTLY before the govt reverses its position.

Anonymous said...

This is like covetting thy neighbour's wife.

Anonymous said...

Basic averaging (hope is correct).

The total cost of bringing and maintaining foreign students here for FY 2001 to 2014 divided by 840, we can get the average cost per foreign students taking up citizenship.

What was that figure?

BUT, what was more interesting was WHY the rest of foreign students were not taking up the citizenship.


Anonymous said...

RB..any statistics on how well the Singapore trained/educated scholars fared either in Singapore or their home country..or is the Singapore degree part of the degree mill so coveted by the foreigners. The obvious reason why there is so few PRs n citizens from the scholarship receipients must be..They came..they saw...they said.."I must be crazy if I give up my kampong for this..."

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am going to buy a few PhDs from the degree mills to add on my namecard. IDA did not mind.

Can I presume that this is legal and acceptable?

virgo49 said...

Hi RB, Singaporeans found to have forged papers and degrees, in you go and if you are senior citizens spare the rotten

For foreign talents, recognised lah, do not question our authority and judgement

Anonymous said...

Is it legal/ok in Singapore to start a business just in printing and issuing degrees and PhDs to customers especially foreigners and some locals if there are demands?

Of course these degrees and PhDs MUST NOT LINKED to universities or MOE here BUT are PRIVATELY printed and issued in SINGAPORE!

Can be a good business idea if legal/ok.

Think about it especially those jobless!

Find out more! Seek advice!


Anonymous said...

"I am going to buy a few PhDs from the degree mills to add on my namecard. IDA did not mind.

Can I presume that this is legal and acceptable?"


If u could get a IDA job like that foreign talent, then of course it is acceptable.

And if IDA did not mind if it is from degree mills, does it matter whether it is legal or illegal?

Anonymous said...

Tiok. Boh cheng hu leow.

b said...

I hope other countries can also learn from sg so that people with the right mindset (willing to work hard) can move easily. Its better to get in people with the correct mindset than to let them go elsewhere and compete. Why bother to go explore mars when people with right mindset are sent to waste?

b said...

But the gov should make them pay and take a difficult test to ensure correct mindset people are taken in. Remember that nothing is free and the locals have no easy life too.