From a country to a hotel – LKY’s legacy?

Refreshing the memories and speeches of LKY on the TV channels for one week, the central theme of LKY’s younger days was all about building a Singapore for Singaporeans. Today it is very clear that Singapore is more or less a hotel for all. Foreigners are unloaded like rubbish into the island as the celebrated foreign talents, qualifications and integrity unquestioned, to take over many good jobs in the island.
Some even said this island belonged to everyone, all and sundry of the world. Everyone is welcomed except the daft Sinkies who are told to get lost if they did not like it. Daft Sinkies are good at two things, be security guards and drive taxis. The more glorified security guards are the NS boys, but minus the money in everything, and getting pittance for their contributions to the hotel. Oops, to the NSmen they are serving their country, a country you know.

And when they have completed serving their country, they would have to compete with foreigners with no duties and obligations to serve a country that they only know as a hotel, for their benefits. Foreigners will come and go, making their piles, while the daft Sinkies will stay to pay the taxes and dues to keep the hotel in working condition and to maintain peace and order for the foreigners.

Now the big question. Is this what LKY wanted? Is this a legacy of LKY? Did he change his vision for Singapore, from a country to a hotel, from a country for Singaporean to a hotel for the rest of the world? Can anyone enlighten me on this legacy? Or it is not LKY’s legacy? He was around when the transition and transformation took place, from a country to a hotel.

And I remember him saying, ‘This is my country, this is my people’.

Which is which?


Anonymous said...

Is this what LKY wanted?

Of course not lah. But in medical terms, it is called the bad side effects of taking a potent medicine.

But does the positive effects of taking a heavy dose of the medicine (taking too many foreigners) outweigh the negative side effects to cure the Sinkie disease of no enough Sinkies, that's the question.

And not just for the moment about also in the long term? Or will it only just make Sinkieland die slower? Because if don't take, then sure die fast.

What do u think? Or if u were Lee Hsien Loong, what would u do?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>> ‘This is my country, this is my people’.

What did you expect him to say? The challenge back then was to "unite" the people. The Malaysians just flicked you off to die in the wilderness of global competition, with no support---not even military defence.

Those were words appropriate to the time, and to the circumstance.

The world is so very different now. Competition is global. Production processes are non-central. Money and human capital, ideas, culture all spread unimpeded in an increasingly physically borderless world, and completely freely by the internet.

People are going to do what they are going to do to get ahead. Afterall, why not? It is their lives, and no one is going to look after them if they first don't pay attention to their own self-interests. And, yes life is not fair and there is no such thing as "celestial justice" or karma. So I suggest everyone get the fuck over that shit, like an ADULT.

>> Is this what LKY wanted?

The way I see it is that LKY wanted his CUNTREE to be a success. As I've said before, the cuntree is far more important than the people. People come and go, by being born and dying and also by their own freewill to travel; afterall, we are a NOMADIC species. Singapore, by any objective metric, IS a success.

I am one of those who treats Singapore like a hotel. But I'm not the only one. People who don't like it can go fuck themselves. They should pay attention to their own one-time-only lives and not be a kaypoh-kia on trying to force others to be different in order to be happy.

Trying to "guilt-trip" these selfish global vagabonds into "conforming" to some arbitrary standard is going to prove ineffective, and all the kaypoh-kias are going to end up doing is wasting their lives, which of course being self-inflicted, they richly DESERVE. :-)

Got Flag Theory?

Anonymous said...

"What's wrong with collecting more money?"
Lee Kuan Yew

This is his legacy.


Anonymous said...

"Meet the suckers (people) session"

If Yew are an MP.
And Yew can no longer stop yourself from laughing at the suckers.
It's best if Yew don't attend the sessions anymore.

jjgg said...

As a country,it was said often enough that we were a work in progress..current state of the wp is hotel..what's the finished product going to look like..my uneducated guess is it will end up as a staging point for Filipinos enroute to usa..Chinese enroute to oz..usa n Canada n european to oz..ya..we will be a hotel..but not shangrila quality..budget hotel quality

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ jigg 947:

>> not shangrila quality..budget hotel quality

No doubt there is a lot of fakery in Singapore. i.e. you pay too much and when you look at what you get, you experience "buyer's remorse".

However, there are many instances where you feel "DAMN SHIOK"...and then you will post the experience on FB and hand all your friends unsolicited "advice" "YOU MUST TRY!"

Singaporeans are easy to predict. Their conditioning is strong :-)

Anonymous said...

We Are The World!

There is a recent report that
stated Singapore is poised for
rapid growth in population.

By 2050, the population is
estimated to reach 7.9m.

No! No! No! We must not stop at
7.9m. We must dream BIG! Yes BIG!

The estimate of 7.9m is rather
conservative. We should let the
population grow to 12.9m.

Yes! We should be able to house
12.9m on this tiny city state!

The whole island will be flooded
with MEGA BTOs, MEGA condos, MEGA
schools, MEGA hospitals, MEGA
factories, MEGA shopping centres,
etc etc etc, supported by equally
MEGA networks of roads, mrt, buses
etc etc etc.

Everything will be online!

We will then become the top-end
global cosmopolitan and the SMART
city of the world.

We are the world!

如果在这里不是....., 哪里是.....!


Anonymous said...

"Singapore belongs to everyone" - Lee Hsien Loong

Did Lee Hsien Loong say this?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1003:

Probably. he must have read it on a blog somewhere ;-)

Just because someone of import makes a claim, doesn't automatically mean that that claim is true.

Telling people what they want to hear---by reinforcing what they already believe---will allow you to influence them better, so you can manipulate them.

To do the latter is to get their heckles up and defend their precious beliefs.

patriot said...

The Most Outstanding Legacy of Lee Kuan Yew is he had managed to breed Sinkies into a 'KIASU and KIASI' SPECIES that dare not venture out of Sin.

Die die oso must die in Sin.


Anonymous said...

Why would Sinkies want to venture abroad when they are living in paradise?

Why would they be so stupid to let their paradise be taken over by hostile foreigners and they go to live in under developed cities and villagers, and leaving their families to the mercy of foreigners?

You stupid or what?

Anonymous said...

Stupid are those who live in a well and feel that they live in paradise.

Anonymous said...

"Singapore belongs to everyone" - Lee Hsien Loong

- then why not Lee Hsien Loong ask everyone to do National Service?
- then why not Lee Hsien Loong share our national reserves with everyone?

Good, he don't call Singaporeans.
All the shit like NS and CPF, he go and arrow to Singaporeans.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Guys, stupid is to limit your options.

No one says you can't use the good stuff for your benefit. Singapore, being a low tax business friendly territory, is great for conducting enterprise and paying the 2n lowest taxes in the world.

So IMO, have some options. Make your dough in Singapore, buy a big house in a cheap "lower world" cuntree and better than a king, and sell your goods and services to cuntrees which will pay like mad and make you rich, and vacation in wonderful 1st world modern cuntrees where you can enjoy all the benefits---like individual freedom and civil liberties, and sexually liberated women.

Why limit yourself to just one flag? You can salute as many flags as you choose, and they will salute you back!

You should never place a limit on your self-interests, or you risk cheating yourself of how wonderful your life can be.

patriot said...

I do not mind to be called stupid which I do feel so cos I know that there are frogs listening in too.
Frogs that like to swim in boiling water.


jjgg said...

Paradise is different things to different people..foreign workers sure say this is paradise..come only got work..get housing..get free transport to work area..no need to fight for mrt space..live simply,but better than their lives in the home country and at end of month,still can remit money home to buy properties. At the end of work tenure, can go home n be wealthy propert owners..eventually..all the foreign poets,labourers n maids will be in better shape than their singapore employers...Lee's legacy? No wonder they are naming children and erecting monuments in India after him...so...how many newborns in Singapore called lky?...hehe

jjgg said...

Should be pmets...as if all didn't know

Anonymous said...

When all the people of the less developed countries without the simple convenience of material comfort want to move here, the daft sinkies want to move out to places without the simple convenience, smelly, dirty and filthy parts of the world when even personal safety is an issue.

Why do we want to build a clean, modern and safe city and not want to be live here?

Anonymous said...

"Why do we want to build a clean, modern and safe city and not want to be live here?"
April 07, 2015 11:31 am

I will tell you why.
Because we keep voting PAP that's why.
We are telling PAP by our votes that we support their pro Alien Policies.
And that Singaporeans are unworthy to live and work in our own country.
That's why.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Anyway, what's all this shit about LKY Legacy? The fucker is dead lah. He did what he did in accordance with his "vision", but at the end of the day are you really going to surrender your existence to the dreams and achievements of someone who is not you?

There are many marvellous things you can take advantage of and exploit in Singapore. If you allow your negative spirits to blind you to the opportunities ripe for exploitation in front of your very eyes, then you sabotage no one other than your own self.

There is no such thing as "paradise" lah. It is a nice word with a nice meaning, that's all.

LKY is gone. He is history. IMO, better pay attention to yourself. because if you don't, other people are going to take advantage of you.

Anonymous said...

Tiok, no paradise but got yewtopia. Yew should know.

Anonymous said...

wah wah wah.....

people had started to use mr lee
name so loosely and so freely.....

this is bad......

in an article in TRE, noted that
the RC had to quote mr lee name in
asking residents of THE PEAK to
allow them to set up a rc centre
below their block.......

wah wah wah.....

really cannot "tahan" leh......

hey hey hey, don't play play....

Anonymous said...

Singapore IS a hotel. People come and go. Many use Singapore as a first step up the career ladder. Why stay here for too long? Get the goodies and leave. Let other people's son do the NS. Why should your son, if born in Singapore, do NS. After all it is not your country so why waste two years of your son's life? There are far better places to work in, after getting all you can out of Singapore. To the many who use this little red dot as a stepping stone, the ultimate destinations are London, New York, Melbourne, Sydney or ever Shanghai or New Delhi. Those who feel that Singapore is permanent are few and far between. Singapore is crowded, noisey and full of kiasu and kiasi Singaporeans. Not a place to stay too long.

Anonymous said...

The title of his book should have been:


Full Stop.