Edz Ello – A deeper understanding of the case

There are 2 million foreigners here, mostly working and enjoying jobs and income they can never think of if they were to remain in their home countries. Aren’t they grateful? They live in the comfort and security of a clean and green cosmopolitan city with all the trappings of modern day comfort instead of the villages and the slums they were used to at home, except for those from the developed western countries. The hospitality extended to them, the kindness and generosity shown to them by the Singaporeans and govt are what we called in the uniform services, ‘beyond the call of duty’. Many will go home very rich, feeding their families very well and providing a better life simply because of their employment in the city state.

Have the Singaporeans been unkind to the foreigners? And if you hear the complaints of PMETs being sacked and discriminated by foreigners into losing their jobs and ended up as taxi drivers and security guards, nevermind if some idiots think it is untrue, a misunderstanding, some foreigners even ganged up to bully the locals, it is the foreigners that are being unkind to the daft Sinkies in the home country of the Sinkies. Can you beat that?

Now this is what this Ello wrote in his facebook., ‘, ‘In Jan 2, Ello allegedly called Singaporeans “loosers” and vowed to “evict” them from their country. He prayed that “disastors” would strike Singapore and “more Singaporeans will die” and he would celebrate. The post ended with “Pinoy better and stronger than Stinkaporeans”. He also allegedly commented in another post that evening that he would “kick out all Singaporeans” and this country will be a new “Filipino state”.’

Can you detect the hatred, the unhappiness, the anger, the contempt against his host, the Singaporeans and country that offered him very good job and very good pay? How widespread is this anti Singaporean disease among the foreigners? What have the Singaporeans done to deserve this kind of hate speech? The govt and ministers and MPs are bending backwards, going about everywhere using public fund to organize functions to feast the foreigners, telling the daft Sinkies to embrace them while many Sinkies lost their jobs to them, their parents were made redundant by them, some being raped or molested by these foreigners, some were beaten up for their pleasure.

What is going on? How serious are the foreigners against the Singaporeans? Singaporean xenophobic or foreigners anti Singaporeans? Singaporeans do not deserve to be hated by these foreigners. If the anti Singaporean feeling is so widespread, should the govt need a rethink on how they treat the foreigners, to limit the number of foreigners here, that in spite of being so kind and generous to them, they hate us more? Or is it because some fools have been praising these ungrateful foreigners sky high that the foreigners really believe that they are here to help the daft Sinkies and daft Sinkies should be grateful to them instead, and it is their right to be contemptuous to the daft Sinkies? And since the Sinkies are so daft, they should take over the country, chase out the daft and useless Sinkies?

Why is the govt throwing away billions to these foreigners, giving them good jobs and good pay, even scholarships aplenty and depriving the children of citizens of them, only for them to hate the Singaporeans? The thinking and feeling of this Ello is not an isolated case. Check out Anton Casey and all the Sinkie bashers.

Should Singaporeans continue to be nice to the foreigners, hold parties for them, integrate with them, embrace them and make them feel at home here?

What do you think? I recommend the ministries do a serious study on this very serious matter of having so many unhappy and ungrateful foreigners here. But if daft Sinkies are to be grateful to them, then there is no need for any study. Just tell the daft Sinkies to open their legs to the foreigners that are here.

PS: Rotten Papayas (a blogger in TRE) asked how about the Pinoy with the ‘moniker “Topher Yakuza” who threatened to kill all Singaporeans who go to the Philippines. He said, “fxxk you all Singaporeans, go to philippines and I will kill u all.” He went on to label Singaporeans as faggots’.


Anonymous said...

Edz Ello
- When I think of him, I think of LKY.
- I think of LHL
- I think of PAP
- I think of PAP's Pro Alien Policies

Remember Brother Love
He loves Yew
PAP loves Yew
Aliens love Yew
We love Yew


Anonymous said...

With so many Pinoy and foreign nurses and doctors, I worry for the patients.

Anonymous said...

Actually hor, and come to think of it, if not for those Pinoy nurses and even some foreign doctors, where got enough Sinkies to become nurses, let alone doctors, u tell me lah?

Hence I think Edz Ello has a deep understanding of the vulnerability of Sinkies lah, and as a result see Sinkies no up. So much so that he could not restrain himself and so expressed it in the most horrible way imaginable.

And yes Anon 9:11 am, u have good reasons to worry for the Sinkie patients.

That's why after thinking deep about all this, I think PM Lee is wise to say that Singapore belongs to all.

What do u think?

Anonymous said...

If Singapore belongs to everybody.
Then why does not everybody do National Service?

Anonymous said...

Wise or stupid is a matter of opinion. But the truth is the truth.

Anonymous said...

Then why does not everybody do National Service?
Anon 9:57 am

Then not enough foreign talents will want to come lor.

So those male Sinkies who dare not leave Sinkieland will lan lan bo pian have to do National Service lor. Because those who dare had already left, some long ago. This I think PM Lee also knows. That's why National Service is only for those male Sinkies who still want to remain in Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

lan lan bo pian have to do National Service lor.

lan lan bo pian have to Vote Opposition lor.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The only understanding is that the general Singapore population are wimps who cannot tahan freedom of speech, including and especially "hate" speech. (IMO, there's no such thing lah.

The "elected" govt, which represents all Singaporeans (supposedly) simply will not tolerate anyone or anything which they deem has the potential to "disrupt the social order", so the Singapore brand "looks good" to the cadre of the world's billionaires and billionaires-to-be to relocate their enterprises and assets to Singapore, because the govt takes a no-nonsense approach to smack anyone with a "big mouth" down.

Until Singaporeans hold freedom of speech to be a sacrosanct primary, the edition law to smack down a big foul mouthed, emotionally uncontrolled Pinoy, will be the SAME LAW used to smack down political dissenters and critiques of the govt.

If you are not going to defend the freedom of speech of those who outrage you, then no one is going to defend you when you outrage the govt. i.e. as a cuntry, Singapore doesn't deserve freedom of speech, and deserves to be oppressed and forced into conformity by The State's social engineers.

So what's the strategy? "When in Rome..." would be my answer. Head down, moth shut, use the low tax regimen and fantastic open market environment to make your pile, and then live your awesome life elsewhere---for e.g. a western democracy---where you can shout obscenities from the mountains, and NO ONE will care.

This Pinoy is an asshole by plastering FaceBook with unrestrained opinion. However, being an asshole is not necessarily a crime---he is simply childish and not very bright.

Who was "harmed" in his outburst? Exactly NO ONE. Who was harmed in Amos Yee's outburst? Exactly NO ONE.

Goh said...

Sinkies are real failure if they can get so agitated by someone who abuse or provoke them verbally.
2 years NS is not enough.Another year of trainng for anger control management should be added.
Pleass la.You are not going to lose an ounce of fresh just becos someone abuse or use threatening language.
I always go blog to attract such attacks on me and I find this is one way to make me a better man without getting angry.
Be matured .We are no longer small kids playing marbles.

Goh said...
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Anonymous said...

"Sinkies are real failure if they can get so agitated by someone who abuse or provoke them verbally."
April 10, 2015 2:48 pm

Really ah?
Then PM Lee and PAPigs must be a real failure right?
Roy Ngerng, HHH and now Amos Yee.
Previously was JBJ and CSJ.

Anonymous said...

yep, yep, he is talking about PM Lee.

Virgo 49 said...

NS different lah!

NS is national slavery, cheap labour for the rich and snaky

Can spend thirty years there also chiak Liao bee.

Anyway do not want to be fresh with you, just want your flesh