Early signs of rebellion

Less than one week after the state burial of the founding Prime Minister of Singapore, two incidents hogged the headlines. One is the abusive tirades of a 16 year old boy in the YouTube against the man himself. And this was taken very seriously, top priority and urgency. One day after it hit the news the boy was charged in court for 3 offences. How could it be when more than a million people paid their respect to the man, queuing for more than 8 hours just to walk pass his body lying in state over a whole week? And immediately there was this big hooha by a boy that took a diagonally opposing view that frayed raw nerves exposed by a week of mourning and public weeping.

To raise the temperature higher, some pro establishment grassroot leaders made threatening remarks like cutting the cock of the boy and shaft it in his mouth, and another insinuating that the comments by the boy could get himself killed, … in this first world city! My God, we are not far from the mentality of the medieval age or the tribes in the jungles.

Yesterday, the angry residents of an upper class public housing estate found it necessary to air their grievances publicly in the social media when they could not get the attention of the authority and the main media to deal with their unhappiness. A state organisation, the Residents Committee, in their zealous effort to help and bond with the residents, insisted on building more facilities in the estate. They already have a big presence but the residents are not happy with their generosity to help them. The residents did not want more RC facilities in their midst. But the RCs are adamant to build more facilities against the wishes of the residents. Strange that the state wanting to help the residents but the residents rejecting the help.

The residents have approached the social media to air their grievances in an open confrontation and to challenge the authority. They did not want the RCs, or as good as please go away. More details are available in an article in the TRE, ‘War breaks out between RC and residents in Toa Payoh’. This is a sample of the comments in the article:
‘Another resident told TRE, “We are being bullied by our RC and PA!”
“There is already an existing RC at our block and they want a 2nd RC. Seriously the residents don’t need 2 RCs within 5 blocks!” she explained.
She asked TRE to help spread the news. “We are really desperate and need your help to make this public as they are going to construct the RC soon. We have written several emails to the authorities but they are not addressing the issue,” she said. “This means a lot to the residents. We sincerely thank you loads.”’
Everyone is wishing the man to RIP and things are beginning to turn bad. How to rest in peace? You want him to jump up so fast? Leave the man in peace can?


Anonymous said...

Ah Loong.
What happened?
Do you know what Yew should be doing?

Anonymous said...

Is PAP ready to be a loyal Opposition Party yet?

Anonymous said...

What would yew think?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah redbean. You over sensationalise.

There is dissent and a self-contained village squabble going on here. No fucking rebellion, not even the slightest HINT of one occurring.

Amos is not the only person in history to dislike Lee Kuan Yew. You've said it yourself, that kopitiam chit chat can be just as derisive, accusatory and downright offensive. Even Zhou Enlai, Premier of China under Chairman Mao called LKY a "banana", Mahathir called him "a little emperor of a tiny Middle Kingdom". (Trust Dr M to give a "double slap"...piak! piak!).

The RC vs residents in Toa Payoh is a small-time quarrel lah, typical of villagers having a bun fight with the village elders, because one of the elders suka-suka took a few cows for food at his daughter's wedding feast. It is essentially dissent of the "entitlement mentality" of those is some small-time authority positions.

>> Leave the man in peace can?

Actually the man is in many tiny pieces, sealed up in a can ;-)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Another YouTube "rebellion".

Better watch before it's taken down ;-)

Goh said...

Typical Sinkies behaving like those Sengkangites, oppose for the sake of opposing.
What so bad about having a 2nd RC.
It's for the benefits for the residents.
Old folk need not travel far for their karaoke.Lonely folk like me can go there to cheeko n interact with other lonely folks.
Actually there is no hooha .Only setback is that they dun know how to built it discreetly. They have not learn from the Sengkang saga.

Goh said...
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Anonymous said...

Early signs of rebellion?
More like early signs of normalcy returning.

Anonymous said...


Hahahahaha. That's too strong a word to use.

Long before a rebellion can happen, the opposition would have been ready to be govt.

And if opposition is ready and yet cannot become govt, then maybe mass illegal but peaceful protests will happen on the streets.

And if this still cannot achieve objective, only then will there be a rebellion.

So it is much too early to talk about rebellion yet. One step at a time, OK?

Anonymous said...

Is Opposition ready to be government?
Is PAP ready to be the loyal Opposition in parliament?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Here's a thought:

If LKY's immortal soul were in either heaven or hell, he'll now be telling god or satan how to run their respective realms, so that heaven or hell can be like Singapore---a proven "success" story.

The hilarious thing is, that god and satan will probably listen to the old bugger, lest he takes out his knuckle dusters and smacks some good sense into them.

So Christians in particular, don't worry---when you motherfuckers finally die and go to either heaven or hell, you will be living for eternity in some everlasting version of a Singapore-style afterlife.

But you better enjoy your jeezus for as long as you can, because when LHL kicks the bucket, his father will promote him, and jeezus will be out of a job ;-)


Anonymous said...

Come on Old Fart, jump up from your freaking ashes. DO IT NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Did a PAP GrassLoot Leeder threaten to cut off a young man's penis?
Are we becoming like Bangladesh?

"Bangladesh secular writers fearful after 2nd blogger slain"


Anonymous said...

"Papa, thank you for being my own special father. Always there to guide, counsel and advise me, every step of the way, but also prepared to step back and to let me find my own wings and to make my own way."
Lee Hsien Yang's eulogy

Do you think LKY's PAP is "prepared to step back and to let Singaporeans find our own wings and to make our own way." ?

Anonymous said...

They would not let go. They want everything for themselves. The people are just their chips, to provide them a good life.

Don't be fooled that they are doing everything, go into politics, for the good of the people.

Anonymous said...

2 men between the ages of 24 and 25 were arrested by the police for staging a protest outside the Istana yesterday afternoon (4 Apr) without a permit....
Police said the 2 men turned up in front of the Istana with placards at about 4 pm. They were clad in identical red hoodies and dark blue jeans.

1 of the men held up a sign that read “You can’t silence the people” while the other held a sign that simply said “Injustice”:

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

2 people, not even close a rebellion lah. What were these idiots thinking....go and "protest" in front of the cops at the Istana. If you wave the red cloth in front of a bull, he will attack you. Duuuuuhhhhh.....

BTW, GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT the govt doesn't "silence the people" lah. It acts on a few unlucky fuckers who just happen to raise their ire, or if enough people make complaints about someone who says or does "inappropriate" things. i.e. no complaint, no action.

Anonymous said...

This bipolar ass is paid by the garment. Talk like one.