Diego Garcia, Guam and Spratleys, what’s the big deal?

The Americans have been bombarding the Chinese daily about their constructions of buildings and airstrips in the islands in South China Sea. To the Americans, these actions are unacceptable, even acts of aggression that could lead to war. The Americans are all behind the Philippines to cry foul against the Chinese and even agitating the Asean countries to form a naval force to challenge the Chinese for building structures in their islands. And everyday there will be reports in the New York Times or other American media highlighting the Chinese activities with aerial photographs and condemning them. The drumming of war has started.

What is so wrong with the Chinese construction of buildings and airstrips in their own islands? These are islands the Chinese claimed as their own under the historical law of finders keepers. These are uninhabited islands, with no natives, no human life forms in them.

What about Diego Garcia and Guam? These were islands with islanders, natives living in them. And one is in the Indian Ocean and the other in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The Americans went in and seized the islands from the natives and built buildings and air bases for military purposes. These are two military fortresses owned by the Americans, taken from the natives. These islands are owned by the natives.

Why is it acceptable, no crimes, no aggressive intent? Why are the Americans allowed to treat the islands belonging to the natives as their own, without the permission of the owners and happily strutting around as a right? American Exceptionalism? The islands are not no man’s land. There are natives living in them.

China should show aerial photographs of the military bases in Diego Garcia and Guam to the world, get the New York Times to publish them and make comparisons on why one is acceptable, nothing wrong, and why the other is unacceptable and wrong. No man’s land is finders keeper. Land with natives are own by natives, like the continent of North America, Australia and New Zealand, and of course Diego Garcia and Guam. Who conquered them, robbed them from the natives?

Did China rob any natives of their islands in the South China Sea? Oh, other Southeast Asian countries are claiming them too. When China founded these islands, these Southeast Asian countries did not even know of their existence. They were not even nation states in the western concept of statehood. They have more rights to the islands than China?

The Americans should stop their bull and stop using its bigger military size and power to bully China. China would not take it lying down. When would the Americans stop their hypocrisies? The Americans must remember that the Chinese would not forget the attack on their Embassy in Belgrade. One day, one of the American Embassies will suffer the same fate when China is ready to stop the bullying. Sleep well America! What you sowed you shall reap.

When the Japanese did the sneak attack on Pearl Harbour, all the Americans were crying for blood and blood they did extracted from the Japanese with the two Atomic bombs. What makes the Americans think that they can get away with the sneak attack against the Chinese Embassy?


Virgo49 said...

Chinese culture and upbringing very Tok Kong one!!

Even your children do Sia tam wrong, the parents ought to be blamed and feel ashamed

That's why they go not go round and find faults unlike the bloody whites who bo ka see their own kind

Even in mrt train also prised open door to do what they want and paint graffiti

Chinese saying big problems made into small problems and small problems into no problems

That's why they would not retailiate and the other people thinks that we are sick cats

Anonymous said...

Who authorised the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade? The commander of the 6th Fleet, the Defence Secretary or the President of the USA?

That was an act of war and China could just lop all its nuclear bombs into the US of Ass. The whole civilisation would have come to an end.

See how reckless these American bastards were, right to the Presidency.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

No, China is definitely in the wrong here.

The white man either used treaties or outright conquest to colonise foreign lands. The Chinese in this case have used neither.

China should either sign treaties of agreements with those contesting the sovereignty of the islands, or just go and conquer outright those cuntrees who are making territorial claims. China needs to step up to the plate and lift its game.

BTW redbean, the white man didn't "rob" the lands. They CONQUERED the races of peoples who owned the lands. Once you conquer a culture, everything in that realm belongs to you. It is not "theft" if you already OWN the land.

Anonymous said...

Don't talk cock lah. What to conquer, who to conquer in an island got no people? Who to sign treaty with? You say what?

Raffles came to got Temengong to sign paper, that one can understand. Got natives what.

b said...

Can talk sense to barbarians? No right. Can only talk strength.

simple said...

Go on & on & on paying homage to your Mother PRC, Red Bean. Wait till their aircraft carrier comes to our end of South China Sea to claim Temasek as theirs since our current archaeological find of Chinese artifacts suggests some sort of a Chinese administration hundreds of years ago here. Then what, how?

Anonymous said...

Don't be silly and swallow everything the angmohs said. China has never claimed anything in this region. Even the borders of neigbouring countries except those stolen by the colonial powers.

Use your head. Think. Don't listen blindly and let the people fed you with ideas you don't even know why.

Anonymous said...

"China has never claimed anything in this region". Go tell that to our ASEAN & N Asian neighbours.

Anonymous said...

The problem is not China claiming the islands in the South China Sea or land with some of its neighbours. The problem is when SE Asian countries want to claim the islands in the South China Sea and China's neighbours claiming land belonging to China.

Anonymous said...

The Americans will tell you tomorrow a Chinese monster is going to rape you. So everyday you will be living in fear of the Chinese monster and building up walls and buying guns to protect against the monster.

How old are you? When are you going to start to think for yourself instead of letting the Americans plant ideas and fears in your empty head?