Dear Leeder, this is for you

Pole vaulter Rachel Isabel Yang, a 33 year of mother, probably past her prime in her sporting career if age is concerned, could not believe it herself. She returned to her sport after becoming a mother to compete in the Malaysian Open.

She cleared 3.40m, 3.60m and 3.70m in her first attempt, like a breeze. She attributed her success to Mr Lee. She said she thought of Mr Lee before her attempts and Mr Lee was such an inspiration. Then she wanted to attempt 3.80m but changed her mind and went for the record of 3.83m. She cleared in her second attempt to win a gold medal, and a national record and qualified for the SEA Games. Her mind was focused on Dear Leeder when she vaulted.

And this was what she wrote, ‘Dear Mr Lee, I competed in memory of you at Malaysia Open today. Before each of my attempts, I told myself, "Mr Lee, this is for you, I will make you proud"’.

The power of the thought is simply amazing. And the power of inspiration from a Dear Leeder is beyond words. I would like to suggest that all the sports associations place a statue or picture of Dear Leeder in their grounds for all sportsmen and sportswomen to take a bow before training. The statue or picture would be a powerful inspiration to do better for Dear Leeder. Coaches, are you reading? I can see a few Olympic medals in the horizon.

Do not doubt the power of the mind and what Dear Leeder can do to make a person perform wonders. And when the person is highly motivated and wanted to do Dear Leeder proud, miracles can happen. It may be useful to send a team to Pyongyang to learn from them how to erect the statues and pictures of Dear Leeder to make it effective. They have been doing it for decades and it is something we can learn from. People can be highly motivated without the use of money but by their thoughts.

This is highly motivational.


Anonymous said...

To all Singaporeans wanting to make babies:
Think of our Leeder before doing the deed.

Anonymous said...

Your photo above showed the Q to
pay their respect to Mr Lee.

The colour of the umbrellas were
tooooooooooo bright and cheerful
for the occasion.

Strictly speaking, the colours of
the umbrellas should be black or
dull colours.

It would then be BEST!

But, never mind, like what you
said....... 喜丧! 喜丧! 喜丧!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

WOW! She'll make any of those Kim Jong _fill_in_the_blank_ fellas jealous.

Behold, the shameless, public emotional masturbation proud idol worship has begun...

But people, be honest, are you that surprised?

Virgo49 said...

Future true blue born sportsmen and women of Singapore, when you compete in future games please think of our GREAT LEADER and win more gold medals to make us proud.

Also, have our GREAT LEADER's Face on the sporting gear that will make you win even the Olympic Golds and the World Cup.

No need for any imported sportsmen and women that made demands to our treasury and scooted off when the time is right.

For Males, deferment or even exemption from NS as incentives.

What our MIWs loved are the prestige and honour of bringing glory to our homeland.

Even adjourned Parliament sitting to watch the Ping Pong girls played in one tournament.


Anonymous said...

The world remembers Hitler with "Heil Hitler"
Shall we remember LKY by the phrase "Fark Yew" ?

Anonymous said...

Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead.
LKY raises Singapore from the mud.
Same, same.

patriot said...

You will most likely be REMINDED BY HIS

STOP AT TWO or TWO IS ENOUGH and produce no more.

IDOL WORSHIP makes the Worshipper blind to reality.


Anonymous said...

Every time I put on my condom;
I remember "Stop at two".
Then I say to my girlfriend;
"I'm going to Fark Yew".

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 9:00. Those who went to pay respect would wear black or white. I saw many of them did so.

Using logical deduction, those who went in flowery dresses or in red, or carryiny colourful umbrellas were there not for the same reason.


patriot said...

Just wonder what's in the Minds of those Folks.

Any idea?


Anonymous said...

1st April - April Fool's Day.
Why no Singaporean dress up like LKY and pretend to return from the dead to rescue Singapore from his useless son?

Virgo49 said...

Wah, last time in the 80s five dollars nearly three months supply at family planning clinics courtesy of the MOh

Virgo49 said...

Many not in Tanjong Pagar conatituency had not seen LKY in person when he was alive

As for us used to see him at tree planting occasions at our constituency at close range so not so curious to see the giant f the man

They should have see him not at this time when he is old and when he is his prime

Tall, impressive man with rosy cheeks unique voice

patriot said...

Few Sinkies dare go near all the Cabinet Members, especially the Prime Ministers. Their Personal Bodyguards are absolutely intimidating in demeanours.
All the Three Prime Ministers do/did not have friendly dispositions. If they do act(acted) friendly, they are, were for familiar people or the Cameras.

I had seen them in person quite a few times.


Anonymous said...

They are making hay while the sun shines. The praising of the great leeder will continue until the coming erection. The ground is getting sweeter by the day.

Right now, it seems a lot of cult followers are now in estatic orgasm. Real of fake, hard to tell.

Anonymous said...

When you keep guard dogs, you would not want them to look like cocker spaniels but like bulldogs or dobermans.

Anonymous said...

lidat oso can, my question is why not go for 8.33m then?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB 138:

Every national day, there are hordes of citizens making beelines toward Changi International to fly away and holiday, instead of hanging around and wallowing in FAKE patriotic fervour.

There are many social aspects common to both N Korea and Singapore, the most noticeable difference being N Korea's Dear/ Supreme Leaders are fucked up and ruined their cuntree, and ours showed the world what's possible, and set a standard of achievement which made even rich, economically mature cuntrees take notice.

Singapore society can be divided 3 political ways:

1. Those who suck oblong PAP dick
2. Those who are unswervingly anti-PAP
3. Those who are INDIFFERENT and pragmatic enough to shield themselves form the "bad" aspects of the culture, and maximise the benefits on the "good" aspects of the culture.

Anonymous said...

I went to the museum to watch the exhibition but was disappointed. I look high and low for the knuckle duster but think they kept it and did not want to show it.

Anonymous said...

Imagine if LKY had died fifteen years earlier while Rachel was at her prime....unassailable world record for all time! Not only in pole vaulting, probably she would have bettered Annabel Chong's and produced multi-ethnic babies - part local and part foreign talent - the best of all worlds.

Anonymous said...

The world remembers Hitler with "Heil Hitler"
Shall we remember LKY by the phrase "Fark Yew" ?

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