Daft Sinkies deserve to be kicked out from this island.

Below is a letter of complain against a foreigner by a daft Sinkie appearing in The Real Singapore blog.

THEREALSINGAPORE 16 March 2015 - 9:42am

This PR lady was infront of me in the line queueing for the feeder service which plys 10 bus stops around my estate. First when i stood behind her she gave me a very dirty stare like i had done something bad to her. I turned away.. immediately she took her phone started dialling and i guess the other party answered... she started reprimanding the person with her very heavy accent and was giving instuctions to run a class.’

I take issue with this good for nothing daft Sinkie not because he shied away when confronted by a nasty stare when he did not do anything. I take issue not because he did not do anything about the ugly situation in front of him. I take issue not because he acted like a lame duck, afraid to defend what is right or wrong. I take issue not because he thought it was a brave thing to complain in the net and not deal with the matter there and then.

I take issue because he cannot tell the difference between a lady and a bitch. He called a bitch a lady! For goodness sake, he is so stupid. With this kind of useless Sinkies around, this island would eventually be taken over by foreigners and bitches.
What is happening to the once proud Singaporeans who built and own this island? Do they have to behave like pariahs, like aliens in their own country and be allowed to be bullied by foreigners and got frightened by a hostile stare of a foreigner?

God, please get rid of all the useless daft Sinkies. They don’t deserve to be citizens of this island. Wait a minute, they have given it up by default and allowing the foreigners to stake a claim on this island as theirs. It is only a matter of time before they become boat people, chased out by foreigners from a country they no longer think is theirs.

My message to all the daft Sinkies, if you are afraid to defend your rights and ownership as citizens of your country, if you don’t defend your rights to be citizens of your country, you will lose your rights to be a citizen of your country and you will lose your country.

Stop behaving like foreigners. Defend your birth rights to this country your Ah Kong and Ah Mahs fought and built for you.


Anonymous said...

"My message to all the daft Sinkies, if you are afraid to defend your rights and ownership as citizens of your country ..."

What is so difficult about defending Singapore and Singaporeans?
Just vote Opposition lor.
And let's rid ourselves of all these Pro Alien Politicians and their Pro Alien Policies.

Anonymous said...

God, please get rid of all the useless daft Sinkies. They don’t deserve to be citizens of this island.

Tiok. Useless and daft Sinkies.

If not, the Sinkie opposition, which are made up of who else but Sinkies, would have been ready to be a better alternative to replace the PAP govt which deserve to be kicked out in the next GE for allowing the foreigners to stake a claim on this island as theirs.

Anonymous said...

Far from being kicked out in the next GE, and judging from the massive crowds and queue day and night to pay their last respects to the PAP founder and first PM, the late LKY, the PAP may even do better in the next GE than the 60% votes they got in the last GE.

So I think those netizens and bloggers may have got it all wrong when they thought PAP will be thrashed in the next GE. PAP is far stronger and unbeatable in polls than they thought. And even if the opposition is ready to be govt, let alone not ready like now.

What do u think?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 10.02am pls note......

please do not be confused....

respect for mr lee is respect for mr lee, nothing else.....

the massive Qs at Parliament House and other parts of the island and the massive crowds along the funeral route was the highest respect by the people shown to mr lee for his hard work and his many sacrifices for Singapore.....

please be clear.......


Anonymous said...

How many in the present lineup deserve a token of respect from the people?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Ah, the glaring lack of social skills in the general population.

When encountering a perceived "threat" the Singaporean has neither the social skills nor the emotional muscle to resolve a tense encounter with a person in an obvious "negative state".

Hey redbean, there are many situations in modern life which prime normally nice people into states of hostility and unfriendliness.

Encountering the occasional asshole, who happens to be a foreigner doesn't give you immediate license to be an asshole back at them, without first trying something else to resolve the issue.

Please also get off this idea that "the people own the cuntree". No, quite emphatically, THEY DON'T.

People come and go, live and die. People can be sacrificed in war to protect the cuntree, which is always the LAST to fall. The cuntree is even bigger than a seemingly great person like Lee Kuan Yew. "He" is now an urn full of ashes, like the ashes in the ashtray where my cigar sits...only his ashes have more "symbolic value", that's all. However, the cuntree is still thriving.

If it doesn't fall, the cuntree will live on longer than any of us. The hierarchy is: Cuntree, State, People. The State runs the cuntree by its legitimate govt which enforces legitimate laws to the people instructing them in what, where and how they can or cannot conduct themselves, their property and their lives.

Especially true in the Singapore context:

The MOTHER CUNTree owns you!

Anonymous said...

Will a Singaporean stand up against a FT, esp from PRC. I think not. Singaporeans are too timid, after being spoon fed for the last 50 years. Singaporeans have been " protected " all these years by the government, mollycoddled, nannied and worst of all being made totally unquestioning. The government does everything and all Singaporeans have to do is to follow the rules, obey the laws and do not think. All thinking and planning is the job of the government. Singaporeans cannot think for themselves. With these qualities how would a Singaporean stand up to a PRC or an Indian for that matter. Singaporeans will be swallowed and spit out like a little irritating fish bone.

Anonymous said...

"Singaporeans cannot think for themselves."
Anon 1:20 pm

Not really lah. At least not for the smart ones who make lots of money and have a good and happy life. Or at least happy enough to still want to vote for PAP lah, despite the high costs of living in Singapore.

Also ask yourself this. Can they make lots of money if they cannot think for themselves?

Goh said...

Please lah.Whether a bitch or lady she is a lady.My Ah Kong always tell me Lady first.Never tell me to discriminate .
Likely a cheekopek staring at the longkang getting annoyed for being discovered.
But thats normal.
As for me the bitchier the betterer.

Goh said...
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Anonymous said...

Are you a representative of the govt? Bad image. You don't sabo the govt until like that.

b said...

Everywhere rich in this world, foreigners will come and set up home. But if the country has loads of problems, no foreigners will want to go there. That has always been the case. Everyone whether white, yellow, brown or black wants to survive and will go to places where there are jobs and security.

b said...

In other words, blame the gate keepers not the balls.

Anonymous said...

To defend our rights, Singaporeans' first priority is not to challenge the foreigners but to get rid of those traitors who keep opening their legs wide wide for the hungry, dirty, slimy, slippery, crooked, etc foreigners - all tom, dicks and harry - to come in and fuuck all of us in all directions.

Wake up before it is too late!

Anonymous said...

you really have crossed to the Dark side? I really hope the reward is worth it. Is it due to 7 full days of brainwashing?

It is easy to say Sporeans should defend ourselves. The police doesn't seem to agree. In the past you would have agree to this. You hurt a FT, the police will arrest you but if a FT hurt you, Calvin cheng & police will tell you laugh it off

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.25

Please do not think that Singapore belongs to you. This piece of rock is open to anyone from anywhere who has the ability to contribute to the economy of this country. Why are you so protective and bar others from coming here to better their lives? Are you so insecure? So instead of moaning about the influx of FTs coming into Singapore, you must instead go out there and compete. If you can beat them then you can win the prize. If you cannot then it is their right to come and earn their crust and better their lives for their family. Singapore does NOT belong to the so-called true blue Singaporeans. Singapore belongs to the whole world. This is the 21st century and national boundaries are thin and open to all who are capable. If Singapore prevents FTs from entering the country, it will be back to 3rd world status in 50 years. So, to all Singaporeans, get out there and compete, stop being so insecure.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 555:

>> Why are you so protective and bar others from coming here to better their lives?

I call it :The Bhumiputra Effect. Some Singaporeans are emulating their UMNO cousins. They were shit out of their mothers' smelly pukis onto Singapore soil, therefore they "own" the cuntry. That's the thinking---birth right means territorial rights.. Exactly like Bhumiputras, whom Singaporeans are quick to judge as "lazy" and "entitled".

>> This piece of rock is open to anyone from anywhere who has the ability to contribute to the economy of this country. [...] national boundaries are thin and open to all who are capable.

Unfortunately due to increasing pressure from the "entitlement minded", MoM have now put a cap on the influx of foreigners. We know an election is in the air, so I think the PAP govt are trying to find a "sweet spot" of allowing a free-wheeling meritocracy-based economy and culture, and keeping the rabble, the angry mob-cracy from going amok.

If MoM slams the door shut and businesses cannot compete, everyone loses---the biggest being the xenophobic assholes who are screaming against hardcore, toe-to-toe "competition", because the majority of them are not "self starters" nor entrepreneurial, and don't have the gumption to present their best, and then some. They cling to the false belief that it is their RIGHT to have a job.

They forget that every claim of a RIGHT forces someone else into an OBLIGATION, and there is no choice in the matter. You just have to jolly well cough up so that some "entitlement minded" bum can have his "rights".

>> it will be back to 3rd world status in 50 years.

According to my better informed friends, assuming there in no govt revenue influx, Singapore can last about 25 years with the money it has---i.e. running the state and the infrastructure.

However if you add welfare payments (i.e. rewarding the bums not to work---aka "dole") into the figures, I would say Singapore has 10 years after which instead of a net lender, it will be a net borrower.

The question who the fuck would lend a declining cuntree---where capital has fled long ago and is now completely uncompetitive---a fucking dime? Maybe at the interest rate of > 30%. In that scenario, Singaporeans would be CRAVING to be 3rd world, because what they will have economically and financially would be far WORSE than the world's shittiest 3rd world slum.

By then Singapore won't even have enough money to pay the water bill to Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

You two asses think all Sinkies are daft or traitors? This island belongs to the Sinkies and after they got rid of the traitors they will get rid of the undesirable foreigners and limit their numbers here.

Now the fools and traitors are having their days but not for long.

Anonymous said...

Too right Matilah. Singaporeans should get off their high horses and compete in the real world. Being barn in Singapore should not be a badge for a lead start. As Matilah says, compete toe to toe. no one owes anyone a living. Who says you should have a head start?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.18

Singapore belongs to no one, surely not to fools who think that they are entitled. Dream on,

Virgo49 said...

Right , right no one owes us a living

We also owe no one to do National Service

We are an international hotel not a nation

Delete Singapore and Singaporeans from the dictionary

Tell it to late Dr Goh Keng Swee and he will said waste all my efforts to build up this place called Singapore

Virgo 49 said...

Right bro, been bashed by a 20 plus Brit for nuisance noises n a 65 year old man

Reprimanded by magistrate and given warning letter by SPF for
Creating a farcas with him

So do not at agonise the foreign talents who are here to create jobs for you

Anonymous said...

Right, there is not such thing as a country called Singapore and there is no such citizens called Singaporeans.

It is just a hotel for people of the whole world, to be shared by the people of the world.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 825:

>> Who says you should have a head start?

Of course no one says that. However consider the "local" Singaporean.

Compared to most of the world, EVERYONE of the locals gets a HUGE head start in life.

One may or may not attribute any of that to LKY & his PAP. To me, it is important to make a distinction between liking a person for the person themself, or APPROVING of their actions.

So for me, On "liking" them: I'm indifferent to the PAP/ LKY. Sure I write shit about them here and there, but the fact remains, I only know a few of them individually, and only because we're childhood friends and neighbourhood kids. i.e. We were friends before they chose to become PAP "oblong dicksuckers". But the great thing about humanity is that we can still be friends, in spite of differences, for we are INDIVIDUALS.

However I care about what people DO---their ACTIONS. What the PAP has done for business and the private sector, I score them 99.99%---there's always room for improvement ;-)

What the PAP has done in the personal freedom/ liberty realm, to me their score is below 10%, fast approaching zero. Too much UNNECESSARY controls on the lives of individuals, including their sexual choices and propensity for DISSENT.

For me, a "perfect govt" will allow 100% of the people to openly dissent 100% of the time, with a 100% security that the govt will hassle them 0% of the time. In fact, the "perfect govt" and the "perfect judiciary" will defend the INDIVIDUAL right to freedom of speech 100% of the time.

Overall score for Singapore: not bad lah. Can make bucks. Cn enjoy life, despite the restraints on liberty. But since many also believe they can make bucks, you will have competition. The more bucks you have, the more freedom you can "buy".

So, compete lah!. Huat ah!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


To to the "uncompetitive brigade" (UB's):

Kaninah, the referee give you so make "free kicks", you tell me you can't win the match ah?