Chok Tong – Old ginger is hot

Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong thinks that the Singapore society will go through a major upheaval. "I can see an avalanche of social issues coming," he said this at the launch of the National University of Singapore (NUS) Social Service Research Center today. 

"The social challenges of Singaporeans in the next 50 years will be drastically different from those in the last 50," he also said

The above is quoted from an editorial in The Real Singapore ‘GOH CHOK TONG: I CAN SEE AN AVALANCHE OF SOCIAL ISSUES COMING

While the party members are all in celebration mode, Chok Tong is warning them of things that are coming their way. With his height and helicopter view, he has all the advantages that his colleagues in the party did not have. Actually it is his age, I supposed, to sit back and think and look at the whole picture. You need him and his wisdom now that Oracle is gone. He has the time and experience to see more things and bigger things. Being not involved with what is happening and the policies of today, he has the comfort of being disinterested and can see things clearer.

He is seeing an avalanche of problems. The rest are happily having a ball, everything is fine. Would Chok Tong move into the Istana to fill the vacant seat of the Oracle and start dispensing his wisdom and forecast of world events? Would the Istana come to life again with queues from foreign dignitaries seeking advice from the elder statesman, the wise one.


Anonymous said...

Emeritus Minister, you got view on the IDA and Ngee Ann Poly employment fiasco or not?

The PM and all the ministers are keeping quiet. If you don't open your golden mouth, no one else would. Don't talk about problems in 50 years time. The problem is here, is now.

Can you see the problems or not? You dare to tell or not?

Virgo 49 said...

Will Woody Goh dares open his mouth now the one who called him "Woody" is gone???

If he does, will get slap like Danabalan or no more nominated and collection of a further 16k for next five year???

Think he will keep quiet. Why be so stupid to quarrel with monies!!

Goh said...

No need to be tall to have helicopter view.
My MP Mah is not tall can oso have helicopter view. He is now at my neighbourhood muslim kopitiam talking to those pakchiks who are sitting where he is standing.
If not tall oso can attract attention by standing.
Welcome Mr.Mah.
At last I got a chance to see you in action.Keep it up.

Goh said...
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Virgo 49 said...

Wah MBT goes to your estate while LKY'S right hand woman Miss Indranee just came to ours.

Yesterday at Duxton, today cross over!

GE round the bend???

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

These "changes" are not limited to Singapore. In fact, societal changes in Singapore will largely be a consequence of changes going on overseas.

Here is my take on the "avalanche", some effects, some causes:

1. Massive global debt and money printing (quantitative easing) using debt as "collateral"---inflationary, especially for wages

2. More globalised labour and decentralised production: deflationary, for wages

3. Therefore: higher unemployment in "hi wage" cuntrees with more socio-political unrest

4. Debasement of currencies, virtually no interest from savings. Therefore people will seek higher returns by doing riskier things like playing the markets, which are rigged and run by High Frequency Traders. (a losing proposition for most amateur players who don't even get training before they trade)

5. The rise of more anti-govt groups, some religious (Islam mostly) and others ideological (Occupy movement)

6. Increased use of surveillance and tracking by govt. using Big Data. Your privacy is dead.

7. Increased amount of internet criminality, cyber security issues, hacking of major computerised national infrastructure like utilities, hospitals etc.

8. Higher stress levels amongst the general population as supposedly WEALTHY modern life approaches "social warfare".

9. Immigration issues relating to cultural shifts, jobs going to "foreigners", driving previously mentioned stress levels and social warfare.

10. The COLLAPSE of many public institutions like pension and healthcare systems. Banks and insurance companies will also collapse. Currencies will collapse. So too will govts. and states. Big cuntrees like China and India might break apart into independent states like the old Soviet federation.

On the plus side for greedy and selfish opportunity seekers and privateers like yours truly:

1. The rise of crypto currencies like BitCoin as people lose faith in nationally issued debased toilet-paper money.

2. The rise of dark pools, hedge funds and algo trading (the geeks will rule the earth)

3. The collapse of religiosity as more people figure out that religion is pure bullshit.

4. The development and implementation of robotics for services and production leading to LARGE SHIFTS in the HUMAN labour markets.

5. The growing obsolescence of states, governments and national borders. 'Sovereignty" will be used by the savvy to protect their assets and reduce their risk exposure and tax liabilities using FLAG THEORY.

As Singapore is one of the leading cuntrees for Flag Theory (i.e. very popular), opportunities to "service clients" will definitely be a growth area.

6. Hard core capitalists and geeks will have the best time. Wage earners, non-STEM educated folks and people on fixed income will be STRUGGLING.

Anonymous said...

Everybody in PAP has helicopter view.
But nobody in PAP seems to want to do the work.

Anonymous said...

"I can see an avalanche of social issues coming,"

Who's going to do the work to tackle the avalanche?
1. PAP?
2. PAP Prime Minister?
3. PAP Ministers?
4. PAP MPs?
5. Aliens and Alien Talents?
6. Singaporeans?

I can bet you it will be the Singaporeans doing the work or "Coolie Kang" again.
And guess who will be reaping the Million dollar rewards for doing the "hard work"?

Anonymous said...

Fear Not Worry Not!

Singapore is ok and will be very ok in the next 50 yrs.

Look around you. Everyone is smiling.

Where got problem lah?

如果在这里不是天堂 哪里是天堂 !


Anonymous said...

"Avalanche of social problems."??

No problem lah!
Let's have another National Conversation.
Let's talk about the social problem.
Just talk.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ seeing-the-light 1254:

>> I can bet you it will be the Singaporeans doing the work or "Coolie Kang" again.
And guess who will be reaping the Million dollar rewards for doing the "hard work"?

You will get no dispute from me. In fact, this is also my conclusion.

I keep telling locals to get at least ONE another work-resident visa (unfortunately you cannot get a passport as Singapore won't allow dual citizenship) to another cuntree, preferably a western democracy like Canada, Arsetrailer, UK or US. Yes, they are high taxed places, but they also have individual and civil rights protected under law. You can SUE the govt and its agencies. Although in principle you supposedly can do the same in Singapore, but let's face it, very few of us really believe that it is possible.

Use and maximally EXPLOIT all the benefits you can as a Singaporean, but exit the "locus of control" the govt has over you.

Singapore is excellent for economic freedom with low taxes and minimal regulation, but poor on individual freedom and civil liberties. Western Cuntrees are excellent for individual freedoms and civil liberties, but their over regulated and over taxed economies impose drags on your economic freedom and wealth production.

In other words, the Singapore system is set up such that a governing class of "elites" create a business-friendly environment, but impose STRICT social controls on the wage-earning classes. Which makes Singapore EXCELLENT for business and entrepreneurship, but really fucking LOUSY for free speech, free expression and dissent. In order to engage in the latter, you need mature western-style liberal democracy.