China and US initiatives in the world stage

The creation of AIIB is fresh on everyone’s mind as a major initiative from China, often accused of not doing its part and responsibility to play a bigger role in the world stage. And when it is doing exactly what the Americans demanded it to do, the Americans throw all kinds of brass tacks on its path and put up a Berlin Wall to prevent American allies from joining. Many Asian countries would benefit greatly from this initiative to obtain cheap loans for their nation’s infrastructure developments.

Another major Chinese initiative is the two prong Silk Road to promote trade in Asia, one overland and one through the oceans. The infrastructure development that goes with it and the facilitation of trades can only be good for Asia and the world.

The other Chinese initiatives like liberalizing the renminbi as an alternative world currency against the highly dangerous greenbacks with the Americans printing them like toilet papers to exchange for goods and services from the hardworking people across the world. And China is also offering an alternative lesser manipulation and HFT/computer free stock broking system to the world against the highly manipulated and flawed western system originating from New York and London.

These are not counting the cheaply prized products that China is selling to the world to benefit the whole world without having to pay a hand or leg for consumer products.
In the meantime what are the Americans doing? What are the American initiatives? Signing defence pacts, renewing defence agreements, pivot to Asia to rebalance is military and political dominance. Even the Trans Pacific Pact, supposedly a trade pact, is described by the new Defence Secretary as an aircraft carrier.

In his first visit to Asia, Ashton Carter is bragging about how powerful is the American military forces and where the Americans are spending their monies, and let me quote an AGENCIES’s report today, ‘But Mr Carter appeared to relish it, claiming that “passing the TPP is as important to me as another aircraft carrier”….the Obama Administration is opening a new phase of its strategic “rebalance “ towards Asia and the Pacific by investing in high end weapons such as a new long range stealth bomber, long range anti ship cruise missile, rapid runway repair and refreshing its defence alliance with Japan….”the rebalance is working”, citing the deployment to Asia of advanced weapons systems such as Virginia class fast attack submarines, missile defences and F22 fighters and rotations of US Marines form Okinawa, Japan, to the Japanese mainland, Guam and Australia.’

Now, who is promoting trade and economic growth and who is preparing for war and warmongering? According to Washington and the western media, China is the aggressive country with belligerent intent and the Americans and their allies are the peaceful ones, the peace loving ones. One is sending out a whole list of economic and trade development initiatives and the other is preparing for war, sending out all its military weapons and forces and beefing up on military alliances.

What should you believe? Got to thank the AGENCIES’s reports for showing the hypocrisy and cynicism of the American ‘peaceful’ intent in Asia in its pivot and rebalancing in Asia.

PS: Why is the TPP an aircraft carrier? And the Americans are accusing the China of causing an arms race and raising tension in Asia.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Wait wait, this is just the preamble. When President Hillary Clinton takes office, then you will see the fun. She hates China. She likes strong military action-borak.

Hillary is going to strap on her dildo, bend over the Chinese leaders and fuck them up the ass until they cry their ancestor's names. She will then go to Japan and anally rape Abe and his cronies until their anuses look like teriyaki.

President Hillary "Goldman Sachs" Clinton is set for global conquest. She has proven herself to be a consummate politician---she can lie barefaced, she can smack people down without conscience, the can parley with Wall Street, she can hypnotise Main Street, she can make friends with Palestine sympathisers, but she can also drone strike the same sympathisers as "terrorists".

Anonymous said...

With many countries in Asia all kowtowing to the Yanks it is very hard to see how China can win over their votes. Japan is scared shit of being dumped by her master Abe would bend over backwards to please the Americans. AIIB is a good way to tell the Yanks they cannot bully the whole world any longer. It is time we find another alternative. However, Japan, I am certain with instruction from her pay master will never join. Why cut off the hand that feeds you. Fukushima radiation is getting to the west coast of the American continent. Payback time!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hillarious Clinton is the best gift for the Americans. Bush Jr did a bad job by not bankrupting America. Hilarious Clinton would finish the job for him.

Let us all pray that Hillarious Clinton would be elected as the next President of USA.

b said...

Already europe and russia are preparing to have wars so it is possible that china and usa are also preparing one. it is not new that the barbarians love to rob people.