Bizarre govt, bizarre policies

I was trying to find the best polite word to describe the policies that were churned out by this govt. Bizarre seems to be the safest bet. I was thinking of stronger words like horrible or worst, but the blood pressure of people may shoot up and burst the blood vessels and very nice people can go berserk. So bizarre it is to describe the kind of policies and things that are going on. No, no, I am not talking about a 16 year old boy being handcuffed and shackled for his ranting. That is child play. Forget about Roy Ngerng having to pay some fines for being a nuisance in a public park designated for free speech.

Now what can be considered bizarre? Can the changes to the CPF savings of the people be considered bizarre? The people’s life time savings now like not the people’s money. And many will die before even got the chance to use it after saving a life time. Is this bizarre by a govt elected by the people and changing policies on the people’s life savings and believing confidently that the people will have no objections and will happily vote the party to power again? Bizarre or no?

What about using the taxpayers’ money to the tune of billions, to finance foreigners to study here, from primary schools to universities, thousands of them over the years? And the parents who are citizens, taxpayers, got to foot every cent to finance their children’s education here or overseas, some emptying their life savings, selling their homes, while foreigners who did not pay taxes, with no obligations to the country, where the country owes them nothing, enjoyed the benefits of free education, free food and lodging and allowances? Crazy or bizarre, you tell me lah.

And the people again will happily vote, in a democratic election, the party who gave the money to foreigners, to power again. It is as good as the people giving consent to these policies, to help the children of the world to a good and expensive education, but they have to tighten their belts to pay for their own children’s education, using hard cash when many are cash strapped. Not bizarre? Not insanity?

With the financial demands to support their children, a decent job is a must. Many are now jobless or underemployed. And they have big mortgages to pay and children’s education fee and maintenance allowance to pay. How could they managed, I don’t know but they managed. And they are very happy to vote the party to power again for the bizarre policies of bringing hundreds of thousands of foreigners here to displace them in their jobs. Oops, sorry, my mistake on this. Officially the citizens, the PMETs were not displaced by the foreigners. They were just not good enough, not qualified enough, not talented enough, did not have the skills sets for the good jobs. They are to compete with the foreigners on a level playing field and the best man or woman gets the job. Citizen or no citizen, it is meritocracy. Citizenship does not confer any privileges as far as getting a job is concerned. Not even a job in the govt services. All is fair. Bizarre or not?

Wait till the people go to the voting stations and vote the govt back to power, with bigger majority, to confirm their support to these policies then you will know if it is bizarre or not. Wait till they find out how many got cheated of their jobs by cheats with fake certificates and qualifications.

At least 500,000 of foreigners are here working happily, butmany local PMETs are not working and still trying very hard to apply for a job. Some waiting for years and not even getting a reply or an interview.  And the official stand is that they are not displaced by foreigners in employment. They got themselves to blame as they are not meritorious enough. Bizarre or not? And they would vote the same govt to implement the same immigration and employment policies with no protest, willingly, not sure if happily.

And many of the foreigners are from countries infamous for cheating in their education system, buying fake certificates and degrees, faking their CVs, and substandard education system. And the citizens were told that the foreigners are better than them, so blame themselves. And the citizens who have lost their jobs agree and would go to the voting stations to vote for the same govt again and again, for these policies. Bizarre or not?

Not bizarre? Yes, this is the most bizarre of all. No one thinks anything is missing and these policies are excellent policies, necessary policies for growth and good jobs, dunno for who, but definitely not bizarre policies. The govt does not think it is bizarre, the daft Sinkies also do not think it is bizarre.

What do you think? Is there anything bizarre?


Anonymous said...

RB is going over the old old song and dance about the same old well trashed topics. We all know that this is the method of governance of the PAP. It has proven to bring economic success to Singapore. Majority of Singaporeans are happy or appear to be happy with the current system, so why the constant gripe from you about the same issues? If Singaporeans are not happy the next GE will bring about changes. However, going from the results of past GEs, Singaporeans have given their trust and confidence to the PAP. So RB, if these topics have been posted many times by many people, please give them a rest. NO MORE please.

Anonymous said...

No choice, social medial is not considered as important feedback channel for the MIW. They even call it noises from the minority of unhappy people. Therefore, to get the MIW to take notice on our concern, we should find a way to get the MSM to publish our problems and concerns.
But how???
You notice that anything that was published in the MSM you will get police and MIW into action.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Singapore is not the only cuntree on earth to experience "life in a Bizzaro world".

However if the world in in a Biizzaro state, Singapore is a great place to be, if you can place yourself on the "right side" of the situation.

Redbean paints a picture where life is Singapore is bleak and hopeless, but fails to realise that "bleak and hopeless" are negative states of mind which may or may not ACCURATELY represent "reality". There is always more than ONE interpretation of current events and circumstances.

However if one is in a constant negative mental state, one will not NOTICE the vast opportunities which avail themselves in any "crisis", more readily identified if one is willing to adapt.

As for going back to the "good old days", that ain't gonna happen. Broken promises will never be fixed. Jobs which are lost are gone forever. New and then newer shit will happen; is happening. If you are still stuck in the past, you're going extinct like a dinosaur, whilst the more adaptable will be seizing and exploiting opportunity like a BOSS. ;-)

"Good" govt policy is rare. Most govt policy generates "externalities" and unforeseen circumstances, creating winners in some areas, usually at the expense of losers in other areas. Unfair? Nope, it is the default, as life itself is unfair. If life were totally fair, we'd all be born with movie star looks, elite athletic abilities, high IQ's, and be resistant to all forms of physical ailments and mental impairment. So to EVER expect the govt to be "fair" is just pure wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

Not bizarre lah. Normal what. Now just waiting for economy to crash, people to commit suicide and people to start killing each other in the streets. Best time to invest & buy properties. Shiok.

Anonymous said...

It's not bizarre.
It's a miracle.

The Miracles of Lee Kuan Yew (parody)
Is this another newly discovered miracle?
Creating a sense of home ownership in Singaporeans who live in HDB flats that really belong to HDB and not Singaporeans.
Making home "owners" out of people who don't really own their own HDB flats?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon at 11.42

The Miracles of LKY

Sin kicked out of the Federation of Malaysia because of his Malaysian Malaysia slogan.

The Malaysian Chinese cried also for him as he trying to get the Bumis to recognize and acknowledge the status and rights of the M.Chinese

Till today, still segregation. The PAP becomes DAP. My religion has more status than yours etc etc. You cannot use this you cannot use that. Using all their energies just to be one up against their own countrymen.

So, unable to elevate and help the M. Chinese, many came here and they made good also due to LKY's generosity.

So instead of just been a minor benefactor in a small little dot to the M.Chinese, do more for all of the Asean fellow bros and sis and gave them all resources that we have above our own. Time to come, with the passing, many will remember him and he will be a BIGGER MAN.

Chinese family upbringing, elder bro or sis or any sibling has to give away to the younger ones even though they are smarter and brighter. Any punishments also meted to the elders first.

So, LKY does the same. Own Singaporean children come last. You can see in real life, some own family members are not even helped bu their own. Their saying, A close neighbor is better than a distant relative.

This is their thinking and culture. Some would rather be close to their friends than their family as familiarity breeds contempt

So that why Sinkies are been dumped for the others.


Anonymous said...

The good thing about social media is that you don't let a matter rest. If it must be got rid off, it must be spoken and repeated all the time until it is taken away.

You never hear minister said, no complaint means no problem. So you stop talking about it, it is no problem.

And that MS shit. He does not know the difference between a joker being paid $100k to do a job well and another joker being paid a million to mess it up. That is the quality of his shit head. As far as he can get his head into a hole, he is oblivious to what is around him.

Anonymous said...

@ April 25, 2015 12:45 pm

It all boils down to choice.
The right to choose your own destiny.
And the courage to choose the destiny that is in our own best self interest.

patriot said...

It is said that rape victims do sometimes enjoy the sex that are forced upon them.
Bizzare You say ?
Sinkies do enjoy getting rape by their leaders.
It is found that in Sadism, the one inflicted with pain may enjoy as much as the one inflicting it.
What says Yew ?

Anonymous said...


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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> he is oblivious to what is around him.

At least you got that right about me, with a small correction.

From Oxford Dictionary:
oblivious |əˈblɪvɪəs|
not aware of or concerned about what is happening around one

Me: I am aware, but I don't give a flying fuck about it if it doesn't affect me, or is not an opportunity I can exploit.

>> He does not know the difference between a joker being paid $100k to do a job well and another joker being paid a million to mess it up.

If I'm not the one doing the paying, I don't really care :-)