Are we moving towards a kinder society?

Below is an article by Andrew Loh posted in the TRE about Amos.  I share Andrew's angst about the case and hope the kindest person in Singapore, Willaim Wan, would say a few kind words for Amos Yee. This boy could have said the wrong things and ruffled some feathers.  I believe he is just an impressionable kind going through the paces of adolescence and unlikely to pose a security threat to anyone. He is precocious and very articulate and well read.

The objective of the Singapore Kindness Movement is to build a nation of kindness. So far I am waiting to see some kindness shown to this boy, not necessary by the Kindness Movement but by the average Singaporeans. Amos is all alone. His parent is not posting bail and Amos would have to spend time behind bars until kindness appears.

Here is the article 'Why are we over killing Amos?'

22 police reports filed against him, 8 policemen at his home to arrest him (while he was in pajamas), handcuffed at home, handcuffed in court, bail set at $20,000, new conditions of removing his fundraising blog post (he was trying to raise funds to pay his legal fees) and to report to police station every morning at 9am.

All this along with charges of sedition, harassment, obscenity, and a biased mainstream media publishing misleading reports about his mother, so-called celebrities in a public forum pontificating about how his parents are to blame, together with pro-PAP psychos calling him names, questioning his parents, threatening to cut off his penis and stuff it into his mouth, etc.

Welcome to the PAP’s first world nation in the 21st century.

And oh, the boy is 16-years old, in case you forgot.

Whatever your political leanings, and whatever you think of Amos Yee, we really need to think of what kind of society we are becoming.
“Lee Kuan Yew says Singapore needs more mavericks, geniuses and independent thinkers” – AFP, 2003.
Andrew Loh


Anonymous said...

Amos is just a 16 years old boy with no income and now facing charges. Pls have pity on him and his family. Do the authorities want to sue him and made his family bankrupt. Je suis Amos.

Virgo 49 said...

Skunk human beings been afraid of been exposed of their hypocrisies will by any means silence anyone who has the guts to expose them.

Only time when karma shown its face that they will face retributions.

May the Good Lord endowed all his blessings to his meek children with double faces.

Anonymous said...

"The objective of the Singapore Kindness Movement is to build a nation of kindness."

The objective is to brainwash Sinkies to be kind to Aliens.
And also to teach Sinkies to keep quiet when we get buklied by Aliens and Traitors.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speed. IMHO this Amos Yee issue has been overplayed. The authority should have just ignored him and let it pass as the ranting of an ignorant and ill-advised young teen. As thing stands this issue has been highlighted in the MSM and bought to the attention of the world. It has not done Singapore any good at all.

Anonymous said...

“Lee Kuan Yew says Singapore needs more mavericks, geniuses and independent thinkers” – AFP, 2003.

Say one thing.
Do the opposite.
Is this true? You tell me lah!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What would people expect from unthinking and ruthless imbeciles?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I think the arrest and treatment of young Amos by the cops and the public are important and should be observed in a "disengaged" state. i.e. just observe, don't interact, shut the fuck up.

Only then can you see the glaring holes and "missing bits" in modern Singapore culture.

I was having a related discussion on Friday, and I came out defending Singapore. The "success" story of Singapore required 2 ingredients: economic reality, and thus an "open" economy and the second, very rigid social controls, with very little LEEway. Actually it was the LEE-way with no leeway.

So now Singaporeans and their cuntree are RICH. One of the richest in the world. The Singapore story remains the most fascinating and so far unsurpassed narrative of how a cuntry, its multi-culture and its people did not only "survive" after being tossed aside, but rose to tower head and shoulders above most nations in the world, including the "mature and established" nations.

Therefore, so what if "creativity" and "critical thought" is lacking? So what if they cannot handle freed speech? At least they're RICH!

The way I see it, if that eventually the free speech thing will EVOLVE out of the culture. Not in my lifetime, but probably in 2 or 3 more generations.

Fortunately, no one lives forever. When entire generations die out, so do many of their ideas---even the good ones. Sometimes the "bad ideas" hang around. However, most of the time we can rest assure of "cleaning house".

Singapore will "clean house" of its bad ideas. But it won't occur overnight or even in a decade.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. The mere fact that Singapore needs a "Kindness Movement" as part of the social engineering plan speaks VOLUMES about perhaps there are things "not quite right" in the society.

It's a bit twisted and creepy lah!

Anibodi said...

Uncle Red Bean,

My humble apologies for saying that you must be joking to ask for a kinder society infested with so many self-serving sycophants and cronies, flourishing at an alarming rate, to surround a blind, deaf and idiotic Leeder who has not a single iota of political acumen, yet trying very hard to rule according to the knuckle duster handed down by the 'God of No Mercy', and at the same time suffering from a second bout of cancerous CANCER, which may at any time cause a relapse again. Mot likely the cancerous cells have already invaded his idiotic brain.

Basically, this idiot is trying to control the Internet. Yes, he does. He is trying very very hard. Therefore, he seizes at each and every opportunity to punish the ant to frighten the monkeys away. BUT he will not succeed. No way he is going to succeed. The more he tries, the more he shows his unprofessional hands and heartless, ruthless ways. Therefore, more and more resistance and hatred against him will arise. That shall be his ultimate downfall.

If you want to beg him for kindness, it would be better to beg the real Devil for mercy instead.


Anonymous said...

William Kindness Wan found wanting ? Hello William, where are you when you are needed most ? gone into hiding ah ?