Alvin Tan – I like him

Anyone remember this name? Oh if you don’t, let me give you a clue. He was a foreigner given a scholarship to study free and provided with accommodation and allowances to make him feel comfortable in Singapore, without having to work but to study in this very expensive city. Ok, another clue, he is famously known as the sex blogger. He did law and was expelled from law school, not sure if he completed the law degree. Now you remember who is this Alvin Tan? He is a Malaysian now living in exiled in the US for his insensitive jokes during Hari Raya in Malaysia.

Now why did I say I like him? You see, he made a lot of people here looked very stupid and foolish. And because of him, maybe more Singapore children will now have a chance to study in our world best universities, and maybe even get a scholarship like Alvin Tan to spare their parents from selling their homes. How so?

Read Alvin’s latest post in the TRE, ‘Sex blogger Alvin Tan: I was offered SPR in 2007’.  See how good they thought of him as someone with great talent and to be a Singaporean to contribute or to help make Singapore a better place for daft Sinkies.

In brief he said a few things that would make some people feel very angry and malu, with red faces. And I quote,

Alvin slammed the cramped quarters that Singaporeans called housing, saying their flats were “smaller than even the upstairs area of your terrace house…. about how tough it was to own a car and how Singaporeans had to depend on “riding trains that break down” despite the fares being pricey… He said many became “bitter, cynical individuals early on in life” due to the compulsory national service they attended in Pulau Tekong and spent their working lives “competing fruitlessly” with foreigners who stole their jobs.

Noting that monthly commitments were sky-high, he said many simply resigned themselves to their corporate lives and paid chunks of their salaries into a “compulsory saving scam” called CPF that he likened to a Ponzi scheme.’

And if the above did not rile anyone from his comfort zone, read this, ‘I was offered Singaporean Permanent Residence (status) in 2007. I tossed the letter into the rubbish bin. I had no intention of becoming a cog in the wheel to fund the CPF, Temasek Holdings, and your ministers’ million-dollar salaries.’

Now you understand why I like Alvin Tan? He made those silly people who thought throwing money at people like him would make them grateful and would want to be cog to pay their fat salaries. Any one of these intelligent young men and women would easily see through the whole farce and would take them for a ride.

Would those silly buggers realize how stupid they were and stop wasting public money on these foreigners and, instead use the money to repay the citizens for paying taxes and helping to build this country and to pay their fat salaries? Hopefully they would not be so thick and stubborn and continue to throw our taxpayers money to these ungrateful foreigners that are too smart for them to handle.

Thank you Alvin Tan, for giving them a piece of your mind on their stupidity. Singaporean parents would be grateful to you and maybe lesser Singaporean children would have to become financial burdens to their parents who have to pay for their tertiary education in Singapore or forced to pay even more for their overseas education.
Alvin Tan is an angel in disguise.


Anonymous said...

Alvin Tan reminds me of Amos Yee.
But Alvin Tan is a Malaysian.
So he is living free in USA.
Amos Yee is a Singaporean.
So Amos is now out on bail in Singapore.

Alvin Tan is Malaysian.
So he gets praised by redbean.
Amos Yee is Singaporean.
So diam, diam ... no Singaporean dare to praise and support him.

It sucks to fight for Singaporeans.
Singaporeans like to betray, abandon and ignore our heroes.
I still remember JBJ.
Kena sue until bankrupt.
Trying to raise some money selling his book.
And being ignored by daft Singaporeans who abandoned and ignored him.

Singaporeans deserve to be bullied by PAPigs.

Anonymous said...

Trying to raise some money selling his book at the Raffles Place MRT station.
And being ignored by daft Singaporeans who abandoned and ignored him.

Virgo 49 said...

Just back from genting and took a half day trip to KL from there and back.

Took a par hong taxi as faster than transfer by bus.

Young (we are older than him) uncle inquired where we from. Singapore, he exclaimed, wow Singapore, my son is studying there on a scholarship in engineering.

Just love and admired your government especially LHL. If not, my son got no chance to study overseas.

These remarks not only from him but from any nationalities in Asia that our beloved government number ONE in offering scholarships to all and sundry excerpt sinkies

They thought that when these scholars returned home to their homelands, working in government or statutory boards or private enterprises.they would be most grateful and have business priorities ntoew us,

Little do they know that most showed their middle fingers to our daft million dollars ministers

These ministers think that they are smart in their policies


Anonymous said...

"... he exclaimed, wow Singapore, my son is studying there on a scholarship in engineering. "

Malaysian son studies for free in Singapore university.
Singaporean son studies on parents' money in overseas university.
Bankrupting the Singaporean parent.

Why Singaporean parents so stupid and vote for PAPig policies that may bankrupt them I will never understand.

And better still, Singaporean son still have to do National Service and Reservist training to defend the PAPig plicies that keep the Singaporean families in the poor house.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>>I had no intention of becoming a cog in the wheel to fund the CPF, Temasek Holdings, and your ministers’ million-dollar salaries.

Well, you don't have to. You can use your PR status to take selfish advantage of the low taxes, banking secrecy and great business environment, and then go wild and enjoy all the individual liberties in the US of A, without funding their money printing, ridiculous state and federal taxes, and Goldman Sach's corporate and social welfare economy.

Same difference lah. Every cuntree on earth has assholery built into its governing system and its culture. If you are after a life of selfish individual freedom to live by your rules, then you need more than one passport/ visa so you can TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE of the good things which add VALUE to you and lessen the impact of the bad things which suck value from you.

Offered PR or citizenship? Take lah. It's your free UPGRADE in The Hotel, i.e. you get to use all the facilities of The Hotel without having to do NS. Plus once you've made your pile, you can relinquish the PR or citizenship and fuck off with the ENTIRE amount of CPF in your greedy, pure self-interest pockets.

C'mon, this is a SWEET DEAL. Bonus points: you'll make the locals JELOUS of your "special" situation, and this is COMEDY GOLD! :-)

Anonymous said...

Alvin Tan is just only a minority of foreigners, definitely much less than 40%, who are like that lah, despite scholarships given to them by the PAP govt. Just like u cannot expect 100% to vote for PAP, u also cannot expect 100% foreigners given scholarship are all good and grateful what, tio bo?

And majority will be converted to become Sinkie citizens and vote for PAP.

So PAP where got stupid, u tell me lah?

Virgo 49 said...

Singapore students encouraged to study in ITEs. Or be hawkers lah

See ITEs built as big and class as unis

Virgo 49 said...

PAP not stupid !!!

Have disobedient sinkies who voted the opposition one GRC and SMC into the House and made us malu

Now we know how to fix you, daft!!!

Anonymous said...

PAP is not stupid.
It's Singaporeans who vote for PAP who are stupid.
Even LKY calls his Singaporean voters daft..
And still the Singaporean voter votes for LKY.
When LKY died.
Many Singaporeans go to pay their last respect to LKY who called them daft.

Why anybody wants to fight for Singaporeans I will never know.
PAP pays so much better salaries too.

Anonymous said...

Why give scholarships to foreigners? They are cheaper and more productive. They are like instant trees. Their parents paid for their growing up. Free to Singapore. When they start working, no need to waste time doing NS or reservist training. See, productive or not?

Virgo49 said...

Tawaninese lady exclaimed now my sons are in Canada after their scholarship stints in singapore, Think we stay put in your sinkieland??

Malaysian children after scholarships guaranteed jobs with sin dollars at exchange 2.68

After retirement retired to Matland in bungalows,

Indian nationals, sons offered Pink Ics ??? You must be joking deh!!!

Better come back as expatriate foreign talents and rule over you

Daughters, ok deh, can renounce citizen ships after sucking you dry and go back deh

And the daft sinkies opened their legs and bend their backsides for them to screw

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The PAP is definitely not stupid. They are pragmatic and are apt to use Machiavellian methods to "manipulate" the citizens to attain the state's social engineering objectives. Make no mistake, Singapore society is, in a large part socially engineered

IMO, if you get swept up by the machine, you will eventually SURRENDER YOUR MIND to the Hive.

To fight the state toe to toe is a losing game. Criticising the PAP and calling their members nasty names, also a losing game. Thinking that voting in the opposition as a "cure"---the biggest losing game of all, as to overcome the Hive Mind you must be brilliant and forceful, and demolish the PAP. Having their hackles raised, they will then go after you and cut you down with defamation lawsuits---like I said, the ULTIMATE losing game, as the money you've lost in the law suit could have been used to set yourself up in a new home in a new cuntry, starting NEW LIVES for you and your family.

It is my opinion and it could be (?) a strategy I would adopt to treat the whole damn thing as A GAME. Take 10 deep breaths and exhale slowly....bring the emotions right down to base level. ;-)

If the PAP are to be pragmatic, and Machiavellian, then a good strategy would also to be pragmatic and Machiavellian. And to get ahead in life, if you are not "top dog" you have to make as many friends as possible so that you create an "unfair advantage" and tilt the odds always in your favour.

So don't be an idiot: don't openly criticise the PAP or the cuntree. When in public, be endearing---praise the cuntry and announce how grateful you are, tell people the govt is doing a good job. And when you go to the US or Aust or wherever, spin the same "sales pitch" about their cuntree to their people.

Sales people often "sell" from SCRIPTS which they learn by heart, and practice over and over until they sound "genuine". IMO, the person who wants to "win the game" needs to do the same.

Does that mean you're insincere, disingenuous and possibly and outright fucking LIAR?

YES. But at least you're damn good at it and have elevated your personal ability to a HIGH ART.

I would say you are well on your way to enjoying a fantastic life :-)

Anonymous said...

Who was really wasteful?
Who was really silly?
Who was really stupid?
Answer me! Answer me!

Who was really wasteful?
Who was really silly?
Who was really stupid?
Answer me! Answer me!

Why? Why? Why?


Virgo49 said...

Bro,my friend of sixty years in conversation with us critized the PAP not worth half cent

But lined up at cantonment road wavering at LKY' hearse when passed by in rain

This is how smart sinkies survived, like working as interpreter for the Japanese
Kemptei .

Wah quay chaik quay
Wah ark chiak ark

Who cares as long as
It benefits me and family

Anonymous said...

They sell Sinkies to buy aliens?

How come Sinkies no protest?

Oh, aliens create jobs for Sinkies.

No aliens, Sinkies mati ah !

Anonymous said...

Yep, RB doing the right thing by praising the garment.

b said...

Everywhere in this world and in every country, the rich ruling elites screwed their people. It has never been about religion or race (aka manipulation tools), it has always been a class conflict.

patriot said...

All the Younger Men; Amos Yee, Alvin Tan, the One who fucked the DPM, the Five that fucked PAP are All acting SPONTANEOUSLY in responses to the Impressions they have of the Rulers.
Their actions were in every way INSTINCTIVE, kind of a NATURAL ability to read into the Subjects as built-in ability.

There must be many such youths with similar thinking like Amos and Alvin, however most would not risk getting themselves and their families into trouble by broadcasting their feelings.
These disenchanted folks are also not active in politics themselves, in fact, most are angry because they are facing lots of challenges in their livings. Only those that couldn't care about them and treat them as invisible are not conscious of the Plights of these segment of the Population.

It is not uncommon for Sinkies to feel betrayed or sold out.