AIIB – Breaking the American stranglehold

The vice grip on the world’s economic system by the Americans has finally been breached with the birth of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank initiated by China. Despite all the threats, arm twisting and hogwash splashed all over by the Americans about transparency, fairness, accountability, environmental issues, the rest of the world broke free from the barriers erected by the Americans, like the fall of the Berlin Wall, to rush to join the AIIB as its founding members.

Britain took the lead by ignoring its former colony’s demand, the once Number One colonial power would not be bullied by the dictates of it’s ex colony. Its own national interest is paramount and no way would it be kept from being a founding member of AIIB. The run for freedom from the clutches of the Americans was quickly followed by more Europe countries and the semi colonies of America in the East. South Korea and Australia found a good excuse to join as well, leaving only the semi colony of Japan to hang on to the American bandwagon for its own fear of losing its grip on the Asian economies.

The fear mongering of the Americans and Japanese were simply fear mongering without an ounce of truth. The countries joining the AIIB are not colonies of China, led by a gun pointing at their heads, to join or be shot. They were not like the slaves of Africa being hunted and sold to slavery in the USA or like the Red Indians being led to a massacre. China would not be able to lead the AIIB if it does not play fair and accept the views and interests of all the founding members. This is the 21st Century! The founding members have equal rights and votes to out vote China or, failing which, the AIIB will become a stillborn.

AIIB will set a new World Order on a more equitable basis where every country will have equal rights according to a set of rules and regulations decided by them, without a gun pointing at them. It would gradually and eventually replaced the flawed and unfair systems of the IMF, World Bank and ADB that were structured and designed to perpetuate American and Japanese dominance and control. The world will be a better place for small nations, and a more level playing field for all.

It is good that the Americans and the Japanese stayed out of the AIIB and allow the new organization and its members to decide the rules of the game without being spoilers and trying to lay imaginary obstacles to cripple the organization. The AIIB will set the new standard for an international organization respecting the rights of all its members fairly and equally.

Pax Americana is waning. Welcome to a new dawn to a New World Order. With 47 countries, including all the major western powers except the USA and Japan, it is a force to be reckoned with. The AIIB is an experiment. If successful, there will be two more AIIBs, one for Africa and another for Latin America, the African Infrastructure Investment Bank and the American Infrastructure Investment Bank.


Anonymous said...

Why not write about 'GE 2016 - Breaking the PAP stranglehold"

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Hahaha, the AIIB is a new player jockeying for a slice of the action in the region.

Please lah redbean, it is a BANK---the most vital component in the power-fueled political and mercantile money trails which benefit the elite and enslave the average unarmed citizen, by bending them over a barrel and anally raping them for ever and ever.

However, I do have a perverse love of entertainment when powerful entities band together to fight each other, especially when they are fighting for the "rights to money" and the "rights" to grab it and control it.

>> The AIIB is an experiement. If successful, there will be two more AIIBs, one for Africa and another for Latin America, the African Infrastructure Investment Bank and the American Infrastructure Investment Bank.

WOW! Bankers running the world. What could possibly go wrong?