Abe, the Genie of War unleashed

Japan, the menace of WW2 with its abominable armies invading the countries of Asia and committing atrocities and barbarities, inflicting untold miseries to the people of these countries, was hauled in by the USA and kept tightly in a bottle for the last 6 decades, not to be able to do mischief anymore. The wild ambitions of an aggressive people out to conquer and rule the world, a people thinking it was right to kill and to rule with the gun, were snuffed out after its devastating defeat in the Pacific Ocean, and not before two Atomic bombs to bring them down on their knees.

With the Genie of War trapped in the bottle, Asia enjoyed 6 decades of peace and economic growth. The Japanese today are claiming credit for the peace that they destroyed, for good life they turned into horrors of war. They are projecting to the world that they are peace loving people, kind, compassionate and benign. They love peace and are the protector and guardian of peace. The want to guard and protect peace in Asia with their military might again!

In the same breath they have torn away their pacifist Constitution forbidding them from engaging in war. They have lied to the world, with the connivance and approval of the USA, ironically the same country that locked the Japanese away from their guns, and have built a massive military force that could wreck havoc to the countries of Asia all over again. And this time it is more deadly as they are joined, hand in hand with the Americans, and armed to their teeth, to use their military arsenal again, in the name of peace, but talking about going to war and ready to indulge in warfare. This is done with the approval of the USA. It used to be white men spoke in fork tongue. Now this black man in the White House is also learning to speak in fork tongue like the white men.

The Americans have let the Genie of War and destruction out of the bottle for their vested interest of world domination. And Japan is singing the same song, to walk and fight side by side with the Americans should the Americans wage wars with any country. This must be music to the ears of the Americans. Now the world’s number One military power, the war monger and agitator, has a willing accomplice all too trigger happy, to lend a helping hand, so as to relive its military glory as a warlike nation.

Can the world have peace with the Genie of War clothed in the cloak of peace but armed to the teeth? Can the people of Asia trust the Abe and his Japan with his revisionist policies, to rewrite history, to erase the Imperialist past of Japanese aggression against other Asian countries, no Nanjing Massacre, no comfort women, no war of conquest, claiming that they were all lies? 

The Japanese are coming in peace, with their warships and guns, to bring peace to Asia again. Didn’t Asia have peace without the Japanese? Wasn’t it the Japanese that started the war in Asia? Why were the Japanese soldiers in all the countries of Asia and ruling the people with fear and the threats of beheading, as colonies?


Anonymous said...

Soon, the Japs will do another liberation of ASEAN.

Trust the Japs at your own risk. They have a long history of screwing backsides when you least expect it.

Anonymous said...

The gullible Indons and Malaysians love the Japs.

The Pinoys and Viets for obvious reasons, they are in a gold rush, to claim islands in the South China Sea that China already claimed. They wanted to go to war with China with the Japs and Americans behind them.

Anonymous said...

Now, down under, an Abbot and a Bishop is trying to create tension with Indonesia.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Chinese island-building in South China Sea 'may undermine peace', says Asean

I think you might find that the panty-sniffing Japs may have more "friends" in USA cocksucking ASEAN this time, who are definitely concerned about China's solo escapades in the South China Sea.

In the 1930s and 40s, rural Japan was left out of the lucrative SE Asian trade which was controlled entirely by the European colonials. Now Japan has interests and invesments in every Asian cuntree. Japan and ASEAN have a free trade agreement, and they are BUDDIES.

The only people besides redbean who are still bellowing about WW2 are the Jews going on and on and on about how brutal the Nazis were to them.

Enough already lah! The war ended 70 years ago!

Anonymous said...

China should simply trade with half of the Asean countries that are friendly and ignore the rest.

The islands in the South China Sea are up for grabs. They are no man's islands.

Got big cock can go and grab. No big cocks, go borrow American cocks to show got big cock.

Anonymous said...

They say their new defence pact is not targeted at any country. In mandarin one would say 'only ghost would believe'!!

Anonymous said...

So much wayang being staged to host Abe to show how chummy they are. So 'er xin '

Of course to the Chinese sure buay happy, only last week Abe's cabinet and 100 Members of Parliament went bowing and paid respect to the souls of Class A war criminals !

This week we have those exquisite dinning sets lay out with japs' chopsticks and dishes to please the guests from the land of rising sun in US .

TPP not consciously created against China said the Jepun pm. All Wayang only

Anonymous said...

China and Japan ties are improving with latest meeting of their leaders in Indonesia recently. The US just wants to assert their control of the seas in this part of the world.

The new US defence minister in Seoul said 'Our newest and best things are being deployed to this part of the world," -- the second leg of a visit to the two key US military allies in the region, Japan and South Korea.

'Only the best and newest' sound so sweet BUT also meant the most deadliest and most destructive weapons that can kill the most people will be delivered to the asians by asians in the event of war?

So who will be the likely receiving end of such fatal weaponries? Chinese or North Koreans or both ?

Anonymous said...

Hope the Japanese continue to con the Americans like they did prior to WW2 then do another Pearl Harbour on them. That would be great.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1253:

>> So who will be the likely receiving end of such fatal weaponries? Chinese or North Koreans or both ?

Who cares? as long as Singapore gets a "cut" of the deal.


1. Singapore is the world's 5th largest arms IMPORTER

2. Singapore is the world's 20th largest arms EXPORTER

Hmmmm...not bad for a tiny little piece of rock...Plus during the deal they can use Singapore's PSA for the transport and logistics, and use Singapore banks to escrow and clear the funds...everything of course, for a small, very competitive fee!

Singapore---open for business, 24/7 lah! HUAT AH!

Anonymous said...

Should Japan try to play punk again vis-a vis the Pearl Harbour attack, with its its largest arms suppliers, it will kena jialat jialat this time since this is NOT 1942. A stealth bomber bomber would fly direct from the into Jpn and 'lau-side'.

b said...

Japan is the evil of far east since long ago. Countries like usa should take note especially because japan will ultimately destroy her credibility and power. It is already in the process.

Anonymous said...

US rolled out the red carpet for Japan leader.The western media hailed their ever stronger military alliance in the new guidelines. The changes allow Japan to shoot down any missiles heading for U.S. territory or to defend U.S. ships engaged in missile-defense in the vicinity of Japan!

'"We will be able to do globally what we’ve been able to do in the defense of Japan and regionally,” according to the official on the new guidelines which also meant Japan “can respond to attacks on third countries, not just the United States.”

What is the implications of this ? Does that mean next time you see the Japan navy is as good as seeing the US navy ? Japan frigates and destroyers would start to patrol the South China Seas ?

Anonymous said...

The Japanese have not got their just retributions. The 2 atomic bombs not enough to teach them a lesson. They need to have foreign soldiers running all over Japan cutting off the heads of Japanese, and Japanese women becoming comfort women, only then would they know, live by the gun, die by the gun.

Anonymous said...

Shinzo Abe's grandfather is Nobusuke Kishi, a high-ranking militarist who helped establish the infamous Unit 731.

Virgo 49 said...

This clown Lau bay apologised to the Americunts of killing their kind instead of their killing and slaughtering of the Asian people.

Also the Americunts killed millions of the Japanese and he sucked up to them

What s joke!!!.

Anonymous said...

China needs to 'de-alliance' the security ring is US creating around its neck. Thawing of ties between Japan and China is good for East Asia. The best is getting Japan on the AIIB.

Anonymous said...

If the Japs or Nipporns can be trusted, you can sleep with poisonous snakes and vicious tigers without FEAR!