60% PMETs lacked relevant skills

‘In a statement yesterday (2 Apr), NTUC said that 60% of PMETs face difficulties in their jobs mainly due to a lack of relevant skills.
This is according to a survey NTUC conducted with 894 PMETs last year.
“We found that many face challenges pertaining to their current skill sets and knowledge,” said Mr Patrick Tay, assistant secretary-general and director of NTUC’s PME Unit.
The top 3 difficulties in their job, cited by PMETs in the survey, are:
  1. IT challenges
  2. Lack of relevant training or industry specific skill-set
  3. Need to constantly upgrade their skills due to changes in regulations or market conditions’

The above report in TRE also quoted a 23 year old fresh graduate who was unable to get a job as well. ‘She said, “I know I have the certificate. I just finished my education, so I thought I should be okay, I should be getting a job. I did not know what was going on, I did not know what was wrong. So I decided that I needed to find somebody who can actually help me out and tell me where I was going wrong.”’

And what happened, she sought help and what did they do to help her get a permanent job? They helped to polish her resume and interview skills and that was it. What have these got to do with her skills set? And why is it that 60% of PMETs who were good enough to be employed as PMETs but got sacked and then no longer have the relevant skills. And all the jokers and fakes and dunno what from God knows where have the skills sets to be employed here, have the skills sets that our PMETs did not have?

You believe in that? You believe in the 3 reasons given above? You believe that the PMETs could only become taxi drivers and security guards and people from the 3rd World are better trained than them, from the little villages or streets of 3rd World countries? Excuse me, what does PMET meant? It means Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians! No skills set?

How did they become PMETs if they have no relevant skills set? The whole world, including 3rd World countries knew what kind of skills sets needed to work in Singapore and could produce them to meet our needs but our world class education system could not produce people with the skills set needed by our employers!

How many of you believe in this kind of nonsense?


Anonymous said...

You are so Right! It appears that the professional and the technician, who are both trained in a specific set of skills, don't have those skills after being trained in them.

Obviously something majorly wrong with our education system - beyond the fact that it doesn't teach people how to think. Now it doesn't teach people what it is supposed to teach people.

Not knowing how to think is probably the executive's biggest problem. Also the manager's. Hence, we get people telling us that 60% of PMETs have no skill sets... We have been discouraged from thinking for decades. If you do, if you question, if you disagree, you are marked down. Better to just be a yes-man. Easier too.

To make things worse for the manager, he'll be rather clueless about managing, in particular managing people. Instead of playing to people's strengths, he'll be playing on their weaknesses, to make sure they don't outshine him.

So much for the wonderful education system and culture so many are so grateful to LKY for...

agongkia said...

Had been a so call Pmets may not necessarily mean that one has relevant skill.
Pmet is just a term for the daft to console themselves and feel superior but doesn't mean they got 'leow ' or ingredients.
Its just plain luck, connection or born with the Skill to angkat, curry flavour or Polumpar. Only few are qualified to call themselves Pmet base on their actual ability or talent.

I dun believe those crap like skill , upgrading or training either as I believe one is born with or without these intelligence.

The only Skill that Sinkies need to be train in is PLP.But here again even Ah Pui oso know how without being taught so actually nothing to learn.

Meantime dun be lazy n keep dreaming of being a Pmet just becos you had been one before .Whats wrong to become taxi driver or screwty.

agongkia said...
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Anonymous said...

First-Class workforce?
... when 60% of PMET lack the right knowledge and skills?

We are worse than Malaysia and Thailand?

Pls be very careful when false and wrong facts are stated for political purposes!

Virgo 49 said...

Skills training???

Yes, just to enrich the cronies of the NTUC and their affiliated associations and professional bodies.

Lots of their so called lecturers are office bearers of the professional bodies and associations.

So they keep emphasising the importance of skills upgrading so that they can give lectures and have the numbers to do so.

Inflated invoices and what's not for themselves and the employers.

One loophole to claim Skills Development Fund.

Attended many of these high kow yew lectures.

Just like these con motivation talks.

Anonymous said...

So our PMETs have no skills sets. Those from the 3rd world and with degrees bought off the streets got the skills sets?

When fools are in charge this is what you will get.

Anonymous said...

Vote Opposition for more Hard Questions on the Hard Truths in Parliament.
Grandfather's Story in Parliament.
It's time to ask more questions.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans must not allow foreigners to kick them out of their jobs. They must kick out those who allowed foreigners to kick them out of their jobs.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I've commented on Singaporean's being emotionally stunted and reactionary before.

Well, dear readers, behold, I give you redbean---so predictably reactionary.

Firstly, look at the so-called survey. How was the data collected and analysed? What question were asked? WHO, exactly were asked, and WHAT were their demographics---for e.g. what were the age ranges of the PMETs surveyed, what were their fields, how were they selected, what specifically were the skills lacking...and so on.

Did they survey employers and HR personnel---i.e. what was the market looking for?

One-sided surveys---in this case just the PMETs---aren't very useful.

>> people from the 3rd World are better trained than them, from the little villages or streets of 3rd World countries?

Behold, I give you a reactionary and completely useless point. This is an ad hominem attack---the "we are better than them" argument.

>> our world class education system could not produce people with the skills set needed by our employers!

Did anyone BOTHER to ask the employers what they need, or are syllabi decided by some CLUELESS govt overlord sitting on their lazy ass, drawing high pay and doing sweet fuck all in the hallowed cloisters of a Feudal Statutory Board. These fuckers have NO IDEA of the real world of PRIVATE ENTERPRISE, where what is produced is determined by the market, not by CIVIL SERVANTS.

In ChIndia, many of the PRIVATE firms are training their own people in house and giving them the skills RELEVANT to their respective enterprises. Some of the world's largest companies are doing this too. Apple and Google train their own people---and they are damn selective on who they hire.

The world of business is always changing, but in recent GLOBALISED times, the game has shifted radically.

For e.g., depending on what the business is, perhaps hiring CHEAPER labour and training them might make better economic sense than hiring an expensive local who doesn't have the RELEVANT skills and thus you will have to spend money training them anyway. i.e. it is going to cost you MORE.

You might argue that "the govt has failed you". Well, what the fuck did you expect?. Gotta watch your six lah. After all, it's your life!

The education system is FUCKED, because the govt is in-charge of it. How many times has this got to be repeated, and how many more "data points" are you going to need? Anyway, do you want real world skills which will make you economically competitive, or do you want govt. mandated "education"?

>> How many of you believe in this kind of nonsense?

Next time you go to Hong Lim for another useless gabfest, count the number of heads. Therein will be your answer. :-)

"Level playing field"---this is a useless term and should be struck off immediately from the lexicon. To those in "poorer" cultures, who emigrate to richer nations where they are immediately competitive, their "playing field" has levelled in ways their forebears couldn't even imagine. But to those in the richer places, they'll complain that they no longer have a "level playing field". So, who is right? Like I said, strike this phrase from your consciousness. It's meaningless!

Anonymous said...

What a dumb ass pretending to be smart and blaming RB for the survey. You asshole, do you know who did the survey or not? Do you know what RB is talking about?

Anonymous said...

Fucking quitter got nothing to do coming here, yes, to pretend to be smart. Now how many silly people believes him?

Anonymous said...

Is this true?
60% of PAP Ministers lacked relevant skills?
- they will need to be replaced with Alien Generals from 3rd world countries.

Matilah_Singapura said...

WOW! More emotionally stunted reactionaries are coming out of the woodwork! Nary a salient argument amongst them!

Hey kotek, it doesn't matter WHO did the survey. It is how the survey was conducted---the methods and tools used to tease out the truth of the situation.

It appears that you lack the relevant skills to argue cogently. I suggest you "upgrade" yourselves ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh it doesn't matter who. Does it matter if you anyhow poke your finger into the wrong whole? Anyhow hamtam also can. Got logic? So clever ya?

Can I fuck you for fucking the bitch when you didn't?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Ok lah, kid. Have it your way. I get plenty of fucks, and I especially like the bitches. You? Well, better get a few job interviews, dun waste your time on trying to upset an asshole like me. ;-)

Anonymous said...

It has nothing to do with your skill.

Just LOW YOUR PAYCHECK to the so called foreign talent and your willingness to work extra at the drop of the pen from the employers and most of your skill will be resolved.

But are you agreeable?

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...


>> But are you agreeable?

I agree that life can suck horribly and that it is not fair. I will also agree that people who can choose to hire you or someone else can be really big assholes, or they can be just doing their job and if you aren't hired, you go out and "take it personally", thus making you the asshole.

I will agree to the fact that if you are replaced by someone else, that person may not be as good as you in every which way: from their attitude, to their integrity to their work ethic and their skills. I do however agree that who ever the boss is (the one paying the bucks), can choose---even make BAD CHOICES---to his detriment.

I agree that no matter what happens to you---whether you are to blame or not---you'd better be the one to "fix things" because you have the most to gain and lose.

I will agree that you need logic and reason to analyse and strategise. But I will also agree that you need EMOTION to spur you on, give you that huge BOOST to overcome whatever is holding you back to take ACTION. I will agree that many people do not posses said "emotional muscle", and so they stay "stuck".

I agree that "emotional masturbation" on and off the net is a complete and utter waste of time. Every one has a "bad hair day" now and then which will cause shitty feelings, leading to viewing the world and certain people in it as "fucked up".

But I think WE ALL CAN AGREE that sooner, rather than later, one has to get over one's emotions and take action for the better.

Life's a bitch and then you die...but in the mean time, you have to to be happy, or life becomes a living misery.


Anonymous said...

Psssst, what the shit do you think you are doing here?

Matilah_Singapura said...


Selfishly enjoying myself.

How about you...never mind, no answer required. I don't really give a shit about your motives. ;-)