Why Russia invades Ukraine?

The ouster of pro Russian Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was unacceptable to Putin. He cannot accept the loss of another pro Russian state to the hands of the USA. Putin needed a good excuse to move in to keep Ukraine under the sphere of Russia.
His excuse was simply to protect the ethnic Russians in Ukraine, comprising 50% of Ukraine’s population. This may or may not be a legitimate reason but a good enough reason for a powerful state to use as an excuse to invade another nation.

We have a large foreign population among us, all in hundreds of thousands from the PRC Chinese, India Indians, Malaysians, Indonesians and the Pinoys from the trigger happy and most powerful Asean country, the Philippines. Any of these countries, if powerful enough, could use the excuse of protecting their citizens here to invade us.

We are lucky that this would not happen. Not that they cannot find an excuse. We have the most powerful military force in the region and we can take on anyone. And we also have the backing of the Number One superpower, the USA behind us. So we are safe as long as the Americans don’t have a reason to want to invade us. Anyway, they are already here, so there is really no need to do so.

The only time when we have to worry about the Americans is when we become too close to China or Russia. Then the Americans could use the same excuse, to protect their citizens and also their investments here to invade us.

In the game of big power politics, we can become a pawn to any of them. The current geopolitical equation may make some think that an invasion is very unlikely, just like the invasion by the Japanese from Northeast Asia, so far away, and not really that powerful compares to the big powers today.

We are very safe, even with so many foreign nationalities living here. Our presumption is that it is exactly because they are here that their countries will not invade and destroy their investments here. Makes sense right? No? It gives them more reasons to covet the island, a prime asset without anyone interested in wanting ownership. In fact it seems that the owners are so willing to share, to give it away.

Let me quote  Bilahari Kausikan in his article in the ST today. 'Do not just listen to the sweet words of foreigners, however pleasing to the ear. We must calculate our own interests as clinically as we can and not let anyone beguile us into believing they know better.'


Anonymous said...

Please lah, Sinkieland is not Ukraine. And the leaders of PRC, India, Malaysian, Indonesia and Pinoyland is not Putin.

So no need to worry one. In fact PAP will be worried if foreigers don't want to come to Sinkieland anymore, to invest or to buy Sinkie properties.

Only daft and poor Sinkies (maybe 40%) need to be worried and afraid, because their money no enough.

And Sinkies need much more money than foreigners in order to survive, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

/// Let me quote Bilahari Kausikan in his article in the ST today. 'Do not just listen to the sweet words of foreigners, however pleasing to the ear. We must calculate our own interests as clinically as we can and not let anyone beguile us into believing they know better.' ///

Who is Bilahari?
Who you want to believe?
Bilahari or our Founding father LKY?

If LKY say foreigners are good for Singapore. It must be so.
We have allowed LKY to do our thinking for us for so many years already.
Why stop now?
Even after LKY dies, we can continue to keep in touch with his wisdom via a temple medium.

Anonymous said...

Redbean worries too much.
No one will want a barren rock which is actually and really invaded for sometimes. And those invaders are here to provide jobs as claimed by PAP. However, it must be said that the Invaders are very peaceful people. They are here to consume more than to create jobs. How do retailers and hawkers survive? What make boutiques and vice industries viable and roaring? Who bought the high end properties and branded goods?
Who brought in millions and billions of monies here for safe keeping? Most are aliens.
If there is any military invasion into the Barren Island, there can only be one reason, the Invaders cannot bear the cockiness of Sinkies anymore And there is nothing more satisfying than to see cocky fools begging for their lives.
There is nothing to gain from military invasion, on the contrary, it will be a liability. Keeping it as a safe haven for fortune storing and personal safety is the Only use of the Island for the privileged folks. They can be from China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Anywhere in fact.

b said...

It is more protection than invasion. So far, no killing, rape or looting happening. The people are too dim to fall into the hands of the political struggle between the russians and cowboys. Just like syrians, they will ended up worse than before.

Anonymous said...

Rebel is useless. They should have learnt from syria, egypt, thailand, libya etc. Assassinations are way better than rebel.

Anonymous said...

The last President is on Putin's side but current one not that friendly. Putin is using the excuse that the current one is not elected and so illegal. Wayang lah.

Anonymous said...

Yingluck was elected and is even to undergo another election, it does not stop some Thais having their agenda from challenging her authority.
There is nothing to learn from Syria, Egypt, Thailand and any other country. In fact, these are countries in shit because of shitty people. The Nordic Nations are better examples.
Agree with Anon 4:47 PM that assassination could be a faster way to solve political dispute which did happen many time.