US militant doctrine of permanent warfare for world domination ( PART Two

USA evil doctrine of permanent warfare for world dominance.


US militant doctrine of permanent warfare for world domination.                   
   (     PART    TWO     )

US state organised terrorism did not start only after the Second World War. American terrorism is and has been an extension of Imperial British terrorism which terrorised the whole world from the 1600s AD to 1960sAD. Under British terrorism , wars of aggression and harassment were carried out symstematically and natives of conquered lands were brutally massacred or genocided. When US got its independence from England it consisted of only thirteen states and it existed among the many self governing or semi-independent native Indian states in North America. However from the first day of its independence US systematically carried out brutal wars of aggression against these native Indian states and destroyed them one by one and killed , murdered or genocide eighty-five million or ninety-five percent of the native population. US brutallity knew no bounds and its savage and wanton treatment  of natives even outdone and  exceeded that of its  British  forbears. Thus the whole of North America with the exception of Canada eventually came under US rule. US then systematically and yearly carried out a mass system of populating the conquered native lands with millions of white immigrants from all corners of Europe.

US did not stop its wars of aggression after taking over all the native lands in North America. It justified its conquests and complete destruction of the natives by quoting the Bible in saying their Christian God did not keep these rich and resourceful lands  for the "savage natives" but God has meant it to be reserved for "civilised White Men". Now who are the savages and who are the civilised people? You judge for yourself.  US then turned its wars of aggression against Mexico. It always created border incidents to justify its aggression. Thus in between 1840s to 1890s US attacked and invaded Mexico and eventually occupied more than one million six hundred and sixty-five thousand square miles of Mexican lands which now comprise the states of Florida, Texas, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and California.

After annexing more than two thirds of Mexican lands US focus its wars of aggression across the Pacific Ocean. It attacked and took Hawaii by force in between 1905 to 1940s. The natives of Hawaii fought the barbaric Americans bravely and only gave up after hundreds of thousands of native Hawaiians were killed and slaughtered.  US then went on to depose the Hawaiian queen and eventually annexed the group of Hawaiian Islands to America. Just like in North America, Hawaii is now occupied eighty per cent by white men. There is another native islander kingdom called Guam across the other side of the Pacific Ocean in the east and this island kingdom would eventually suffered the same fate as Hawaii. Guam is now a major American military base. From Guam the Americans are now posturing its aggression against China. It had earlier used Guam for operation as a major military base for its war of aggression against Vietnam in the Vietnam Wars of 1965 to 1975. After taking Hawaii and Guam US went on to occupy and mopped up many other small islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Who and when will the Evil Empire's savage aggressions be stopped?
Wednesday, 5th March, 2014


Anonymous said...

The Americans themselves will stop their aggressions against others. For other than the Wraths Of Nature (natural calamities), the Americans will war amongst themselves.

Anonymous said...

Any ruler with toooo much money and power will end up being an aggressor to thy neighbor or own people. Human beings are greedy and once addicted, greed has no boundaries. There should be an international law that limits how much money a ruler or a country can have.

Anonymous said...

The White Americans have many stupid Asian admirers.