US militant doctrine of permanent warfare to dominate the world

US Terrorism And Its Militant Doctrine Of Permanent Warfare To Dominate the World.

USA evil plans for world domination    (    PART   ONE    )

After the Second World War the world thought that at last  there would be lasting peace led by the Americans. From the first day of German and Japanese defeat and even before the eventual  German and Japanese surrender the Americans laid broad plans for world domination and conquests.Their strategy was to use the bogey of  fighting communism to preserve freedom and democracy. It has been seven decades and more, does American concept of freedom and democracy achieve any positive result and peace for the world. No, American  focus on peace , freedom and democracy means only one thing and that is every country big and small should be brought under the aegis of American rule and control. And American control means not only complete and total military domination of land and space but also domination and control  in the  political, economic, scientific and financial lives and activities of all countries in the world. In its attempt for world domination US uses all kinds of evil stratagem to bear on its design and this can be seen in its most wanton terrorism in every corner of the globe using its military might to bomb countries via drones into fear and submission. This evil American terrorism has brought great and countless deaths and endless suffering all over the world.

In Europe the Evil Empire - USA, almost succeeded in bringing every European country under its control via NATO which is under direct US control and manipulation. Under NATO US has the final say in all military, political,  economic and financial affairs. However, when comes to Russia, the Evil Empire meets more than its equal and was checkmated by Russia.

US tries to bring down Russia by establishing a string of military bases all over Europe. The CIA and Pentagon the two most vicious and destructive arms of the Evil Empire would infiltrate into many small neutral or pro Russia countries and stirred up internal problems and strive to create choas and uncertainty. The Evil Empire would then step in to break up these countries and establish ultimate control by setting up pro American stooges in power. The Evil Empire has broken up Yugoslavia into three or four separate countries and Albania into two smaller states.

US then focus its strategy on establishing a strangle hold on the Middle -East Arab countries. Here it adopts a three prone strategy. Almost all Arab countries are under just as evil  theodocracy dictatorial regimes. These Arab theodocratic dictators treat their subjects especially women like slaves and rule them in a servile manner. The Evil Empire is able to see that the Arab dictators do not feel safe from its own people and so it signs alliances with the numbskull Arab dictators to help them preserve their dictatorships. Having eased into the favours of the Arab kings or rulers the Evil Empire took no time in establishing an economic strangle hold on all the rich oil producing Arab countries thus controlling practically hundred per cent of their oil resources. The unsuspecting Arabs were then asked to sign a trade treaty based on the use of US dollars as a standard unit of monetary transaction. It must be pointed out that US had earlier scrapped the international Bretton Wood's agreement on using gold as a standard support and back up for all international trade transactions. In trying to impose the American dollar as a standard unit of international exchange the US has an evil intention to manipulate the US dollar with impunity to cheat and swindle every trading nation that the Evil Empire conducts business with.  Thus with the effective control of the US dollar the Evil Empire had for many decades were able to peg the price of Middle East oil at only $US5.00 per barrel. Under the same agreement even if the Arabs sell the oil to other countries they must only accept payment strictly in US dollars.

Just imagine how much US squeezed the Arabs and the world when it imports thousands of billions of barrels of oil almost for free when it then in turn sells these barrels of oil to other countries or international markets at many multiple times its original cost of $US5.00 per barrel. For years and decades US has been shipping billions of tons of cheap Arab oil to dump into disused old underground salt wells as reseerves for future use. However the game was up when Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Gadaffi  of Libya refused to continue with the unfair spurious treaty which binds the Arab hands . Saddam would accept payments for Iraqi oil not only in US dollar but also in other major countries currencies. Gaddafi did the same thing and also try to establish a pan African gold standard for trading purpose and in payment for Libya or Arab oil. It was the last straw for the Evil Empire which saw Saddam and Gaddafi as a threat to American control not only of the Middle East but also the whole world. The result was that the two countries were attacked and destroyed and Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi were killed and murdered for trying to do the right thing for their countries and for the Arabs in general. The main enemies of the Arabs are the theocratic rulers of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait , Jordan and Tunisia who for their own selfish ends connive with the evil Americans to thumb down on their own people.These evil Arab theocratic rulers must eventually be destroyed for the good of the Arabs and for the world.

The next strategy US used to have a strangle hold on the Middle East is to make use of its deputy sheriff, Israel. US and the West have been helping Israel to build up a strong and mighty military state so that it can act as a deputy sheriff to help US and the West to control the Arabs. Israel military power is second to none in the Middle East and it has been able to constantly carry out wars of aggression against the helpless Arabs with impunity. With a strong and powerful Israel US and the West feel safe of its continuing dominance and control of the Middle East.

What does control of the Middle East mean to the world and to China ? It implies that US and the West can block or cut off supplies of oil to countries which they wish to sanction or contain. China view this American control of the Middle East very seriously and will endeavour to make every effort to help Africa and the Middle East countries to break off these evil and insidious American dominance.

Tuesday,4th March,2014


Anonymous said...

I prefer the USA to Russia or China.

Better open your eyes big, big.

Anonymous said...

Person above is a stupid fool who grew up feeding exclusively on mainstream media. The US is the instigator and the biggest trouble-maker in the world. I'm a Malay Sinkie. I prefer China dominance to US dominance anytime. The US will take your money, mind and soul, not to say life and limb. RB if you have the time watch this.

Virgo 49 said...

Right bro, that guy fed on ang mo kow sai for long time.

must be a banana. Talks with a prick in mouth mumbling thinking he is classy.

these bloody whites take him as a fool.

Anonymous said...

Yup I think his idol would be someone like the US ambassador to Beijing, that banana Locke guy who fled Beijing with his tail between his legs.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am sure he was the one that clapped furiously when the cavalry came to slaughter the Red Indians. Please asked the Red Indians, if you can find them, if they prefer the Americans. Please ask the niggers that were descendants of the African slaves. Please ask the victims of the Kunming victims who were behind the terrorists?

Why are the Latin American states banishing the American presence in their continent? Why are the Arab Israelis conflict forever unending and in Israel's favour?

Anon 8:15, thanks for the link. Will view it later.

Anonymous said...

If China so good, why does China support the murderous North Korean government?
If Russia so good, why does Russia invaded Ukraine?

Anonymous said...

You been to North Korea to witness the murders? Or the western media told you so?

Anonymous said...

If US so good why did it victimized 37 nations and killed up to 30 million people since the end of WW2?

have a read, US mr cocksucker:


Anonymous said...

The Americans messed up middle east and Africa and now coming to Asia to do the same. Watch out.

Anonymous said...

You as a Singaporean, can always go to America and protest against the American government in front of the White House.

Can a Singaporean protest against the Singaporean government in front of the Istana?

Can a Singaporean protest against the Russian government in the Kremlin. Will you survive the experience?

Can a Singaporean protest against the North Korean government in Pyongyang? Will you survive the experience?

Land of the Free.
Not land of the Lee hor.
What's not to like?

Anonymous said...

The USA is indeed the Best and the Most Powerful, at least for the past centuries and now. We must worship the Americans for their volunteering to protect the weak and poor. US although owing trillions, gave and give generously to save others. And the Americans are living lavishly. How did the Americans manage to do so? It is the Only Land of the Free. Free to do anything to others to police the World. Rest assure it is not forever.
It may collapse soon.

Anonymous said...

"It may collapse soon."

Maybe, maybe not.
USA gives us a choice.

Every Chinese dynasty-government over the last 5,000 years have always been about doing national service for the self serving Chinese emperor.
There is no choice.

Is Singapore any different from past Chinese dynasties-governments?
Is this why so many Sinkies want to emigrate to USA?

Which is better?
Long live USA?
Long live Singapore-PAP?
Long live China?

Did you know that Singaporean Chinese are descendants of Chinese people fleeing China.... because the Chinese government was unable to create enough jobs for its own citizens. Was also unable to protect its citizens from being bullied by foreigners.

Now in Singapore ... how?
Has history changed?
Are Chinese people being betrayed once again by an incompetent self-serving Chinese emperor?
Are Chinese Singaporeans once again being bullied by foreigners?

So which is better you tell me lah?
Be a first class(?) citizen under a self serving Chinese emperor
Be a second class citizen(?) under an ang moh king-President?

Anonymous said...

The moment the world stops using the greenback as the de facto currency the USA will go up in dust.

Anonymous said...

Of course all Sinkies know their forefathers fled from China to Sin. They were the Cowards and their descendants are even more coward, thinking of fleeing all the time. 1.3 billion Chinese have remain in Chiba to protect their Motherland. Had there been no stop at one (child), there would possibly be more than 2 billions.
And please do not compare a 300 years old occupied land with a over 10, 000 years nation. Know your history lesson.

Anonymous said...

not only fled, some Second Generation Sinkies even worked for the Japanese Imperial Army that massacred Chinese everywhere. Now, they are suspects for working for the US.
The Bywords in Cyberspace now are TRAITOR AND BETRAYOR.

You know?

Anonymous said...

It's all a matter of choice.

Chinese people can continue to blindly follow self-serving Chinese emperors.
Incompetent emperors who will appeal to Chinese race and culture to stir up undeserved blind loyalty to them.

We can create a new Chinese culture.
A culture that believes in equality and human rights.
And that human rights (e.g. freedom) come from God and not an emperor.
So no emperor has the right to lock us up for 30 years without trial.

A lot of Chinese history today is really Chin dynasty propaganda.
Qin Shi Huang Di burned all the books (ideas) that contradicted his vision of a totalitarian Confucius-Legalist state.

Imagine a modern day Qin Shi Huang Di burning all "irrelevant" books in Singapore.
And the books that are left are all authored by Lee Kuan Yew.
Do you think we will still have a proper history of Singapore?
Or just the propaganda of Lee Kuan Yew?

History is not the same as Physics.
And only PAPigs will tell you that there is only one true history.
And that Lee Kuan Yew founded Singapore.