Time to condemn anyone who thinks Sinkies should be replaced by FTs

The mantra that Sinkies should be replaced by more talented FTs must be stopped right now. This is our country and we cannot let foreigners to replace everyone of us on the ground, or claim, that they are more talented.

If that is the case, there is no reason for any Sinkie to be doing NS. National Service is all about protecting our way of life, our well being, our jobs, not the well being of foreigners, not to bring foreigners to replace us and live in glory while the citizens live in misery. This is fundamentally wrong in a nation state where the owners are the citizens.

Anyone spouting such nonsense must be thumped down. They have been saying it without any sense and feeling of guilt or obligation to the Sinkies. They think they don’t owe the Sinkies anything and it is ok to get rid of Sinkies. Sinkies can go and die, not their problem.

Foreigners are needed up to a certain extent but never be allowed to replace us in our own country for freak and flimsy reasons. The first priority is the interest of the citizens, the well being of the citizens. In most countries, compromising on the interests of the citizens, undermining the interests of the citizens and sacrificing the interests of the citizens by replacing them with foreigners recklessly are acts of treasons. No sensible politician would dare to make such a statement and thinks that he would be re elected. This is a uniquely Singapore thing, that politicians can openly say such things… ‘If a citizen is no good, he will be replaced by a foreigner.’ Period.


Anonymous said...

/// This is a uniquely Singapore thing, that politicians can openly say such things… ‘If a citizen is no good, he will be replaced by a foreigner.’ Period. ///

Not Uniquely Singapore.
Only Uniquely Pro Alien Party.

Uniquely a trait of all Traitor Dogs & Bitches.
Uniquely a trait of all Founder Traitors and Traitor Followers.

Anonymous said...

Time to condemn anyone who thinks sinkies should be replaced by FTs. For a start, for those politicians who think so, we should vote them out, starting with the highest paid PM.

Anonymous said...

2-year ns "liability" accounts for 10% of 20years of our prime time service in our career development, which is very significant. The opportunity cost is too great to bear. In other words, if not for this liability, one would be able to leave his job early. It is not fair to native Singaporeans who are flighting for no reason. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Why do our boys doing National Service vote PAP?

Must be stupid lor!
Must be the famous daft Sinkies that LKY keeps mentioning.

Do national Service for a low salary.
And then pay higher university fees afterwards.
And then some more ... still vote PAP every 5 years.

patriot said...

Yes, it could not be better defined.
Redbean aka Mr Chua Chin Leng has given the Most Comprehensive Definitions of Betrayal and Treason that suit the Situation and Happening in Sin.

It is up to Sinkies to determine their own fate. If they want to be sold out, betrayed and be replaced, so be it.


Anonymous said...

Calling all politicians, civil servants, military and police officers and men, in whatever position you are in, you must be thinking Singaporean first.

Don't be a traitor to Singaporeans, your fellow brothers and sisters, your fellow country men.

Do not allow any assholes to go around talking about replacing Singaporeans with so called better foreigners and get away with it. You have a duty and responsibility to protect fellow Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

"This is a uniquely Singapore thing, that politicians can openly say such things…"

Why not, when u know for sure that majority (aka 60%) Sinkies will not vote for a political party which is not ready to be govt?

Anonymous said...

We have a uniquely Singapore Teochew Ah Hia as leader of the strongest opposition party not ready to be govt. As if not bad enough, he even praised the ruling party as competent!

Sinkies where got hope, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

That's why if I were PM Lee, I only have to watch Teochew Ah Hia to decide what is best for Sinkies, including whether it is best that Sinkies be replaced by foreigners.

And who is blog kopi thirsty RB to tell me otherwise?


Anonymous said...

our education system is a
failure if it is not turning
out graduates where skills are
needed by our industries and
companies......why why why....

Matilah_Singapura said...

There is little doubt that some Singaporeans most definitely need to be replaced.

Theses losers are simply beyond repair, and are either too fucking old or to fucking arrogant to see the error of their ways and reform.

>> The mantra that Sinkies should be replaced by more talented FTs must be stopped right now. <<

I don't agree. I think patriotic Singaporeans should seek and weed out these non-performers and send them off to some foreign land, so that they can be replaced by far superior and better examples of humanity.

Please lah, if you can't "make it" in Singapore -- on of the easier places in the world to life and prosper --- where the fuck are you going to go to "make it"?

Please lah...consider euthanasia and do your fellow citizens a HUGE favour. What are you waiting for? Jesus has his arms outstretched, waiting to embrace you :-))

Anonymous said...

Agree. Singaporeans must come first. Jobs, housing, hospital, transport etc must be go to Sinkie first. Charity must always start with home.

PSS said...

Rb: // The first priority is the interest of the citizens, the well being of the citizens. //

Rb, what you said is likely the accepted universal notion of what one of the fiduciary duties of a government should be.

But, scanning the entire mission statements, beliefs and core values of the Singapore's public service ( as quoted below ) cannot find any sentence suggesting as close to the meaning of what is stated in your statement quoted above as possible.

The source of the following prints quoted below:



Our Mission, Our Goals, Our Beliefs, Our Core Values

Our Mission

We work with the elected Government to shape Singapore's future, forge a common vision among Singaporeans and transform the vision into a reality.

We safeguard the independence, sovereignty, security and prosperity of Singapore.

We uphold justice and equality, guided by the principles of incorruptibility, meritocracy and impartiality.

Our Goals

We build a dynamic, successful and vibrant nation of excellence, with a safe, secure and stable environment.

We create the best conditions for Singapore to succeed and for Singaporeans to attain high standards of living.
We foster a cohesive and harmonious society, based on respect, care and concern for fellow citizens.

Our Beliefs

Respect for individual staff members is the first prerequisite for outstanding service and wholehearted commitment.

Change is essential for continuously maintaining and improving Singapore's international competitiveness in the global economy.

Excellence drives us to be the best that we can be in all that we do.

Learning from others, from feedback and from mistakes is the best way to benefit from experience.

Leadership, which is bold, discerning and open to new ideas and insights is crucial for steady progress and superior achievement.

Our Core Values

Integrity serves as the core of our beliefs and is the underlying foundation upon which the mission, goals and beliefs of the Public Service stated within the corporate statement are built.

Integrity is closely linked to our key public governance principle of incorruptability. Integrity enables us to safeguard the sovereignty, independence, security and prosperity of Singapore, and uphold justice and equality. Furthermore, the Singapore Public Service commands a high level of trust among our citizens and foreign investors because of our integrity. Thus, it is imperative that the Public Service maintains this high standard of integrity in our conduct. 

Service defines the mission of public officers. The Singapore Public Service exists to serve the people of Singapore. Public Officers should always do what is right and reasonable; with empathy and respect for the people that we serve, while always bearing the overall interest of our nation and people in mind. 

Excellence describes the outcomes of public service. In order to achieve these goals, public officers must manifest such excellence within themselves. Staff development is an important aspect of striving towards excellence for the public service. Thus, public officers must possess a mindset for excellence that strives to the be the best that one can be in his or her role. ”


When placing the interests of the people first is not even "enshrined", "mentioned" or "encompassed" in such fairly lengthy mission statements, beliefs and core values, how can it "EVER" be translated in reality?

You tell me lah?

Btw, to err is human. Pls correct me if I have got it wrong in this instance. 人非圣贤孰能无过。

PSS pro-sustainable-sg.blogspot.sg

Anonymous said...

Agree. People must not be allowed to say such things to Singaporeans and think it is ok to do so.

oldhorse42 said...

There was a news report about a 37 year old former Indian who obtained his citizenship in 2008.
He worked as a manager in a local supermarket.
He became a radical and left for Syria to take part in the armed violence there.
How did some one like him got a good job here, job that local dying to get, and given a citizenship.too.
Is he a super talent that we cannot find here?
Was he committed and loyal to Singapore?
How is it that it is so easy for a foreigner to get a job and citizenship here? Why is it so?

Anonymous said...

Matilar, I agreed with you and you should be the first one to be put down as you are shit grade, knn fucking idiots that sprout fucking nonsense each day

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland take in the best available foreign talents to have the numbers needed for GDP growth.

And since this Indian national talent didn't have the word "radical" stamped on his forehead, of course ICA don't know lah, tio bo? ICA can only check his "papers" and was found OK what, so approved lor. If don't approve ah, where to get the numbers for 5 million or 6.9 million, u tell me lah?

Ultimately 60% Sinkies, including maybe new ones like that radical, also "approved" so that's what really matters.

Tio bo, u say lah?

Anonymous said...

When the top dont think like RB and the bottom think likewise or bochap, all of us will be in for a very harding landing. We need to wake up the bottom otherwise the only outcome is KAPUT for locals.

b said...

I cannot understand how deeply controlled and manipulated the 60% population are. How can they even vote for a party that recognises indian / pinoy degrees as equivalent as degrees from canada, us, uk, oz, west europe or sg? That is so ridiculous.

b said...

‘If a citizen is no good, he will be replaced by a foreigner.’ - This goes to show how extremely evil politicians here are. All politicians are evil some more than others. Those here are extremely evil.

b said...

If they (india/pinoy) are really talents then their universities should rank better than local universities. Even china degrees can make it to top 50.

patriot said...

If they are better, their homelands would be far better developed and developing. They have landmass for big scale agricultural and infrastructural attainments. On top of landmass, most large countries are naturally endowed. Even desserts are endowed with oil.

Why then are foreigners here? Firstly, they are invited by our rulers. However, most importantly, we had developed this barren tiny dot into a goldmine due to our lucky geographic location and our industrious forebears. Our currency itself is a big draw and great attraction.

Socia/political stability makes Sin a safe haven for the life and fortune of many rogues in politic and business people to seek safety here.

And the GRAVEST Mistake the Sin Rulers have made and is making it worse is their insatiable quest for GDP without caring a damn about the Peoples' wellbeing.

To hell with the Greedy Folks.


Anonymous said...

If PAP wants to replace Sinkies with Aliens.
Then Sinkies should replace PAP with Opposition.

Bettter do it fast.
While there are still reserves in the reserves.

Anonymous said...

The gravest mistake really is for the sinkies to vote in a bunch of assholes to run this country. These idiots did not know the difference between a country/nation and a prostitute den.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Chua, did you get your living from foreigners as well? Why criticise them so hard? You have indirectly benefited from the govt foreign policies and scholarships. See below...

This is from your website:

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Anonymous said...

Dear PAPigs and all you self serving elites;
Huk Pui to you and your hum kah ling family.
May your daughters get finger fucked by an alien.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon 11:27, having foreign students studying here is a totally different issue than having so many foreign trash taking away jobs from our PMEs. If you cannot see the difference, then you deserve to be replaced be foreign trash and that is exactly what you are admitting.

Sinkies must use their heads and think. Don't be lazy, you have a brain, so use it wisely. If you still cannot see the picture, then I feel very sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

RB, no use explaining to 3 season insects. They would not want to know what is winter.

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> Don't be lazy, you have a brain, so use it wisely. If you still cannot see the picture, then I feel very sorry for you.

Why feel sorry for people who by choice inflict "bad thinking" and "bad action" upon themselves by choice?

The most widespread form of bad thinking is:

"I am a victim, I have no control.
It's someone else's fault.
I'm not to blame.
I am entitled because the world owes me a living".

Feel sorry? I think a better way is to applaud these people for removing themselves from the market of ideas, and the realms of individual autonomy and rationality.

Bravo! Let their suffering be a source of hearty entertainment for the rest of us :-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ok I concur.