There are no traitors, no 卖国贼

In history books, or fictions, there are always stories of heroes, patriots and traitors to glorify and to condemn. In reality, this is not always true, not so simple. Heard of the saying, ‘For they know not what they are doing’? We are programmed to read a story with the good and the villains on two sides of white and black. We see the heroes and villains consciously and purposefully doing what they were doing, doing the rights and doing the wrongs. There were intents and purposes to do just that, to do good and to do bad. Thus they were easily recognisable as the heroes and the villains. They called such characterization two dimensional.

Life is not so simple. The heroes or villains may be doing things as a matter of fact. The heroes did not know that they were doing things that were heroic. The villains too may not know that they were doing villainous things as well. In many cases they could be thinking that they were all doing good things for the country, for the good of the people. Another variation, the heroes could be the unsuspecting villains and the villains could be the self righteous heroes.

Take the example of the selling of Alaska by the Russians to the Americans. To the Russians, it was a piece of waste land. Might as well sell it and use the money for development, for the good of the people. How can they be accused of selling their national assets away, as traitors to their country? No, that is why the Russians never see anything wrong with that even today. But some may see it as an act of treason, selling national territories away.

Coming closer to home, we have a govt that is doing all the good things for the people. The govt is working so hard to give people the good life, good and affordable homes, good and affordable healthcare, keeping the roads free of jams, creating good jobs for the people, attracting investments for GDP growth that brings along higher quality of living. They even make sure you keep your money safely in your CPF and not to squander them away. And there are many other things that the govt is doing right but the people cannot appreciate, like increasing the population for growth through mass migration, or replacing less talented Singaporeans with more talented foreigners for the good of the country and people.

Instead, the people are not appreciating the good work and sacrifices of the political leaders, and even calling them traitors and all kinds of names. But the political leaders meant well, with good intentions, and the country is soaring, not sinking. And we can proudly call ourselves Singaporeans, not Sinkies.

So, what is all this talk about the govt being traitors or selling out the citizens? No way, the govt is working for you, for the good of the people except that the people cannot see the goodness in them and feel that they are being dismissed or evicted from the main stream of life, being replaced by talented foreigners. That is not true and the govt and political leaders know it. The people who are replaced are simply no good, lazy and not talented enough. That is why the govt is tenaciously doing what they think is right for the people. And they know, and Singapore will be getting better and better and will last another one hundred years.

It is not right to call them traitors. They are not. They are the heroes, the saviours of our country and people. And don’t forget, these men and women are the crème de la crème of our people, the very very best we have, even god like in nature or immortals. They are specially chosen to be morally virtuous and self sacrificing to serve the people and nation. One look at them you will know that you have the best and can sleep in peace, that the country is in good hands and you have a great life waiting for you.

There are no traitors and no卖国贼. History will eventually vindicate the political leaders as the heroes in the future and the future Singaporeans will build giant statues and monuments to honour them.

PS. Writing this piece sure kena whack till tolok tolok.

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Anonymous said...

Tiok. As long as what they do is good for the country, they are heroes, not traitors.

For instance, getting more foreign talents to come here is good for the GDP of the country.

Paying top salaries to ministers is to get top rate leadership for the country.

Getting male Sinkies to sacrifice and serve NS is good for the security of the country.

So you see, country always come first.

What about individual Sinkies who suffer and get angry as a result?

No issue, as long as they are a minority, say 40% at most. After all, there is also no way to make 100% Sinkies happy, tio bo?

So u see, PAP strategy is very good due to top rate PAP leadership paid for with top rate salaries.

Virgo 49 said...

Our beloved PM said Singapore is fast becoming a Global City.

We want talented people here to make it a Global City.

You sinkies not capable or not good enough too bad, blame yourselves for being so.

However, you can work for these capable foreign talents and we want you to be cheap labour for the National Slavery to defend these foreign talents.

You must be grateful that we are doing these for your own good and welfare

Singaporeans knew we are doing the right things and they only want to put some chili on our tails to make it hot.

They classified themselves with tails. Humans with tails.


Anonymous said...

Ya lor, that's why all the top Sinkies talents will join PAP if they want to be in politics. And some more with 93% chance of being elected as MP.

Join opposition? What for? 93% chance sure lose one. Better to spend time making money and enjoy life under the great PAP leadership.

Anonymous said...

I think PM Lee knows that, no matter what, Sinkie opposition will never be ready to be govt.

And majority Sinkies, no matter what, will never, never vote a party which is not ready to be govt.

That being the case, and no matter what, PAP will for sure be elected as govt every election.

Anonymous said...

Put chili on their tails?
I want to put chili inside their arse holes.
And then seal up the arse hole with rubber cement.

Anonymous said...

It is easier and better to blog (and earn some kopi money) or to comment than to join the opposition.

Or if Sinkies are very smart, make lots of money.

Because PAP policies are very conducive for smart people (foreigners and Sinkies) to make lots of money.

And when smart Sinkies can make lots of money, where got time and mood to join opposition to fight PAP, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

You seriously think Lee Hsien Loong and the PAPigs will go to jail fighting for Singaporeans?
You think they will go on a hunger strike to fight for the rights of Singaporeans?
You think the PAPigs can ever be as patriotic as Chee Soon Juan?

You think Ngiam Tong Dow (very quiet now. Why ah?) will protect Singaporeans?
You think Tommy Koh will also not become suddenly very quiet?

Who are the Singaporeans who have the proven track record of going to jail to fight for the rights of Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

It is easier and better to blog (and earn some kopi money) or to comment than to join the opposition.
Anon 10:20 am

That's exactly what I am doing. And what RB and others are also doing.

Anonymous said...

"You think the PAPigs can ever be as patriotic as Chee Soon Juan?"
Anon 10:21 am

Does it matter what u think?

It only matters what 60% Sinkies think at the ballot box.

Anonymous said...

Chee Soon Juan?

U must be joking.

If WP Teochew Ah Hia is not even ready, u think Chee Soon Juan is ready?


The said...

How about selling Christmas Island?

Anonymous said...

close yr eyes, imagine this,
the future is extremely

by 2030 we may have 6.9M

by 2050 we may have 20M
population with multi-citizenship
scheme, where half the population
working overseas all over the

we are the world......cheers....

Anonymous said...

Mr Bean you have eventually once and for all exposed the shallowness of the tiok brigade who thinks you are being serious when you are being ironic. Silly billies those tiok parrots. He he he softly.

Anonymous said...

You are the hero!

Matilah_Singapura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matilah_Singapura said...

If you want to know about human nature -- in all of its myriad and fascinating aspects, then immerse yourself in Shakespeare.

In the realm of human thinking, and the behaviour that the human neurology drives, EVERYTHING is possible -- from the mundane to the unbelievably shocking. Humans behave in what they think -- consciously or not -- is their self-interest. Sometimes they choose correctly, mostly they don't -- which is why Shakespeare has become a classic. Shakespeare (as well as many other artists) remind us that humanity is its own ENTERTAINMENT. And since we are all part of humanity, means that we live in a realm of on-going interactive entertainment -- like the "Looney Tunes" version of the Wachowski's "The Matrix".

There are no monochromatic villains nor heros. Evryone has "good" and "evil" in them. No one is perfectly good. Similarly, no one is totally evil. Everyone is an existential chap cheng -- a complex and colourful rojak of good, evil and any manner of shade in between.

Anonymous said...

Q: What do you call a plane load full of PAPigs at the bottom of the Indian Ocean?

A: A very good start.

Anonymous said...

GE 2016:
Patriots & Singaporeans
Traitors & Aliens

Anonymous said...

MIW has a new definition with a tail to it.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Singapore land of law and order where locals who don't toe the line are punished in the harshest manner making it save for ang mohs to practise their fighting skills on each others and freely use locals as punching and kicking bags.
Ah yes, God's own country...for ang mohs.

Anonymous said...

RB, lucky I know your style of retiring if not I will be cursing you and scolded you with knn. Good article I enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Should read writing style

b said...

I think PAP is so good. They come out with all the fix-you-until-you-vomit-blood policies to spur the people to move to greener pastures. A lot of people have turned this threat into an opportunity that allows them to enjoy real first world living surrounded by nature by emigrating.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I think the PAP is a natural consequence really helpless and dumb Sheeple who look at one another with arrognce, contempt and suspicion, instead of being respectful, cordial and helpful.

Singaporeans can't fucking stand each other. So they vote in and support a government who will tekan the "other Singaporeans" who they neither trust nor like.

The govt is the product of the culture adopted by Singaporeans. Singaporeans are intolerant and unforgiving. Try to be reasonable, and an angry Singaporean becomes ARROGANT. At the slightest "insult", they will demand harsh "justice". Mercy? Not a cultural trait of your average dumb-fuck Singaporean Sheeple.Singapore loves its TEKAN culture.

And so they get the govt which is champion at tekaning people.

The sheeple get the bully they deserve.

Suck balls, Singapore. And while you are at it, you can lick my asshole too :-)

Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Life in this beautiful city is like that.

This city is fast becoming very exciting as we strive to become a global and cosmopolitan city where the basic goal in life is to make more money.

Will we still be a nation consisting of brothers and sisters or just a city of people gather together interested only in making money just to survive?

What say u?

Anonymous said...

I say you say kah chung boh say.
Kah chung: Hokkien for arse.
Say: Hokkien for wash.

Eddie Leong said...

The PAP can lose in a freak election.

WP is getting all the anti-PAP votes. WP is not the alternative government. There is no other Opposition. So WP is plain lucky.

However, walk around HDB estates (those under the PAP) and see the upgrading works (new lifts, exercise parks, new 40 storey buildings, etc.).

Look at the sign-boards. Completion in late 2015. It is clear they will be done and in time for the next GE and also for the 50th Anniversary.

No elections in 2014 but very likely in Sept 2015.

Anonymous said...

/// The PAP can lose in a freak election. ///

Balls to your PAP propaganda.
I say:
"PAP can lose in a straight fight SMC only election".

Anonymous said...

Matilar, go suck my cock and my balls, have idiot sprouting nonsense again

Anonymous said...

MIW stands for Millionaires-In-White.

But Millionaires don't have tails.
But LHL say MIW got tails.
So MIW actually means:

Anonymous said...

60% will not allow PAP to lose in a freak general election.

But if there is a by election, PAP will lose. Because PAP will still remain as govt even after losing in a by election, eg Punggol East.

This was also what WP Teochew Ah Hia said.

So better listen to Teochew Ah Hia because he is the most politically powerful Sinkie in opposition to take on PAP.

Not those kpkb Sinkies, netizens and bloggers who dare not even join opposition, let alone fight PAP in an election.

Anonymous said...

/// 60% will not allow PAP to lose in a freak general election. ///

After GE 2016, 60% will become 80%!

Anonymous said...

They can even loose the election and still retain power, jus like the neihbours, so please, wake up.

Anonymous said...

You really know how to choose a date to say this, and to think my sisters are also making kopi for you.

The billions spent at will, the millions gotten from salary, just by telling the people they need to pay more and then some more, Tom, Dick, Harry, Ah Lian and Ah Huay also can do, and they don't have a PHD or an overseas honours.

Transport keeps stalling, "break downs", even yourself have suffered the insanity of it, everything cost 10 times more now and they're still going up....some idiot said,"its still affordable".

Those that are lucky will get to see their money, others simply think its just a memory of mis-place money. Sinkies lives could have been 10 times better, having work their butts off but now they have even lost their jobs?, the word, "old," carries a different meaning here.....its call, useless. The replacements have now become 1st class citizens and we're downgraded to clean toilets and go hawking. Years of sweat in exchanged for our children becoming road sweapers and dung care takers, where's the loyalty, where's the rewards, this city with its billions has turn its back on us, for years asking and telling us to fend for ourselfs, while they reap the peanuts build by this sampan....once we were treasured, now we are dirt that can be sweap away.

There are no traitors????????.

Pinky poo

More than 10 cups of kopis today, hope you enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Kopi luwak for RB.

So he can afford the most expensive coffee in the world!

Anonymous said...

I think Sinkie ministers can afford to drink kopi luwak every day.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Eddie Cheong, welcome to the blog. Yes, every election is freak and every election is real. It is head I win, tail you lose logic: )

patriot said...

Working for Japanese is traitor meh?

Bringing foreigners to create jobs for locals, traitor and betrayor meh?

Last GE 60+%.

Nexy GE 68++.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are right patriot. Singapore will go on and on and be more prosperous year after year.

b said...

There are no patriots or traitors in this world. There are only the daft or smart ones. The daft ones will be controlled and manipulated by the smart ones to help the smart ones to increase in wealth while they suffered, die in the war fighting for some superficial bullshit, vote for them when they are told etc.